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1This is the general OSM Map-Icons directory.
2All the icons in these directories have to get an
3entry into the map-features.xml file. So we have one common
4place for all icons used for drawing maps.
5We currently have three subdirectories representing
6the three icon schemes(classic,square.big,square.small).
7This means that the user can choose between those
8three (for now) styles for rendering. The three styles
9are represented in the three directories:
10  - classic: normally no frames, no borders, transparent
11             but if you are unsure put the icons here
12  - square.big: these icons all have a square shaped frame,
13             where the color of the frame tells which category they belong to.
14  - square.small: similar to the above(square.big), only smaller
16Inside these directories the icons are structured by category.
17Where every category has it's own sub-directory.
18There are the following top-categories:
19      - accommodation
20      - education
21      - food
22      - geocache
23      - health
24      - historic
25      - money
26      - nautical
27      - misc
28      - people
29      - places
30      - public
31      - recreation
32      - religion
33      - shopping
34      - sightseeing
35      - sports
36      - transportation
37      - unknown
38      - vehicle
39      - waypoint
40      - wlan
41Each of these categories except 'unknown' can have sub-categories. If you 're
42adding more icons you should try to put them into one of the existing
43categories. For each (sub-)category we have a category-icon which is named
44like the category directory. So for example, for the directory <style>/food/
45we have to have an icon <style>/food.png. The same always applies to each
46sub-sub-directory. before you start a sub-category you'll have to create an
47icon for this subcategory. This way the renderer can always take the category
48icon if there does not exist a specific icon for this.
49If you are not sure where to put the icon you should consider using
50the others category(directory)
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