A project to render free maps of the whole world.

Welcome to the world of Creative Commons mapping. The main page is at openstreetmap.org. This page provides map images, which you can use on your website, on a handheld device or mobile phone, or anywhere else that you need maps.

Browse the map tile-by-tile, or use a slippy map. These maps are also available on the OSM page - you just need to select the "osmarender" layer using the + to the right of the map.

Download a map image of anywhere you like

Status pages:

"; for($yi = 0; $yi < 2; $yi++){ print ""; for($xi = 0; $xi < 2; $xi++){ $Img = sprintf( "http://dev.openstreetmap.org/~ojw/Tiles/tile.php/%d/%d/%d.png", $Z, $X + $xi, $Y + $yi); printf("\"map\n", $Img); } print ""; } print ""; ?>

(You can request an area be updated using the API, or when viewing the map here)

Loads more information is available on the tiles@home wiki page, including development activity, the people involved, and discussing future directions for the project