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1t@h server
3NOTE, spaetz will be gone Aug 1st-Aug 18th, so he won't be able to do something during that time!
5 - Convert server to use finer grained directory structure that is in SVN code but not deployed. We still have potentiall 4m tiles in 1 dir.
6 - Make the server use tah_mod for tile serving to ease RAM usage.
7 - Send a "Last-Modified" header back with the Tile files. (Expires, Last Modified, Etag HTTP headers) (currently done, check that it also works with mod_tag)
8 - upgrade django to SVN version to prevent uploads from being stored in RAM
9 - use LimitRequestBody 512000 in all tah Directories/Locations in the apache conf, to prevent clients from uploading massive amounts of data, e.g. when taking a new request.
10 - Remove usage of mod_python by forwarding all tah requests to lighttpd? (evaluate!)
11 - Check the "LayerCapabilities" of the client and only send appropriate requests.
12 - Discard incomplete tileset uploads (mail user?)
13 - Make upload processor smarter (use upload priorities)
14 - Make the clients 'put job back to server' actually work. Right now, it's
15   just not possible to rerequest a job where the server thinks it is still in
16   progress.
17 - Make use of client feedback (re-render on error). Depends on implementation of feedback mechansism.
18 - Make use of complexity that client can handle and only hand out to clients that can.
19 - Fixup lowzoom stitching to look good, so we can do that server side again.
20 - Fix MapOf to return the exact excerpt.
21 - Deploy maximum MapOf image size and cache-control header
23t@h client (will not be implemented by spaetz)
25 - implement "I'm still on it" pinging
26 - implement other feedback "error reasons"
27 - Send the current client version as data (or other numeric) string that we can compare against. We don't want to maintain a list of city names in the server.
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