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1amenity airport
2amenity arts_centre
3amenity atm
4amenity auditorium
5amenity bank
6amenity bar
7amenity bench
8amenity bicycle_parking
9amenity bicycle_rental
10amenity brothel
11amenity bureau_de_change
12amenity bus_station
13amenity cafe
14amenity car_rental
15amenity car_wash
16amenity casino
17amenity cinema
18amenity clinic
19amenity club
20amenity college
21amenity community_centre
22amenity courthouse
23amenity crematorium
24amenity dentist
25amenity doctors
26amenity dormitory
27amenity drinking_water
28amenity driving_school
29amenity embassy
30amenity emergency_phone
31amenity fast_food
32amenity ferry_terminal
33amenity fire_hydrant
34amenity fire_station
35amenity fountain
36amenity fuel
37amenity grave_yard
38amenity hall
39amenity health_centre
40amenity hospital
41amenity hotel
42amenity hunting_stand
43amenity ice_cream
44amenity kindergarten
45amenity library
46amenity market
47amenity marketplace
48amenity nightclub
49amenity nursery
50amenity nursing_home
51amenity office
52amenity park
53amenity parking
54amenity pharmacy
55amenity place_of_worship
56amenity police
57amenity post_box
58amenity post_office
59amenity preschool
60amenity prison
61amenity pub
62amenity public_building
63amenity public_market
64amenity reception_area
65amenity restaurant
66amenity retirement_home
67amenity sauna
68amenity school
69amenity shelter
70amenity shop
71amenity shopping
72amenity social_club
73amenity studio
74amenity supermarket
75amenity taxi
76amenity telephone
77amenity theatre
78amenity toilets
79amenity townhall
80amenity university
81amenity veterinary
82amenity waste_basket
83amenity wifi
84amenity youth_centre
85boundary administrative
86building apartments
87building block
88building bunker
89building chapel
90building church
91building commercial
92building dormitory
93building entrance
94building faculty
95building farm
96building flats
97building garage
98building hospital
99building hotel
100building house
101building industrial
102building office
103building public
104building residential
105building retail
106building school
107building shop
108building stadium
109building store
110building terrace
111building tower
112building train_station
113building university
114highway bridleway
115highway bus_stop
116highway construction
117highway cycleway
118highway distance_marker
119highway emergency_access_point
120highway footway
121highway gate
122highway motorway_junction
123highway path
124highway pedestrian
125highway platform
126highway primary
127highway primary_link
128highway raceway
129highway road
130highway secondary
131highway secondary_link
132highway services
133highway steps
134highway tertiary
135highway track
136highway trail
137highway trunk
138highway trunk_link
139highway unsurfaced
140historic archaeological_site
141historic battlefield
142historic building
143historic castle
144historic church
145historic house
146historic icon
147historic manor
148historic memorial
149historic mine
150historic monument
151historic museum
152historic ruins
153historic tower
154historic wayside_cross
155historic wayside_shrine
156historic wreck
157landuse cemetery
158landuse commercial
159landuse construction
160landuse farm
161landuse farmland
162landuse farmyard
163landuse forest
164landuse grass
165landuse industrial
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