source: subversion/sites/other/tilesAtHome @ 5446

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
APIs 2272   13 years ojw tiles at home website
Browse 5373   12 years deelkar update URL to osm v0.5
ChangedTiles 5367   12 years deelkar make shellscript more flexible concerning paths
connect 2278   13 years ojw no dir listing here
Credits 5382   12 years spaetz use user rank rather than id in the user stats page
Data 4862   12 years spaetz commit new client version, only allow new clients (0.5)
Gfx 2272   13 years ojw tiles at home website
lib 5371   12 years spaetz make user authentication db-based
Log 5380   12 years spaetz print current local server time
MapOf 4615   12 years spaetz URL which allows pasting slippy-map permalinks to get a map image
NeedRender 5446   12 years crschmidt If the priority is the lowest, we on't need to check the existing …
Requests 5438   12 years spaetz disable ageing bonus for low-prio requests
Stats 3109   13 years ojw re-enable normal export
Tiles 5407   12 years spaetz if a tile is missing request a render automatically
Tools 5404   12 years crschmidt Add automatic default password generation
Upload 5397   12 years spaetz tone down logging. pretty up (disabled) CPU load check.
Versions 2272   13 years ojw tiles at home website
favicon.ico 1.4 KB 4079   12 years spaetz add tah favicon to silence log warnings. ripped from www.osm
index.php 2.5 KB 3100   13 years ojw Link to MapOf?
install.txt 0 bytes 2271   13 years ojw create dir
styles.css 441 bytes 2272   13 years ojw tiles at home website
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