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(edit) @2b2e723   2 years tom Link with libm
(edit) @9e4b14c   2 years tom Correct type of zlib file handle
(edit) @812dd88   2 years tom Remove use of deprecated libarchive API functions
(edit) @5f9504d   2 years tom Modernise compiler flags
(edit) @dd4d1e6   6 years tom Reduce the user's trace count when a trace is deleted
(edit) @19aa6fc   6 years tom Fix reversed condition
(edit) @1c75d12   6 years tom Reset the connection to Postgres on a 57P01 admin_shutdown error
(edit) @1cdf950   6 years tom Log SQLSTATE code for errors
(edit) @ca0361a   6 years tom Refactor code to do all statement execution in one place
(edit) @981634d   6 years tom Send GPX notifications from gpx@…
(edit) @81bbd7a   6 years tom Add LDFLAGS to the end of the command line Libararies need to be searched …
(edit) @0efcd64   7 years tom Clean up URL encoding and remove unused code
(edit) @9519d3e   7 years tom Encode username when using it in a URL
(edit) @b5a7432   7 years tom Added missing dependency
(edit) @15bd5f7   7 years tom Don't reuse varargs pointers
(edit) @86ecf46   7 years tom Make log rotation quieter
(edit) @6d3d5f3   7 years tom Fix compiler warning
(edit) @84b8fe9   7 years tom Ignore generated files
(edit) @b9b6f06   8 years tom Avoid blank lines in notification message
(edit) @9016052   8 years tom Fix warning on 32 bit systems.
(edit) @f2643ee   8 years tom Include the URL for the trace in the notification email.
(edit) @5627e70   8 years tom Set the same cache algorithms as rails is using.
(edit) @2a041f1   8 years tom Use the binary protocol for memcached.
(edit) @9b8b149   8 years tom Tweak tag interpolation a little.
(edit) @528f4d7   8 years tom Add support for expiring rails cache entries when a trace is imported.
(edit) @c3f7c35   8 years tom Ignore the MACOSX folder in zip files. Closes #1436.
(edit) @fbf379b   8 years tom Ignore elevations of "nan" when parsing GPX files. Closes #1411.
(edit) @0aa3b2c   8 years tom Skip leading space when parsing coordinates. Closes #1541.
(edit) @a799ef0   9 years tom Doh!
(edit) @8c576d7   9 years tom Allow the envelope sender for emails to be configured,
(edit) @7ce26cf   9 years tom Mark GPS import mails as UTF-8.
(edit) @3f93127   9 years avarab oops, removed leftover garbage from earlier commit
(edit) @da9bc97   9 years avarab Advice the reader to use make syntax instead of hacking the makefile. …
(edit) @830a836   9 years avarab Add documentation on how to get this running on a psql setup
(edit) @9b4f3ba   9 years zerebubuth Added postgres backend for gpx importer daemon.
(edit) @48547d3   10 years tom Log the error when a MySL statement fails.
(edit) @c77710a   10 years dsilvers Move the test for an empty accumulator earlier in the time parser
(edit) @d1b12ac   10 years dsilvers Reinstate fractional seconds, as despite xsd:dateTime's documentation not …
(edit) @d85696f   10 years dsilvers More advanced time parser to verify time against the xsd:dataTime spec …
(edit) @c2b0460   10 years dsilvers Handle the case of zero good trackpoints found
(edit) @7d66213   10 years dsilvers Add routepoint <rtept> support to shut up users of RouteConverter?
(edit) @3d08b50   10 years dsilvers Support missing elevation -> bad tag
(edit) @94bca37   10 years dsilvers Support waypoints (ignoring them, of course)
(edit) @f3da29e   10 years dsilvers Support a failure to even get far enough to create a parser. (Triggered by …
(edit) @6bebdeb   10 years dsilvers Make the settings file more like an init.d script, add log rotation …
(edit) @e8afc97   10 years dsilvers Update settings to standard development paths
(edit) @fc84fcd   10 years tom Use PRId64 for printing 64 bit integers for x86 compatability.
(edit) @cc8f915   10 years tom Use PRId64 for printing 64 bit integers for x86 compatability.
(edit) @6c0556a   10 years tom Use PRId64 for printing 64 bit integers for x86 compatability.
(add) @c946d44   10 years dsilvers Initial import of r35+comments of the bzr tree of gpx-import
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