source: subversion/applications/utils/mod_tile/daemon.h @ 17688

Last change on this file since 17688 was 17688, checked in by apmon, 11 years ago

[mod_tile / renderd] Add two more priority levels into the queues of renderd

In addition to the request queue and the dirty queue, there are now also a requestPrio and requestBulk queue.
The rendering order now is first render requests from requestPrio, then from request followed by the
dirty queue and finally if no other requests are queued, render from the requestBulk queue.

RequestPrio?, Request and RequestBulk? all block, whereas Diry immediately returns with NotDoneYet?.

This also changes mod_tile to submit requests that if not rendered in time would result in 404 errors as high priority.

prioBulk should be useful for things like rerendering all the outdated tiles in the background, but this patch
does not include those changes.

File size: 763 bytes
1#ifndef DAEMON_H
2#define DEEMON_H
4#include <limits.h> /* for PATH_MAX */
6#include "protocol.h"
8#define INILINE_MAX 256
9#define MAX_SLAVES 5
11typedef struct {
12    char *socketname;
13    char *iphostname;
14    int ipport;
15    int num_threads;
16    char *tile_dir;
17    char *mapnik_plugins_dir;
18    char *mapnik_font_dir;
19    int mapnik_font_dir_recurse;
20    char * stats_filename;
21} renderd_config;
23typedef struct {
24    char xmlname[XMLCONFIG_MAX];
25    char xmlfile[PATH_MAX];
26    char xmluri[PATH_MAX];
27    char host[PATH_MAX];
28    char htcpip[PATH_MAX];
29    char tile_dir[PATH_MAX];
30} xmlconfigitem;
32typedef struct {
33    long noDirtyRender;
34    long noReqRender;
35    long noReqPrioRender;
36    long noReqBulkRender;
37    long noReqDroped;
38} stats_struct;
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