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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
rails_port_branches 20275   10 years apmon Allow for different formats to the getBugs call This is a rudimentary … 3138   13 years dankarran #374: changing W3C geo tags to use 'long' instead of 'lon', per spec.
namefinder 12251   11 years david Use contextual search ("Huntingdon, England") even if there is a place … 20087   10 years frederik reduce load on tile server
dns 20081   10 years gslater Add DNS: 17465   10 years gslater fixes and progress bar. 15387   11 years gslater define Content-Type and charset
osm.org_down_notice 17209   10 years gslater move .svn to apache config, fix tile mod_rewrite regex. 13047   11 years gslater initial commit of Lots still to translate. 16117   11 years jonb Reject /export requests if the load average on tile is too high
stateofthemap 3609   13 years nickb more views for feedback 20311   10 years skunk Object info: Supplying a wrong ID returns a nice error message
other 19940   10 years spaetz add link to 3rd party user stats
support 2514   13 years steve add some readmes 18376   10 years timsc Auto detect available zoom levels
rails_port 20284   10 years tomhughes Fix the selection of the message to be deleted.
README 361 bytes 2514   13 years steve add some readmes
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