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2  activerecord:
3    # Translates all the model names, which is used in error handling on the web site
4    models:
5      acl: "Access Control List"
6      changeset: "Changeset"
7      changeset_tag: "Changeset Tag"
8      country: "ארץ"
9      diary_comment: "תגובה ליומן"
10      diary_entry: "רשומה ביומן "
11      friend: "Friend"
12      language: "שפה"
13      message: "מסר"
14      node: "Node"
15      node_tag: "Node Tag"
16      notifier: "Notifier"
17      old_node: "Old Node"
18      old_node_tag: "Old Node Tag"
19      old_relation: "Old Relation"
20      old_relation_member: "Old Relation Member"
21      old_relation_tag: "Old Relation Tag"
22      old_way: "Old Way"
23      old_way_node: "Old Way Node"
24      old_way_tag: "Old Way Tag"
25      relation: "Relation"
26      relation_member: "Relation Member"
27      relation_tag: "Relation Tag"
28      session: "Session"
29      trace: "Trace"
30      tracepoint: "Trace Point"
31      tracetag: "Trace Tag"
32      user: "משתמש"
33      user_preference: "User Preference"
34      user_token: "User Token"
35      way: "Way"
36      way_node: "Way Node"
37      way_tag: "Way Tag"
38    # Translates all the model attributes, which is used in error handling on the web site
39    # Only the ones that are used on the web site are translated at the moment
40    attributes:
41      diary_comment:
42        body: "Body"
43      diary_entry:
44        user: "משתמש"
45        title: "כותרת"
46        latitude: "קו רוחב"
47        longitude: "קו אורך"
48        language: "שפה"
49      friend:
50        user: "משתמש"
51        friend: "חבר"
52      trace:
53        user: "משתמש"
54        visible: "Visible"
55        name: "Name"
56        size: "Size"
57        latitude: "קו רוחב"
58        longitude: "קו אורך"
59        public: "Public"
60        description: "תאור"
61      message:
62        sender: "שולחת"
63        title: "כותרת"
64        body: "גוף"
65        recipient: "נמען"
66      user:
67        email: "Email"
68        active: "פעיל"
69        display_name: "Display Name"
70        description: "תאור"
71        languages: "שפות"
72        pass_crypt: "סיסמה"
73  map:
74    view: "תצוגה"
75    edit: "עריכה"
76    coordinates: "Coordinates:"
77  browse:
78    changeset:
79      title: "Changeset"
80      changeset: "Changeset: {{id}}"
81      download: "Download {{changeset_xml_link}} or {{osmchange_xml_link}}"
82      changesetxml: "Changeset XML"
83      osmchangexml: "osmChange XML"
84    changeset_details:
85      created_at: "Created at:"
86      closed_at: "Closed at:"
87      belongs_to: "Belongs to:"
88      bounding_box: "Bounding box:"
89      no_bounding_box: "No bounding box has been stored for this changeset."
90      show_area_box: "Show Area Box"
91      box: "box"
92      has_nodes: "Has the following {{count}} nodes:"
93      has_ways: "Has the following {{count}} ways:"
94      has_relations: "Has the following {{count}} relations:"
95    common_details:
96      edited_at: "Edited at:"
97      edited_by: "Edited by:"
98      version: "Version:"
99      in_changeset: "In changeset:"
100    containing_relation:
101      entry: "Relation {{relation_name}}"
102      entry_role: "Relation {{relation_name}} (as {{relation_role}})"
103    map:
104      loading: "Loading..."
105      deleted: "Deleted"
106    node_details:
107      coordinates: "Coordinates: "
108      part_of: "Part of:"
109    node_history:
110      node_history: "Node History"
111      download: "{{download_xml_link}} or {{view_details_link}}"
112      download_xml: "Download XML"
113      view_details: "view details"
114    node:
115      node: "Node"
116      node_title: "Node: {{node_name}}"
117      download: "{{download_xml_link}} or {{view_history_link}}"
118      download_xml: "Download XML"
119      view_history: "view history"
120    not_found:
121      sorry: "Sorry, the {{type}} with the id {{id}}, could not be found."
122    paging_nav:
123      showing_page: "Showing page"
124      of: "of"
125    relation_details:
126      members: "Members:"
127      part_of: "Part of:"
128    relation_history:
129      relation_history: "Relation History"
130      relation_history_title: "Relation History: {{relation_name}}"
131    relation:
132      relation: "Relation"
133      relation_title: "Relation: {{relation_name}}"
134      download: "{{download_xml_link}} or {{view_history_link}}"
135      download_xml: "Download XML"
136      view_history: "view history"
137    start:
138      view_data: "View data for current map view"
139      manually_select: "Manually select a different area"
140    start_rjs:
141      data_frame_title: "Data"
142      zoom_or_select: "Zoom in or select an area of the map to view"
143      drag_a_box: "Drag a box on the map to select an area"
144      manually_select: "Manually select a different area"
145      loaded_an_area_with_num_features: "You have loaded an area which contains [[num_features]] features. In general, some browsers may not cope well with displaying this quanity of data. Generally, browsers work best at displaying less than 100 features at a time: doing anything else may make your browser slow/unresponsive. If you are sure you want to display this data, you may do so by clicking the button below."
146      load_data: "Load Data"
147      unable_to_load_size: "Unable to load: Bounding box size of [[bbox_size]] is too large (must be smaller than {{max_bbox_size}})"
148      loading: "Loading..."
149      show_history: "Show History"
150      wait: "Wait..."
151      history_for_feature: "History for [[feature]]"
152      details: "Details"
153      private_user: "private user"
154      edited_by_user_at_timestamp: "Edited by [[user]] at [[timestamp]]"
155    tag_details:
156      tags: "Tags:"
157    way_details:
158      nodes: "Nodes:"
159      part_of: "Part of:"
160      also_part_of:
161        one: "also part of way {{related_ways}}"
162        other: "also part of ways {{related_ways}}"
163    way_history:
164      way_history: "Way History"
165      way_history_title: "Way History: {{way_name}}"
166      download: "{{download_xml_link}} or {{view_details_link}}"
167      download_xml: "Download XML"
168      view_details: "view details"
169    way:
170      way: "Way"
171      way_title: "Way: {{way_name}}"
172      download: "{{download_xml_link}} or {{view_history_link}}"
173      download_xml: "Download XML"
174      view_history: "view history"
175  changeset:
176    changeset_paging_nav:
177      showing_page: "Showing page"
178      of: "of"
179    changeset:
180      still_editing: "(still editing)"
181      anonymous: "Anonymous"
182      no_comment: "(none)"
183      no_edits: "(no edits)"
184      show_area_box: "show area box"
185      big_area: "(big)"
186      view_changeset_details: "View changeset details"
187    changesets:
188      id: "ID"
189      saved_at: "Saved at"
190      user: "משתמש"
191      comment: "Comment"
192      area: "Area"
193    list_bbox:
194      history: "History"
195      changesets_within_the_area: "Changesets within the area:"
196      show_area_box: "show area box"
197      no_changesets: "No changesets"
198      all_changes_everywhere: "For all changes everywhere see {{recent_changes_link}}"
199      recent_changes: "Recent Changes"
200      no_area_specified: "No area specified"
201      first_use_view: "First use the {{view_tab_link}} to pan and zoom to an area of interest, then click the history tab."
202      view_the_map: "view the map"
203      view_tab: "view tab"
204      alternatively_view: "Alternatively, view all {{recent_changes_link}}"
205    list:
206      recent_changes: "Recent Changes"
207      recently_edited_changesets: "Recently edited changesets:"
208      for_more_changesets: "For more changesets, select a user and view their edits, or see the editing 'history' of a specific area."
209    list_user:
210      edits_by_username: "Edits by {{username_link}}"
211      no_visible_edits_by: "No visible edits by {{name}}."
212      for_all_changes: "For changes by all users see {{recent_changes_link}}"
213      recent_changes: "Recent Changes"
214  diary_entry:
215    new:
216      title: New Diary Entry
217    list:
218      title: "Users' diaries"
219      user_title: "{{user}}'s diary"
220      new: New Diary Entry
221      new_title: Compose a new entry in your user diary
222      no_entries: No diary entries
223      recent_entries: "Recent diary entries: "
224      older_entries: Older Entries
225      newer_entries: Newer Entries
226    edit:
227      title: "Edit diary entry"
228      subject: "Subject: "
229      body: "Body: "
230      language: ":שפה"
231      location: "Location: "
232      latitude: ":קו רוחב"
233      longitude: ":קו אורך"
234      use_map_link: "use map"
235      save_button: "Save"
236      marker_text: Diary entry location
237    view:
238      title: "Users' diaries | {{user}}"
239      user_title: "{{user}}'s diary"
240      leave_a_comment: "Leave a comment"
241      save_button: "Save"
242    no_such_entry:
243      heading: "No entry with the id: {{id}}"
244      body: "Sorry, there is no diary entry or comment with the id {{id}}. Please check your spelling, or maybe the link you clicked is wrong."
245    no_such_user:
246      body: "Sorry, there is no user with the name {{user}}. Please check your spelling, or maybe the link you clicked is wrong."
247    diary_entry:
248      posted_by: "Posted by {{link_user}} at {{created}} in {{language_link}}"
249      comment_link: Comment on this entry
250      reply_link: Reply to this entry
251      comment_count:
252        one: "תגובה 1"
253        other: "{{count}} תגובות"
254      edit_link: "עריכת רשומה"
255    diary_comment:
256      comment_from: "{{comment_created_at}}ב  {{link_user}}תגובה מ"
257  export:
258    start:
259      area_to_export: "Area to Export"
260      manually_select: "Manually select a different area"
261      format_to_export: "Format to Export"
262      osm_xml_data: "OpenStreetMap XML Data"
263      mapnik_image: "Mapnik Image"
264      osmarender_image: "Osmarender Image"
265      embeddable_html: "Embeddable HTML"
266      licence: "Licence"
267      export_details: 'OpenStreetMap data is licensed under the <a href="">Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license</a>.'
268      options: "Options"
269      format: "Format"
270      scale: "Scale"
271      max: "max"
272      image_size: "Image Size"
273      zoom: "Zoom"
274      add_marker: "Add a marker to the map"
275      latitude: "Lat:"
276      longitude: "Lon:"
277      output: "Output"
278      paste_html: "Paste HTML to embed in website"
279      export_button: "Export"
280    start_rjs:
281      export: "Export"
282      drag_a_box: "Drag a box on the map to select an area"
283      manually_select: "Manually select a different area"
284      click_add_marker: "Click on the map to add a marker"
285      change_marker: "Change marker position"
286      add_marker: "Add a marker to the map"
287      view_larger_map: "View Larger Map"
288  geocoder:
289    results:
290      no_results: "No results found"
291  layouts:
292    welcome_user: "{{user_link}}ברוך הבא"
293    home: "הביתה"
294    inbox: "inbox ({{count}})"
295    logout: "יציאה מהחשבון"
296    log_in: "כניסה לחשבון"
297    sign_up: "הרשמה"
298    view: "תצוגה"
299    edit: "עריכה"
300    history: "היסטוריה"
301    export: "יצוא"
302    gps_traces: GPS Traces
303    user_diaries: "יומני משתמשים"
304    tag_line: "ויקי חופשי של מפת העולם"
305    intro_1: ".היא מפה בחינם של כל העולם, וחופשית לעריכה. יוצרים אותה אנשים כמוך OpenStreetMap"
306    intro_2: ".מאפשרת  לך לראות, לערוך ולהשתמש בנתונים גיאוגרפיים בצורה שיתופית מכל מקום בעולם OpenStreetMap"
307    intro_3: "OpenStreetMap's hosting is kindly supported by the {{ucl}} and {{bytemark}}."
308    osm_offline: "The OpenStreetMap database is currently offline while essential database maintenance work is carried out."
309    osm_read_only: "The OpenStreetMap database is currently in read-only mode while essential database maintenance work is carried out."
310    donate: "Support OpenStreetMap by {{link}} to the Hardware Upgrade Fund."
311    donate_link_text: donating
312    help_wiki: "Help &amp; Wiki"
313    news_blog: "News blog"
314    shop: Shop
315    sotm: 'Come to the 2009 OpenStreetMap Conference, The State of the Map, July 10-12 in Amsterdam!'
316    alt_donation: Make a Donation
317  notifier:
318    diary_comment_notification:
319      banner1: "*                   Please do not reply to this email.                    *"
320      banner2: "*                Use the OpenStreetMap web site to reply.                 *"
321      hi: "Hi {{to_user}},"
322      header: "{{from_user}} has commented on your recent OpenStreetMap diary entry with the subject {{subject}}:"
323      footer: "You can also read the comment at {{readurl}} and you can comment at {{commenturl}} or reply at {{replyurl}}"
324    friend_notification:
325      had_added_you: "{{user}} has added you as a friend on OpenStreetMap."
326      see_their_profile: "You can see their profile at {{userurl}} and add them as a friend too if you wish."
327    signup_confirm_plain:
328      greeting: "Hi there!"
329      hopefully_you: "Someone (hopefully you) would like to create an account over at"
330      # next two translations run-on : please word wrap appropriately
331      click_the_link_1: "If this is you, welcome! Please click the link below to confirm your"
332      click_the_link_2: "account and read on for more information about OpenStreetMap."
333      introductory_video: "You can watch an introductory video to OpenStreetMap here:"
334      more_videos: "There are more videos here:"
335      the_wiki: "Get reading about OpenStreetMap on the wiki:"
336      opengeodata: " is OpenStreetMap's blog, and it has podcasts too:"
337      wiki_signup: "You may also want to sign up to the OpenStreetMap wiki at:"
338      # next four translations are in pairs : please word wrap appropriately
339      user_wiki_1: "It is recommended that you create a user wiki page, which includes"
340      user_wiki_2: "category tags noting where you are, such as [[Category:Users_in_London]]."
341      current_user_1: "A list of current users in categories, based on where in the world"
342      current_user_2: "they are, is available from:"
343    signup_confirm_html:
344      greeting: "Hi there!"
345      hopefully_you: "Someone (hopefully you) would like to create an account over at"
346      click_the_link: "If this is you, welcome! Please click the link below to confirm that account and read on for more information about OpenStreetMap"
347      introductory_video: "You can watch an {{introductory_video_link}}."
348      video_to_openstreetmap: "introductory video to OpenStreetMap"
349      more_videos: "There are {{more_videos_link}}."
350      more_videos_here: "more videos here"
351      get_reading: 'Get reading about OpenStreetMap <a href="">on the wiki</a> or <a href="">the opengeodata blog</a> which has <a href="">podcasts to listen to</a> also!'
352      wiki_signup: 'You may also want to <a href="">sign up to the OpenStreetMap wiki</a>.'
353      user_wiki_page: 'It is recommended that you create a user wiki page, which includes category tags noting where you are, such as <a href="">[[Category:Users_in_London]]</a>.'
354      current_user: 'A list of current users in categories, based on where in the world they are, is available from <a href="">Category:Users_by_geographical_region</a>.'
355  message:
356    inbox:
357      title: "Inbox"
358      my_inbox: "My inbox"
359      outbox: "outbox"
360      you_have: "You have {{new_count}} new messages and {{old_count}} old messages"
361      from: "From"
362      subject: "Subject"
363      date: "Date"
364      no_messages_yet: "You have no messages yet. Why not get in touch with some of the {{people_mapping_nearby_link}}?"
365      people_mapping_nearby: "people mapping nearby"
366    message_summary:
367      unread_button: "Mark as unread"
368      read_button: "Mark as read"
369      reply_button: "Reply"
370    new:
371      title: "Send message"
372      send_message_to: "Send a new message to {{name}}"
373      subject: "Subject"
374      body: "Body"
375      send_button: "Send"
376      back_to_inbox: "Back to inbox"
377      message_sent: "Message sent"
378    no_such_user:
379      heading: "No such user or message"
380      body: "Sorry there is no user or message with that name or id"
381    outbox:
382      title: "Outbox"
383      my_inbox: "My {{inbox_link}}"
384      inbox: "inbox"
385      outbox: "outbox"
386      you_have_sent_messages: "You have {{sent_count}} sent messages"
387      to: "To"
388      subject: "Subject"
389      date: "Date"
390      no_sent_messages: "You have no sent messages yet. Why not get in touch with some of the {{people_mapping_nearby_link}}?"
391      people_mapping_nearby: "people mapping nearby"
392    read:
393      title: "Read message"
394      reading_your_messages: "Reading your messages"
395      from: "From"
396      subject: "Subject"
397      date: "Date"
398      reply_button: "Reply"
399      unread_button: "Mark as unread"
400      back_to_inbox: "Back to inbox"
401      reading_your_sent_messages: "Reading your sent messages"
402      to: "To"
403      back_to_outbox: "Back to outbox"
404    mark:
405      as_read: "Message marked as read"
406      as_unread: "Message marked as unread"
407  site:
408    index:
409      js_1: "You are either using a browser that doesn't support javascript, or you have disabled javascript."
410      js_2: "OpenStreetMap uses javascript for its slippy map."
411      js_3: 'You may want to try the <a href="">Tiles@Home static tile browser</a> if you are unable to enable javascript.'
412      permalink: Permalink
413      license:
414        notice: "Licensed under the {{license_name}} license by the {{project_name}} and its contributors."
415        license_name: "Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0"
416        license_url: ""
417        project_name: "OpenStreetMap project"
418        project_url: ""
419    edit:
420      not_public: "You haven't set your edits to be public."
421      not_public_description: "You can no longer edit the map unless you do so. You can set your edits as public from your {{user_page}}."
422      user_page_link: user page
423      anon_edits: "({{link}})"
424      anon_edits_link: ""
425      anon_edits_link_text: "Find out why this is the case."
426      flash_player_required: 'You need a Flash player to use Potlatch, the OpenStreetMap Flash editor. You can <a href="">download Flash Player from</a>. <a href="">Several other options</a> are also available for editing OpenStreetMap.'
427      potlatch_unsaved_changes: "You have unsaved changes. (To save in Potlatch, you should deselect the current way or point, if editing in list mode, or click save if you have a save button.)"
428    sidebar:
429      search_results: Search Results
430      close: Close
431    search:
432      search: Search
433      where_am_i: "Where am I?"
434      submit_text: "Go"
435      search_help: "examples: 'Alkmaar', 'Regent Street, Cambridge', 'CB2 5AQ', or 'post offices near Lünen' <a href=''>more examples...</a>"
436    key:
437      map_key: "Map key"
438  trace:
439    create:
440      upload_trace: "Upload GPS Trace"
441      trace_uploaded: "Your GPX file has been uploaded and is awaiting insertion in to the database. This will usually happen within half an hour, and an email will be sent to you on completion."
442    edit:
443      filename: "Filename:"
444      uploaded_at: "Uploaded at:"
445      points: "Points:"
446      start_coord: "Start coordinate:"
447      edit: "עריכה"
448      owner: "Owner:"
449      description: ":תאור"
450      tags: "Tags:"
451      save_button: "Save Changes"
452    no_such_user:
453      body: "Sorry, there is no user with the name {{user}}. Please check your spelling, or maybe the link you clicked is wrong."
454    trace_form:
455      upload_gpx: "Upload GPX File"
456      description: "תאור"
457      tags: "Tags"
458      public: "Public?"
459      upload_button: "Upload"
460      help: "Help"
461    trace_header:
462      see_just_your_traces: "See just your traces, or upload a trace"
463      see_all_traces: "See all traces"
464      see_your_traces: "See all your traces"
465      traces_waiting: "You have {{count}} traces waiting for upload. Please consider waiting for these to finish before uploading any more, so as not to block the queue for other users."
466    trace_optionals:
467      tags: "Tags"
468    view:
469      pending: "PENDING"
470      filename: "Filename:"
471      download: "download"
472      uploaded: "Uploaded at:"
473      points: "Points:"
474      start_coordinates: "Start coordinate:"
475      map: "map"
476      edit: "עריכה"
477      owner: "Owner:"
478      description: ":תאור"
479      tags: "Tags"
480      none: "None"
481      make_public: "Make this track public permanently"
482      edit_track: "Edit this track"
483      delete_track: "Delete this track"
484      heading: "Viewing trace {{name}}"
485      trace_not_found: "Trace not found!"
486    trace_paging_nav:
487      showing: "Showing page"
488      of: "of"
489    trace:
490      pending: "PENDING"
491      count_points: "{{count}} points"
492      ago: "{{time_in_words_ago}} ago"
493      more: "more"
494      trace_details: "View Trace Details"
495      view_map: "View Map"
496      edit: "עריכה"
497      edit_map: "Edit Map"
498      public: "PUBLIC"
499      private: "PRIVATE"
500      by: "by"
501      in: "in"
502      map: "map"
503    list:
504      public_traces: "Public GPS traces"
505      your_traces: "Your GPS traces"
506      public_traces_from: "Public GPS traces from {{user}}"
507      tagged_with: " tagged with {{tags}}"
508    delete:
509      scheduled_for_deletion: "Track scheduled for deletion"
510    make_public:
511      made_public: "Track made public"
512  user:
513    login:
514      title: "Login"
515      heading: "Login"
516      please login: "Please login or {{create_user_link}}."
517      create_account: "create an account"
518      email or username: "Email Address or Username: "
519      password: "Password: "
520      lost password link: "Lost your password?"
521      login_button: "Login"
522      account not active: "Sorry, your account is not active yet.<br>Please click on the link in the account confirmation email to activate your account."
523      auth failure: "Sorry, couldn't log in with those details."
524    lost_password:
525      title: "lost password"
526      heading: "Forgotten Password?"
527      email address: "Email Address:"
528      new password button: "Send me a new password"
529      notice email on way: "Sorry you lost it :-( but an email is on its way so you can reset it soon."
530      notice email cannot find: "Couldn't find that email address, sorry."
531    reset_password:
532      title: "reset password"
533      flash changed check mail: "Your password has been changed and is on its way to your mailbox :-)"
534      flash token bad: "Didn't find that token, check the URL maybe?"
535    new:
536      title: "Create account"
537      heading: "Create a User Account"
538      no_auto_account_create: "Unfortunately we are not currently able to create an account for you automatically."
539      contact_webmaster: 'Please contact the <a href="">webmaster</a> to arrange for an account to be created - we will try and deal with the request as quickly as possible. '
540      fill_form: "Fill in the form and we'll send you a quick email to activate your account."
541      license_agreement: 'By creating an account, you agree that all data you submit to the Openstreetmap project is to be (non-exclusively) licensed under <a href="">this Creative Commons license (by-sa)</a>.'
542      email address: "Email Address: "
543      confirm email address: "Confirm Email Address: "
544      not displayed publicly: 'Not displayed publicly (see <a href="" title="wiki privacy policy including section on email addresses">privacy policy</a>)'
545      display name: "Display Name: "
546      password: "Password: "
547      confirm password: "Confirm Password: "
548      signup: Signup
549      flash create success message: "User was successfully created. Check your email for a confirmation note, and you'll be mapping in no time :-)<br /><br />Please note that you won't be able to login until you've received and confirmed your email address.<br /><br />If you use an antispam system which sends confirmation requests then please make sure you whitelist as we are unable to reply to any confirmation requests."
550    no_such_user:
551      body: "Sorry, there is no user with the name {{user}}. Please check your spelling, or maybe the link you clicked is wrong."
552    view:
553      my diary: my diary
554      new diary entry: new diary entry
555      my edits: my edits
556      my traces: my traces
557      my settings: my settings
558      send message: send message
559      diary: diary
560      edits: edits
561      traces: traces
562      remove as friend: remove as friend
563      add as friend: add as friend
564      mapper since: "Mapper since: "
565      ago: "({{time_in_words_ago}} ago)"
566      user image heading: User image
567      delete image: Delete Image
568      upload an image: Upload an image
569      add image: Add Image
570      description: "תאור"
571      user location: User location
572      no home location: "No home location has been set."
573      if set location: "If you set your location, a pretty map and stuff will appear below. You can set your home location on your {{settings_link}} page."
574      settings_link_text: settings
575      your friends: Your friends
576      no friends: You have not added any friends yet.
577      km away: "{{count}}km away"
578      nearby users: "Nearby users: "
579      no nearby users: "There are no users who admit to mapping nearby yet."
580      change your settings: change your settings
581    friend_map:
582      your location: Your location
583      nearby mapper: "Nearby mapper: "
584    account:
585      title: "Edit account"
586      my settings: My settings
587      email never displayed publicly: "(never displayed publicly)"
588      public editing:
589        heading: "Public editing: "
590        enabled: "Enabled. Not anonymous and can edit data."
591        enabled link: ""
592        enabled link text: "what's this?"
593        disabled: "Disabled and cannot edit data, all previous edits are anonymous."
594        disabled link text: "why can't I edit?"
595      profile description: "Profile Description: "
596      preferred languages: "Preferred Languages: "
597      home location: "Home Location: "
598      no home location: "You have not entered your home location."
599      latitude: ":קו רוחב"
600      longitude: ":קו אורך"
601      update home location on click: "Update home location when I click on the map?"
602      save changes button: Save Changes
603      make edits public button: Make all my edits public
604      return to profile: Return to profile
605      flash update success confirm needed: "User information updated successfully. Check your email for a note to confirm your new email address."
606      flash update success: "User information updated successfully."
607    confirm:
608      heading: Confirm a user account
609      press confirm button: "Press the confirm button below to activate your account."
610      button: Confirm
611      success: "Confirmed your account, thanks for signing up!"
612      failure: "A user account with this token has already been confirmed."
613    confirm_email:
614      heading: Confirm a change of email address
615      press confirm button: "Press the confirm button below to confirm your new email address."
616      button: Confirm
617      success: "Confirmed your email address, thanks for signing up!"
618      failure: "An email address has already been confirmed with this token."
619    set_home:
620      flash success: "Home location saved successfully"
621    go_public:
622      flash success: "All your edits are now public, and you are now allowed to edit."
623    make_friend:
624      success: "{{name}} is now your friend."
625      failed: "Sorry, failed to add {{name}} as a friend."
626      already_a_friend: "You are already friends with {{name}}."
627    remove_friend:
628      success: "{{name}} was removed from your friends."
629      not_a_friend: "{{name}} is not one of your friends."
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