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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
3<Map bgcolor="#b5d0d0" srs="+proj=merc +a=6378137 +b=6378137 +lat_ts=0.0 +lon_0=0.0 +x_0=0.0 +y_0=0 +k=1.0 +units=m +nadgrids=@null +no_defs +over">
4   <Stylesheet src="places.mss" />
6   <Layer class="places_db" status="on" srs="+proj=merc +a=6378137 +b=6378137 +lat_ts=0.0 +lon_0=0.0 +x_0=0.0 +y_0=0 +k=1.0 +units=m +nadgrids=@null +no_defs +over">
7    <Datasource>
8      <Parameter name="type">postgis</Parameter>
9      <Parameter name="dbname">__DBNAME__</Parameter>
10      <Parameter name="table">
11      (select name, name_en, (CASE WHEN "place"='city' AND "population">=1000000 THEN 'city_large' WHEN "place"='city' AND "population">=200000 THEN 'city_medium' WHEN "place"='town' AND "population">=30000 THEN 'town_large' ELSE "place" END) as place, "label" from planet_osm_place) as places
12<!--      (select planet_osm_point.*, (CASE WHEN population>1000000 THEN 'L' WHEN population>500000 THEN 'M' ELSE 'S' END) as pop_cat from planet_osm_point where place is not null order by place_level ASC, population DESC) as places -->
13      </Parameter>
14      <Parameter name="estimate_extent">false</Parameter>
15      <Parameter name="extent">-20037508,-19929239,20037508,19929239</Parameter>
16    </Datasource>
17   </Layer>
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