source: subversion/utils @ 2016

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
xsltrans 1960   13 years jochen Changed to use /bin/bash instead of /bin/sh
wayclean 1944   13 years nick update to wayclean to match libosm updates
tilesPipeAtHome 1929   13 years ojw Tool for creating a KML file for every city in the world
tilesAtHome 2016   13 years dirkl Added README, tweaked progress info.
tiger_import 1694   14 years ben a bit of progress, to show a few of the numbers
static-osmarender 1560   14 years nickburch Add a -h option, that prints out the readme
simplify 1571   14 years jonb 0.02 version posted to OSM dev list 5th Nov 2006
schema 1047   14 years steve lets reorg…
sanitize 1545   14 years joerg insert Man pages/Copyright Info/Copright? Stubs to some of our perl Programs
rendercontrol 1545   14 years joerg insert Man pages/Copyright Info/Copright? Stubs to some of our perl Programs
planet.osm 1938   13 years joerg reall makefile with dependency for UTF8Sanitizer
planet-mirror 1843   14 years joerg small type in help
perl 1969   13 years joerg adjust debug levels adjust estmation values to current planet.osm new …
pdf-atlas 2014   13 years joerg update download for shoreline
osmgoogleearth 1985   13 years dirkl added railway=tram
osmgarminmap 1912   13 years jochen Added fix.xsl Use ref as label if there is no "name" key
osmfilter 1842   14 years joerg add track counter
osmAtHome 1895   13 years nickburch Script to handle calling the random_update functionality for osm@Home
osmarender4 2005   13 years dirkl fixed typo "telehone" -> "telephone"
osmarender 1967   13 years joerg tag shell schript executable
osm-subset 1784   14 years joerg add area hamburg
osm-length 1923   13 years jochen new osm-length util
osm-data 1436   14 years imi added JOSM-plugins mappaint and landsat from NickW
osm-activity 1561   14 years nickburch Add a -h option
osm2shp 1943   13 years nick update to osm2shp to match libosm updates
osm2pgsql 1918   13 years steve up the max seg ids
osm2kml 1846   14 years joerg set executable property
osm2csv 1973   13 years joerg remove syntax error, make debug output more compact
osm 1787   14 years joerg initial Version
ns1togpx 1456   14 years ben fix for Windows' crap time & date support
mapyrus 1615   14 years joerg insert search path and full name of OsmXML so perl can easily find it
mapnik 2015   13 years joerg print renderinfo in one line Adapt default areas
maplint 1991   13 years jochen Added test for untagged unconnected nodes
makeMapOnMove 2002   13 years ojw re-add view of current way attributes + remove debug printout
little-osm 1519   14 years imi little-osm now uses mysql geometry extension
josm 1956   13 years frederik readme
gpx2svg 1198   14 years steve quick hacxk to make svg from a set of gpx files
georss 1761   14 years nick GeoRSSClient for slippy map markers - initial version
fmapgen 1945   13 years nick fmapgen: the Freemap Mapnik tile generator
coast_import 1545   14 years joerg insert Man pages/Copyright Info/Copright? Stubs to some of our perl Programs
CityKML 1995   13 years ojw horrible little perl program, first draft
gpx-addbounds 1.9 KB 243   15 years pere New script to add bounds info into gpx files.
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