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1t@h server
3 - Discard incomplete tileset uploads (mail user?)
4 - Make upload processor smarter (use upload priorities)
5 - Make the clients 'put job back to server' actually work. Right now, it's
6   just not possible to rerequest a job where the server thinks it is still in
7   progress.
8 - Make use of client feedback (re-render on error)
9 - Make use of complexity that client can handle and only hand out to clients that can.
10 - Send a "Last-Modified" header back with the Tile files. (Expires, Last Modified, Etag HTTP headers)
11 - Fixup lowzoom stitching to look good, so we can do that server side again.
12 - Nicer User statistics
14t@h client (will not be implemented by spaetz)
16 - Ditch the token stuff, it's unused
17 - implement "I'm still on it" pinging
18 - implement other feedback "error reasons"
19 - ditch the sleep() after upload. It's not needed.
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