(none)An error occurred while constructing the model. Please run the validator to make sure the data is consistent.

Error: {0}gThe number of lanes is not specified for one or more roads; please add missing lanes tags.Add turnAutomatically fixes the issue. Delete lane. Delete turn. DescriptionEditEdit turn lanes7Edit turn relations and lane lengths for selected node.Fix.Integer list "{0}" contains unexpected values. No such lane.NoneKProvides a straightforward GUI for adding, editing and deleting turn lanes.Put the ways in order. Quick-FixRefresh3Relation references non-existent (regular) lane {0}/Relation references non-existent extra lane {0}#Revalidate all turnlanes-relations.SelectSelects the offending relation. Turn LanesTypeValidate9Validate turn- and lane-length-relations for consistency.2{0} lanes are not referenced in any turn-relation.