source: subversion/applications/utils/tirex @ 25504

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
backend-mapnik 25358   9 years mazdermind allow bigger buffers to be specified in map xml
backends 21149   9 years jochen more checks in backend improved status display
bin 23374   9 years jochen do not disable rendering backend when in debug mode
debian 23242   9 years frederik simple init scripts for non-ubuntu
doc 21476   9 years jochen removed features.txt, this information and much more is on the wiki now
etc 22198   9 years jochen removed now superfluous master port config option regression fix in …
example-map 21471   9 years jochen config file cleanup
lib 23395   9 years jochen Changes based on patch from Peter Körner for Solaris compatability
munin 23394   9 years jochen (modified) patch from Peter Körner: * munin scripts read config …
nagios 21144   9 years frederik modify tirex nagios plugin to include .cfg snippets in .deb
t 21231   9 years jochen removed dependency on metatile_dir config option, this is now …
test 21155   9 years jochen cleanup
tileserver 25504   9 years Dane Springmeyer spelling fix
utils 21532   9 years jochen fix: make --help work in tirex-tiledir-map
BUGS 447 bytes 21232   9 years jochen --extended option for tirex-status: show renderer and map config only …
LICENSE 17.6 KB 20274   10 years frederik initial commit of tirex - a new tile rendering manager
Makefile 4.6 KB 21445   9 years jochen renamed tirex-stats-masterlog to tirex-stats-joblog new demo wms added …
Makefile.PL 749 bytes 20274   10 years frederik initial commit of tirex - a new tile rendering manager
README 2.0 KB 21469   9 years jochen Fixed logging in backend-mapnik Better docs
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