%(Warning: verify north with arrow !!) (optional)100 m25 m50 m*Departement number (optional)sEnter the town,village or city name.
Use the syntax and punctuation known by www.cadastre.gouv.fr .?Value of key "source" when autosourcing is enabled:A special handler for the French land registry WMS server.bA special handler of the French cadastre wms at www.cadastre.gouv.fr

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Use here (in French):
before any upload of data created by this plugin.Add "source=..." to elements?Add a new municipality layer Add address Add new layerJAdd the "Tableau(x) d''assemblage" in the list of cadastre sheets to grab.Address, houses numbers. Adjust WMSCAdjust the position of the WMS layer (saved for raster images only)Allows an automatic cachingAllows multiple layers stacking Auto sourcingQAutomatically selects the first WMS layer if multiple layers exist when grabbing.Bicubic (slow)Bilinear (fast) Blank LayerBounding box: {0}-Buildings, covers, underground constructions.Cache Format ErrorCache Lambert Zone Error#Cadastral sections and subsections.Cadastre Cadastre grab Cadastre: {0}CadastreFR - BuildingsCadastreGrabber: Illegal url.CancelCancel current grab(Cancel current grab (only vector images)JCannot load cache {0} which is not compatible with current projection zonePCannot open a new client session. Server in maintenance or temporary overloaded.Change locationChange the current projectionChoose from...GClick first Lambert crosspiece for georeferencing (two points required);Click first corner for image cropping (two points required)2Click second Lambert crosspiece for georeferencing&Click second corner for image croppingCommuneCommune bbox: {0}Contacting WMS Server...Contacting cadastre WMS ...Create boundaryCreate buildings Departement-Disable image cropping during georeferencing.Display crosspieces:/Do you want to cancel completely or just retry BDon''t use relation for addresses (but "addr:street" on elements).'Download Image from French Cadastre WMSDownloading {0}8Draw a rectangle around downloaded data from WMS server.#Draw boundaries of downloaded data.EastEnable automatic caching.1Enable this to use the tag "add:street" on nodes.Enter addresses"Enter cadastre east,north positionError>Error loading file. Probably an old version of the cache file.!Export image (only raster images)Extract SVG ViewBox... Extract best fitting boundary...Extract commune boundary$File name expected for layer no. {0}#Fixed size (from 25 to 1000 meters)#Fixed size square (default is 100m)French cadastre WMSGeoTiff files (*.tif)Georeference an imageGeoreferencing interrupted"Get a new cookie (session timeout)Grab non-georeferenced imageGrab one image full screen8Grab smaller images (higher quality but use more memory)*Guadeloupe Fort-Marigot cache file (.UTM1)&Guadeloupe Ste-Anne cache file (.UTM2)Helping tool for tag addressHigh resolution (1000x800)I use the mouseImage already loadedImage croppingImage filter interpolation:Image georeferencingImage resolution:Image size (px): {0}/{1}+Improve georeferencing (only raster images)nInvert the original black and white colors (and all intermediate greys). Useful for texts on dark backgrounds.Is not vectorized.Is vectorized.(Lambert CC9 Zone {0} cache file (.CC{0})"Lambert Zone {0} cache file (.{0})DLambert zone {0} in cache incompatible with current Lambert zone {1}Layers:Load layer from cache3Load location from cache (only if cache is enabled)Locality, hamlet, place.BLocation "{0}" found in cache. Load cache first ? (No = new cache)Low resolution (600x400))Martinique Fort Desaix cache file (.UTM3)Max. cache size (in MB)Medium resolution (800x600) Mode: {0}DMore than one WMS layer present Select one of them first, then retry$Municipality administrative borders.