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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
dns 22651   9 years tomhughes Removed old dev server from DNS. 17465   10 years gslater fixes and progress bar. 22797   9 years nick OTV: Main update: route adding facility 15387   10 years gslater define Content-Type and charset
namefinder 12251   11 years david Use contextual search ("Huntingdon, England") even if there is a place … 22389   9 years tomhughes Add a robots file to block scraping.
osm.org_down_notice 17209   10 years gslater move .svn to apache config, fix tile mod_rewrite regex.
other 23319   9 years pa94 added "reload_outer_ways" feature
stateofthemap 3609   12 years nickb more views for feedback
support 2514   12 years steve add some readmes 20819   9 years gslater Mapnik cgi export: Fix trailing newline on jpeg/png. 23225   9 years gislars added mautknoten layer to wms and info about it in index.html 3138   12 years dankarran #374: changing W3C geo tags to use 'long' instead of 'lon', per spec. 20692   9 years skunk Information about Source Code 23313   9 years jbglaw Update 23349   9 years vibrog Correct typo 13047   11 years gslater initial commit of Lots still to translate.
rails_port 224 bytes 20952   9 years tomhughes Add a notice about the move of the rails port to git.
README 361 bytes 2514   12 years steve add some readmes
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