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(edit) @e5b25cd   37 hours tom Update carto stylesheet to v4.5.0 Closes #138
(edit) @4257000   40 hours tom Disable mcelog on shenron
(edit) @1cd8cc4   40 hours tom Disable mcelog on scorch The processor/chipset in scorch needs a new …
(edit) @0cfc89f   41 hours tom Fix issues with chef report handler
(edit) @d8918f9   2 days tom Use mail gem instead of pony It seems pony hasn't been updated for a …
(edit) @e5f294d   3 days tom Modernise more LWRPs
(edit) @19aeb7b   3 days tom Use multipackage installs throughout In Chef 12.1 we introduced …
(edit) @34666b8   3 days tom Update some custom resources for Chef 14 compatibility
(edit) @a459e86   4 days tsmith Use Foodcritic 12.2.1 12.2.0 has a pretty nasty regression where it …
(edit) @77c7671   5 days tom Fix foodcritic warnings
(edit) @8df838b   5 days tom Fix rubocop warnings
(edit) @4e23c0f   5 days tom Update bundle
(edit) @44fabe9   5 days tom Deploy jekyll based stateofthemap sites on ridley
(edit) @1c10fdb   6 days tom Add trigger script to mail mcelog reports
(edit) @043f244   6 days git Add mcelog daemon
(edit) @afae530   10 days tom Correct URL for elasticsearch 5.x repository
(edit) @ae1cc37   10 days tom Update elasticsearch to 5.x on ridley
(edit) @42fcc87   10 days tom Upgrade foundation and DWG wikis to 1.29
(edit) @3a2daa3   10 days tom Update board wiki to 1.29
(edit) @79d28ce   11 days tom Disable sensors on vial that are reading nonsensical values
(edit) @7166611   12 days tom Revert "Adjust CPU temperature warning thresholds for vial" This reverts …
(edit) @f615818   12 days tom Disable unconnected sensors on vial
(edit) @3357455   13 days tom Allow access to nagios remote plugins on nepomuk
(edit) @5e05793   2 weeks tom Update network interface name for nepomuk
(edit) @882c793   2 weeks tom Remove old addresses from nepomuk
(edit) @0a2e445a   3 weeks tom Add new addresses for nepomuk
(edit) @187b30d   3 weeks lonvia remove fail2ban rules for nominatim fail2ban is simply too slow to handle …
(edit) @a304a98   3 weeks lonvia revert all fpm pool settings for dulcy
(edit) @5844815   3 weeks git Revert "tilecache: remove fallback caches as peers" This reverts commit …
(edit) @c1c41b6   4 weeks lonvia dulcy: reduce fpm pool sizes a bit
(edit) @88f3d34   4 weeks tom Tune new disks in karm and eddie
(edit) @e4d7de6   4 weeks tom Remove hpssacli with ssacli
(edit) @847ffef   4 weeks tom Remove forced downgrade of hp-health
(edit) @9dd6b24   4 weeks git Tune WDC RE3/RE4 disks with poor NCQ
(edit) @b880555f   4 weeks git Lower squid memory on komodo
(edit) @9457cdd   4 weeks git tilecache: remove fallback caches as peers
(edit) @240c957   4 weeks tom Load nct6775 sensor module on vial
(edit) @878f9a1   4 weeks tom Update carto stylesheet to v4.4.0 Closes #131
(edit) @929442e   4 weeks tom Install Noto Sans Arabic UI from github if necessary
(edit) @1f68ddf   4 weeks tom Fix backup sync
(edit) @ff91655   4 weeks tom Send output from the database script to admins
(edit) @6079273   4 weeks lonvia increase fpm pool sizes on dulcy
(edit) @ded58f9   4 weeks tom Make g5team an admin on G5 Solutions machines
(edit) @1487af8   5 weeks tom Adjust cache size for komodo
(edit) @aab157d   5 weeks tom Drop rails50 dev site
(edit) @2bdabd9   5 weeks tom Add role for komodo
(edit) @a12bd63   5 weeks tom Tune bonding on odin
(edit) @21e8338   5 weeks tom Enable network bonding on odin
(edit) @e6aed01   5 weeks tom Update piwik to 3.2.0
(edit) @a26a8b1   6 weeks tom Switch postgres replication to use WAL-E
(edit) @337b0ec   6 weeks tom Create common base role for tiamat nodes
(edit) @b0d9abf   6 weeks tom Add infrastructure for using WAL-E
(edit) @06b8c260   6 weeks tom Only sync the database backup if pg_dump succeeds
(edit) @bdc899b   6 weeks tom Remove translatewiki access to
(edit) @134c83a   6 weeks tom Adjust CPU temperature warning thresholds for vial
(edit) @6b8e671   7 weeks tom Rework tile cache logging to avoid duplication Closes #94
(edit) @228e08d   7 weeks lonvia nominatim: enable updating of postcodes
(edit) @51c88d5a   7 weeks tom Reduce WAL expiry to 14 days
(edit) @1d2d368   7 weeks noreply Update authorized_keys for translatewiki Replace personal keys with a …
(edit) @bb1bb78   7 weeks lonvia nominatim: move apache log into nominatim logdir
(edit) @0da50ac   7 weeks lonvia put dulcy back in update mode
(edit) @5818514   7 weeks lonvia put dulcy in import mode
(edit) @1162f16   7 weeks tom Add #osm-asia to cgiirc
(edit) @23b449a   8 weeks lonvia put pummelzacken back into update mode
(edit) @3345357   2 months tom Allow replication connections from eddie
(edit) @a8d61cd   2 months tom Increase maximum number of database replication connections
(edit) @090877d   2 months tom Configure eddie as a database slave
(edit) @b1974a2   2 months tom Update chef client to 12.21.12
(edit) @efdd5e8   2 months tom Fix isdct version
(edit) @c54ce2c   2 months tom Update piwik to 3.1.1
(edit) @9b7e8a0   2 months tom Update hardware cookbook for new version of Intel SSD tool
(edit) @5dd8aa5   2 months lonvia fix rubocop offence
(edit) @d66a20b   2 months lonvia nominatim: no git repo updates via chef
(edit) @6f0d0a5   2 months tom Update carto stylesheet to v4.3.0 Closes #128
(edit) @a663150   2 months lonvia put pummelzacken in import mode
(edit) @ed38133   2 months lonvia move pummelzacken to postgres 9.6
(edit) @1ae223c   2 months lonvia disable automatic git updates on dulcy
(edit) @7dbbea6   2 months tom Restart the chef server when the certificate changes
(edit) @66c8810   2 months tom Update piwik to 3.1.0
(edit) @d386168   2 months tom Remove trailing space
(edit) @3944d4a   2 months tom Configure eddie as a database master
(edit) @8157de8   2 months tom Update civicrm to 4.7.23
(edit) @289ca54   2 months tom Use instead of
(edit) @24e42b2   2 months tom Switch bytemark machines to use local nameservers
(edit) @c45b10b   3 months tom Create blocked senders file
(edit) @67d27f0   3 months tom Move blocked senders to a separate file
(edit) @89cc2b5   3 months tom Update carto stylesheet to v4.2.0 Closes #127
(edit) @d281d02c   3 months tom Fix dev instance setup script to detect db:migrate mode better
(edit) @0acc96f   4 months tom Fix disk detection for early Fusion MPT controllers
(edit) @3875693   4 months tom Update carto stylesheet to v4.1.0 Closes #125
(edit) @8606756   4 months tom Revert "Update carto stylesheet to v4.1.0" This reverts commit …
(edit) @4732a88   4 months tom Update carto stylesheet to v4.1.0 Closes #125
(edit) @fd2159b   4 months tom Add additional resolvers for cmok
(edit) @69573d6   4 months git Intel 82574L NIC powersaving fix for tiamat hosts
(edit) @a704f4b   4 months tom Add as alias for
(edit) @852e345   4 months tom Enable domain expansion for letsencrypt certificates
(edit) @c346852   4 months tom Add maps subdomain to main site certificate
(edit) @96ec481   4 months tom Avoid duplicate resource definitions for apache_module[reqtimeout]
(edit) @5b4f815   4 months tom Avoid duplicate resource names for wordpress plugins and themes
(edit) @7720e35   4 months tom Fix typo
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