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add scripts for daily update processing

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1The contents of this folder deal with daily updates.
3Change the name of the mail recipient in the mail command in! Also change the mail recipient and database locations and
5passwords at the top of daily.php.
7This simple script will run the php program daily.php which will
8analyze what new update files are available. New files will be
9downloaded and unprocessed but already downloaded files will be
10processed. daily.php generates another script to
11process the determined files, using the utilities import.php and
12update.php in the main part of the system (in the utils folder).
14Completed files are flagged with .done suffixes. For that reason, once
15primed from a complete planet file, any available updates already
16included in the planet file should be prevented from updating by
17adding (empty) files of the form
18"daily-20080801-20080802.osc.bz2.done" to the folder.
20Create a folder "donelog" for the script to store log files.
22Then should be run daily from cron.
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