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use different http-alt port 8008 instead of 8000 (conflicts with JOSM YWMS)

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3(c) Sebastian Spaeth. Released under a BSD license of your choice. Contains OpenLayers which is also BSD-style licensed
7pymap is a viewer for OpenStreetMap maps. Maps are downloaded to the
8local drive and are still available when offline. They will be
9re-fetched if older than 30 days. As this is an OpenLayers
10installation it will look and behave very similar to the standard map
11on pymap requires only python to run.
15Frustrated by the lack of a nice map viewing tool for my eee pc, I
16have written my own hack. It's a local OpenLayers installation that is
17served by a python script (stock python, no additional libs). If the
18tile does not exist yet, it will be downloaded from the OSM tile
19server and be stored locally, so those tiles will be available for
20offline viewing.  Tiles will be downloaded and stored in a directory
21called 'tiles' in the pymap directory. Tiles older than 30 days will be refetched. If anybody finds this tool
22useful that is cool, otherwise I have just scratched my itch.
24It's a total of 60 lines of code including the license... so go figure
25how elaborate my error checking is. It works for me though...
27How to install:
281) svn co
30How to run:
311) cd pymap
322) python pymap (or ./pymap)
333) visit http://localhost:8008 and have fun.
344) press Ctrl-C to kill the server (if it still busy serving tiles you might have to press multiple times)
36How to uninstall:
371) delete pymap directory
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