source: subversion/applications/utils @ 18618

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
mod_tile 18612   10 years apmon renderd: Submit render_old requests at bulk priority
garmin-mapsource-installer 17693   10 years avar Adding the compiled executable/generated .ini file to svn
maplint 17267   10 years bobkare New update of not-in-map_features, using the new and much improved …
Srtm2Osm 17057   10 years bomm in top level exception handling use exit instead of throw to avoid …
amf 13623   11 years crschmidt add a python example for interacting with AMF.
change_tags 13719   11 years crschmidt move refs that start with '0' aside, since they're not actually names …
gentoo 14561   10 years dennis_de bump to most current version (needed for API 0.6!) removed old version …
import 18575   10 years dhansen do county names for the entire country
python_lib 18602   10 years echove raise ApiError? on 4xx errors -- Xoff
filter 18168   10 years frederik always pass through <osmChange>
osm-extract 18468   10 years frederik fix regex to not mistake uid=... for id=…
planet.osm 18017   10 years frederik xml-escape relation roles
revert 17936   10 years frederik add capability to remove an object that is to be deleted from a …
tileDownloader 12945   11 years frederik tileDownloader, a perl script written by Jozef Vince …
conv05 4835   12 years gabriel conv05: Untested support for JOSM's action attribute.
gary68 18370   10 years gary68 routing
amr2wav 14984   10 years gjones Added separate gpsmid and gpsmid_lc modes because some phones use all …
perl_lib 15847   10 years guenther - updated gpsdrive URL
map-feature-list 12518   11 years guggis initial repository layout current version of DTD sample feature list …
relationbuilder 6049   12 years hakan Escape URIs for httpclient
sync-wiki 6948   12 years hakan Kickoff…
wiki-extensions 16210   10 years harrywood layer=cycle param in <slippymap> wiki extension
spreadnik 14886   10 years isortega Commit of spreadnik - a tool to help manage big mapnik stylesheets.
georss 2524   13 years jochen moving things around
debian 17753   10 years joerg Update changelog
little-osm 6289   12 years joerg remove old automake makefiles in favour of cmake
osm-data 6289   12 years joerg remove old automake makefiles in favour of cmake
packaging 17755   10 years joerg Add Ubuntu jaunty karmic; improve dependency handling(remove version …
planet-mirror 17756   10 years joerg Correct minor typo
sanitize 5531   12 years joerg .../*.pl: remove @INC lines to reduce modules taken from svn instead …
xsltrans 6289   12 years joerg remove old automake makefiles in favour of cmake
osmgenerate 4453   12 years jonb osmgenerate: Trivial tool to generate OSM test data
planetdiff 11715   11 years jonb Update planetdiff to ignore differences in attribute ordering and …
osmolt 18158   10 years josias 2.1 beta 2 see changelog
osmparser 10101   11 years josias OSMParser: GUI jar-archiv added + remove dev-config
export 18558   10 years ldp Add shop=*, as a first step to be able to render them.
osmosis 18574   10 years marcuswolschon added version of osmosis to uploaded changeset
coastcheck 16767   10 years martinvoosterhout - Include way number in DBF output file.
mytah 12422   11 years merio MyTaH: added menu to open a new tab in Firefox to show tah pages of …
downloading 17492   10 years mrtux add missing file type extention
distance_maps 16647   10 years mungewell changed format of output to OSM
srtm2shp 6182   12 years nick new and internationally-capable srtm2shp added
osmapitest 2317   13 years nickb osm api test
color255 3131   12 years nickburch Ignore the resultant binary, so people won't accidently check it in
osm-activity 1561   13 years nickburch Add a -h option
where_are_they 7204   12 years nickburch Update to support osm v0.5
serverStatus 2175   13 years ojw Script to test connectivity to a set of HTTP servers, and put the …
video 16696   10 years ojw add link to wiki page with documentation
tagstat 18430   10 years petschge Add details page for tag=value
ooc 18155   10 years richard georeference/reproject code for out-of-copyright Ordnance Survey maps
srtm2postgis 9559   11 years sjors Minor bug fixes
tagwatch 18567   10 years Dirk Stoecker added file copy mode
map-feature-ref 15898   10 years sward Remove debugging messages
opengeodb2osm 6465   12 years tabacha Version of a initial import
sv-stat 15334   10 years tabacha Relation in ein Polygon verwandeln
gps-tracks 17768   10 years tomhughes Doh!
gosmin 18618   10 years ulf release 0.0.3
gpsbabel 5905   12 years ulf add a suitable GPL license
misc 14545   11 years zere Committing the first, and hopefully only, version of the most …
README 581 bytes 6946   12 years hakan A script to sync [Lang]:Map_Features
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