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dns 14481   10 years tomhughes Point tah at new server. 13548   11 years gslater update. Minor styling fixes. Make paypal functions more …
namefinder 12251   11 years david Use contextual search ("Huntingdon, England") even if there is a place … 13805   11 years tomhughes Move OpenLayers? class to a sub directory, and add the conversion script.
other 14470   10 years spaetz latest status
rails_port 14496   10 years tomhughes Fix database check in browse controller.
rails_port_branches 14502   10 years Shaun McDonald Railsify the relation member model, type attribute, by putting it into …
stateofthemap 3609   12 years nickb more views for feedback
support 2514   12 years steve add some readmes 8950   11 years jonb Impose 5 minute CPU limit on Mapnik export CGI process 3138   12 years dankarran #374: changing W3C geo tags to use 'long' instead of 'lon', per spec. 14482   10 years jochen Link auf Warnweste rausgenommen. Projekt scheint tot zu sein. 13047   11 years gslater initial commit of Lots still to translate.
README 361 bytes 2514   12 years steve add some readmes
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