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1{% extends "base_requests.html" %}
2{% block title %}t@h Create Request{% endblock %}
3{% block breadcrumb %}{{ block.super }} <a href="{% url tah.requests.views.create %}">&raquo;Create</a> {% endblock %}
5{% block heading %}t@h Create Request{% endblock %}
6{% block content %}
7<p>Create requests either with HTTP POST or through HTTP GET (by calling URLs like <i>http://{{host}}{% url tah.requests.views.create %}?x=1&y=2</i>). Also with the URL scheme you can additionally use the priority= parameter (default 3), or request a specific layer by calling e.g. "&layer=1&layer=2" which would request only layers 'tile' and 'maplint' (see the layer selection box for possible values).<p/>
8<form action="." method="POST">
9 <table border="0">
10   {{ createform.as_table }}
11 </table>
12   <input type="submit" value="create"/>
14{% endblock %}
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