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1t@h server
4 - Examine the password situation. why are non-character passwords failing?
5 - Log more client and server errors (no-data, ...)
6 - Enable client to hand back requests as "oldData" (ie API data older than tileset on server) which would delete the request.
7 - Save the client_uuid in the request database with finished requests
8 - Show last uploaded tilesets for each user on their user page.
9 - Check the "LayerCapabilities" of the client and only send appropriate requests.
10 - Discard incomplete tileset uploads (mail user?). Check for obvious failures? (better on client side)
11 - Make lowzoom stitching run in a good way (cron). Implement blacklisted areas for people wanting to upload their own lowzoom.
13t@h client (will not be implemented by spaetz)
15 - generally go through the code and remove superfluous code (e.g. non-tileset uploads)
16 - implement "I'm still on it" pinging
17 - Send the current client version as data (or other numeric) string that we can compare against. We don't want to maintain a list of city names in the server.
18 - assemble tilesets on the clientside already, don't upload zip files
19 - check last-modified age of tileset, compare with API age and skip request if the tileset on the server is younger already
20 - return a request if the tileset complexity is higher than what the client is willing to handle
21 - Fork the rendering in 2 threads, have one already downloading the next task, while the first is still rendering the tiles.
22   (downloading can take quite a while, but doesn't consume lots of resources - at least on the client side, so we could speed up rendering by doing this already)
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