source: subversion/sites/rails_port @ 17797

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
app 17787   10 years avar I moved Potlatch's locales but didn't update this, which broke all i18n
config 17783   10 years avar Some of these files were in ISO-8859-1, no idea how that happened. …
db 17504   10 years tomhughes Add xid_to_int4() function for Postgres.
doc 16686   11 years stefanb changed component name in trac
lib 16834   11 years tomhughes Replace hard coded nwr enumeration support with a more generic system …
log 2359   13 years danmoore API 0.4: svn:ignore updates for JARs, logs
public 17662   10 years richard Potlatch 1.2b
script 17784   10 years avar Quick hack to add --dump-flat to get a human-readable flat version of …
test 17446   10 years tomhughes Workaround rails 2.3.4 bogus deprecation warnings.
tmp 14586   11 years tomhughes Merge api06 branch to trunk.
vendor 17672   10 years avar Icelandic day names should be in lower case
Rakefile 307 bytes 1202   14 years steve beginning of osm on rails
README 63 bytes 6589   12 years steve Lots of documentation updates, plus split out potlatch libraries in to lib
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