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Finish the list of recently uploaded requests.

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1{% extends "base.html" %}
2{% block title %}t@h Requests{% endblock %}
3{% block breadcrumb %}{{ block.super }} <a href="{% url tah.requests.views.index %}">&raquo;Requests</a> {% endblock %}
5{% block heading %}t@h Requests{% endblock %}
6{% block content %}<p>This is the request manager. <a href="">Graphical statistics</a> are shown through munin. Here you can: </p><ul><li>see the list of <a href="{% url tah.requests.views.show_first_page %}">current requests</a>.</li>
7<li>see the list of <a href="{% url tah.requests.views.show_uploads_page %}">recently uploaded requests</a>.<br/><br/></li>
9<li><a href="{% url tah.requests.views.create %}">create</a> a new request</li>
10<li><a href="{% url tah.requests.views.take %}">take</a> an existing request for processing</li>
11<li><a href="{% url tah.requests.views.upload_request %}">upload</a> a finished request.<br/><br/></li>
13<li><a href="{% url tah.requests.views.show_latest_client_version %}">Show latest t@h client version</a>.</li>
15{% endblock %}
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