source: subversion/sites/other/tilesAtHome @ 8259

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
ChangedTiles 8042   12 years deelkar be more verbose about status changes, update once every 6 hours
Requests 7994   12 years deelkar add comment, default enable
Tools 6291   12 years martinvoosterhout Commit a new blank optimiser. I'm pretty sure it works, but we should …
APIs 2272   13 years ojw tiles at home website
connect 2278   13 years ojw no dir listing here
Gfx 2272   13 years ojw tiles at home website
Stats 3109   13 years ojw re-enable normal export
Versions 2272   13 years ojw tiles at home website
Credits 5868   12 years spaetz just disable the most recent tiles thing. it killed performance
Data 4862   12 years spaetz commit new client version, only allow new clients (0.5)
Doc 5534   12 years spaetz make doxygen output quiet
lib 7364   12 years spaetz fix variable name
Log 7717   12 years spaetz increase re-request timeout for t@h
NeedRender 5533   12 years spaetz The very first bit of doxygen documentation arrives.
Tiles 8210   11 years spaetz don't consider transparent tiles an error, allow, caching.
Upload 8040   12 years spaetz disable the deleting of extranous blank entries in the blank db.
Browse 7356   12 years Dirk Stoecker Correct variable name and make values float. Closes #825
MapOf 7352   12 years tomhughes Mark the result as an attachment so that browsers will offer to save …
crossdomain.xml 509 bytes 6843   12 years crschmidt Add crossdomain file for richardf/potlatch
install.txt 0 bytes 2271   13 years ojw create dir
styles.css 441 bytes 2272   13 years ojw tiles at home website
favicon.ico 1.4 KB 4079   12 years spaetz add tah favicon to silence log warnings. ripped from www.osm
index.php 2.8 KB 5536   12 years spaetz doxygen docs
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