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French PR materials

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1This directory contains files for an OSM flyer (in French, from the
2original German version) that was created by Frederik Ramm
3<> and contributors from the talk-de list in
4January 2008, and subsequently updated over the years.
5The latest version was mainly made by Soeren Gasch
6<>, then translated by Frédéric Rodrigo and
7Vincent Privat.
9All contents are in the public domain except those derived from OSM
10which are CC-BY-SA.
12The flyer is designed for DIN A7 as the final size (105mm high and
1374mm wide), with 8 pages in a zig-zag ("Leporello") fold, and full
14colour printing.
16The flyers have been made with Inkscape:
17Light version: osmflyer1.svg and osmflyer2.svg are the front and
18reverse side.
19Complete version: osmdepliant1.svg and osmdepliant2.svg are the front
20and reverse side.
22See German README file for further information.
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