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1This is an simple and primitive OSM server, aimed to be executed at anyone's home machine.
3The current OSM server can hardly stand all the requests. Caches are needed. So
4little-osm is a start for any users that just want to read the data in their favourite
7little-osm is intended as a read only server!
10- install ruby
11- install sqlite3 ("gem install sqlite3")
12- Get the planet.osm into little-osm directory (
13- run readxml.rb to convert the database. This will take a while.
14- run server.rb
15- point your favourite programm to http://localhost:3000
18Some files of interest:
19readxml.rb - Script to convert a planet.osm into a sqlite database
20server.rb  - Main http server.
21planet.osm - here, you have to copy the planet.osm to read in. Make sure, it
22             is the fixed version without the incomplete segments. My
23             filesize is 82125276 bytes.
24planet.db  - This will be the generated sqlite database (will be about 130 MB)
25test/*     - Some unit tests.
26api        - All API files reside here.
29License of the whole stuff: GPL 2.0, Ruby license or both (at your choice).
31Ciao, Imi.
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