source: subversion/applications/utils @ 33501

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
filter 32949   4 years frederik only count lengths for actual highways
tirex 32012   5 years Dirk Stoecker TIREX moved to git
Srtm2Osm 30619   6 years michi Updated files for new release 1.12.
osm-extract 30195   7 years donvip Update Andorra polygon
export 29942   7 years apmon Delete file that is claimed to be obsolete/conflicting in #4913
perl_lib 29941   7 years apmon Apply patch for #4913 This is on behalf of Hamish.
whichdiff 29924   7 years frederik whichdiff utility finds the right state.txt for a given node ID
gary68 29705   7 years lucasvr New command, -ignorelabels, to indicate that labels are not to be …
downloading 29605   7 years zverik updated opencyclemap tile layers
coastcheck 29238   8 years pnorman Update coast2shp.c to hopefully be 64-bit safe
wiki-extensions 29221   8 years gslater Minor hack fixes
gps-tracks 29095   8 years zverik Moved spx planet tools to github
planet.osm 28713   8 years tomhughes Remove planetdump code, which is now in git
tagwatch 28588   8 years Dirk Stoecker fix syntax error
LiveEditMapViewer 28193   8 years apmon [LiveEditMapViewerJ] - Update minutely-diff to reflect new interim …
import 28110   8 years miken Add OSM Glommer utility
nominatim 27949   8 years Sarah Hoffmann creation of special phrases for country codes (forwardported from gazeteer)
changeset2shp 27914   8 years frederik new utility to make a shape file from something like …
cadastre-france 27141   9 years ocroquette Restored cadastre-france until the new location is clarified
osmosis 26827   9 years bretth Added a new empty trunk with a pointer to the Git location.
python_lib 26580   9 years pieren On behalf of pmz and Etienne Chove, commit a new version of OsmApi?
true_offset 25946   9 years plush Print the calibration area name at the top, not the bottom of …
osmosis-history 25566   9 years mazdermind move from ts-svn to osm-svn
ooc 25565   9 years mazdermind oops, wrong dir
OsmMapCallValidator 25390   9 years apmon Add OsmMapCallValidator? OsmMapCallValidator? is a little utility …
service-monitoring 25389   9 years apmon Add sourcecode for OSMHealthCheck, which monitors some of OSM's …
debian 25360   9 years joerg Add more alternatives for the jdk to use
packaging 25356   9 years joerg adapt used distributions, correct wrong usage of return. Also mount …
gentoo 24627   10 years dennis_de added openstreetmap-repositories.xml with data from …
amf 24246   10 years pa94 perl version of "amf_finddeleted.rb"
mod_mapnik_wms 22443   10 years frederik mod_mapnik_wms keydb and new readme
wms2kml 22235   10 years nakor Update
tagstat 22174   10 years petschge Add XAPI links to search SHow age of data on the main page Fix small …
osm-matrix 22068   10 years tappenbeck osm-matrix public
osm-error 21405   10 years avantman42 Fix for bug found by Nick Allen - postboxes without ref were not found
tmc-validator 20628   10 years tabacha Changed Title-Name formating
mytah 20139   10 years merio MyTaH: version 0.3: Refactoring to match AMO requirements (forgotten …
gosmin 19520   11 years ulf
osmolt 18158   11 years josias 2.1 beta 2 see changelog
planet-mirror 17756   11 years joerg Correct minor typo
garmin-mapsource-installer 17693   11 years avar Adding the compiled executable/generated .ini file to svn
maplint 17267   11 years bobkare New update of not-in-map_features, using the new and much improved …
video 16696   11 years ojw add link to wiki page with documentation
distance_maps 16647   11 years mungewell changed format of output to OSM
map-feature-ref 15898   11 years sward Remove debugging messages
sv-stat 15334   11 years tabacha Relation in ein Polygon verwandeln
amr2wav 14984   11 years gjones Added separate gpsmid and gpsmid_lc modes because some phones use all …
spreadnik 14886   11 years isortega Commit of spreadnik - a tool to help manage big mapnik stylesheets.
misc 14545   11 years zere Committing the first, and hopefully only, version of the most …
change_tags 13719   11 years crschmidt move refs that start with '0' aside, since they're not actually names …
tileDownloader 12945   12 years frederik tileDownloader, a perl script written by Jozef Vince …
map-feature-list 12518   12 years guggis initial repository layout current version of DTD sample feature list …
planetdiff 11715   12 years jonb Update planetdiff to ignore differences in attribute ordering and …
osmparser 10101   12 years josias OSMParser: GUI jar-archiv added + remove dev-config
srtm2postgis 9559   12 years sjors Minor bug fixes
where_are_they 7204   12 years nickburch Update to support osm v0.5
sync-wiki 6948   12 years hakan Kickoff…
opengeodb2osm 6465   13 years tabacha Version of a initial import
xsltrans 6289   13 years joerg remove old automake makefiles in favour of cmake
osm-data 6289   13 years joerg remove old automake makefiles in favour of cmake
little-osm 6289   13 years joerg remove old automake makefiles in favour of cmake
srtm2shp 6182   13 years nick new and internationally-capable srtm2shp added
relationbuilder 6049   13 years hakan Escape URIs for httpclient
gpsbabel 5905   13 years ulf add a suitable GPL license
sanitize 5531   13 years joerg .../*.pl: remove @INC lines to reduce modules taken from svn instead …
conv05 4835   13 years gabriel conv05: Untested support for JOSM's action attribute.
osmgenerate 4453   13 years jonb osmgenerate: Trivial tool to generate OSM test data
color255 3131   13 years nickburch Ignore the resultant binary, so people won't accidently check it in
georss 2524   13 years jochen moving things around
osmapitest 2317   13 years nickb osm api test
serverStatus 2175   13 years ojw Script to test connectivity to a set of HTTP servers, and put the …
osm-activity 1561   14 years nickburch Add a -h option
README 581 bytes 6946   12 years hakan A script to sync [Lang]:Map_Features
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