Versions of the client software which have been released

"; # Get a list of versions, and loop through it $Versions = getVersions(); foreach($Versions as $ID => $Version){ $Row = array(); array_push($Row, $ID); array_push($Row, $Version["name"]); array_push($Row, $Version["ok"] ? "Uploads accepted" : "Uploads blocked"); # Convert all the data into a row of HTML table print "" . implode("", $Row) . "\n"; } print "\n"; ?>

Versions of tiles@home indicate which release of software someone is running.

They are typically used to prevent uploads by any version which is known to cause problems, or which would clash with the map styles used by the majority of uploaders

Only externally-visible changes cause a new version name (things like optimisation which only affect the individual computer, don't require a new version name)

Version names are approximately alphabetical, and are chosen by whoever makes the significant change to tiles@home. They are never announced in advance.

For help in choosing version names, try the city list or on wikipedia