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(edit) @4d658c7   4 years mail Changesets are also output, updating help text.
(edit) @85bf85e   4 years tom Merge remote-tracking branch 'zere/master'
(edit) @35ba602   4 years github Set want_changesets=1 by default Fix unset variable. All planet files in …
(edit) @3141d13   5 years tom We don't really need tags sorted by key, and it might make more efficient …
(edit) @41293cd   5 years tom Put checks in to verify that rows from postgres are sorted by ID.
(edit) @b835bdd   5 years zerebubuth We don't really need tags sorted by key, and it might make more efficient …
(edit) @6f42988   5 years zerebubuth Put checks in to verify that rows from postgres are sorted by ID.
(edit) @720d725   5 years tom Set transaction isolation level to repeatable read Switch to transaction …
(edit) @b5d845d   5 years tom Fix compiler warnings
(edit) @7d23a8d   5 years tom Turn on compiler warnings
(edit) @0a48fa0   5 years tom Correct use of PRId64
(edit) @7911ef1   5 years tom Use std=c++0x for now until Ubuntu has a newer compiler
(edit) @74a1eff   5 years tom Use 64 bit integers for object ID values
(edit) @8ad302d   6 years tom Ignore generated files
(edit) @e406711   6 years tom Cast current time to UTC when checking for closed changesets
(edit) @beb331b   6 years openstreetmap Move planet.osm license comment to proper XML attributes on <osm>
(edit) @d0e36b1   6 years openstreetmap Modify planet.osm header to link to ODbL 1.0
(edit) @425e8ea   6 years openstreetmap Fix typo in license link
(edit) @fc68195   6 years tom Update for schema changes in the rails 3 code
(edit) @6e941d5   7 years zerebubuth Added XML comment containing copyright, license and attribution …
(edit) @f4dfb6c   8 years jburgess777 remove invalid characters <32 from XML output
(edit) @4ec9ea2   8 years zerebubuth Made planet dump transaction serializable. Hopefully addresses some …
(edit) @536c55e   8 years frederik add num_changes to changeset dump. unsure whether this is a good idea …
(edit) @3e2718b   8 years lars.francke Fix the planet exporter to write relation roles in their original casing. …
(edit) @b50dbfa   9 years frederik xml-escape relation roles
(edit) @091643f   9 years zerebubuth Rails now stores times in UTC, so this code should have been removed.
(edit) @6fd3602   9 years zerebubuth Fixed bug calling reformDate twice. Since it returns a pointer to static …
(edit) @3cc5954   9 years zerebubuth Added support for dumping changesets in the planet file. Not enabled by …
(edit) @11452df   9 years frederik lowercase relation member types on output.
(edit) @4188ea8   9 years frederik fix bug where planet06_pg would issue member types in the "id" field and …
(edit) @268535a   9 years zerebubuth Planet dumper for 0.6 postgres DBs.
(edit) @70606d5   9 years jburgess777 planetdump: More checking of connection status after fetching data from …
(edit) @bb57de0   9 years jburgess777 planetdump: Make sure all error paths return non-zero exit status
(edit) @80b4e9c   9 years jburgess777 planetdump: Verify we can connect to DB before we do anything else
(edit) @d955fe7   9 years jburgess777 planet05.c: Move nodes function to reduce 05-06 diff
(edit) @fa3f82f   9 years jburgess777 rename new planet code to planet06 to avoid confusion about versions
(edit) @a78e662   9 years jburgess777 Introduce 0.5 compatible planet dump again
(edit) @e265518   9 years jburgess777 duplicate of planet.c, removing .6 version field
(edit) @ae10681   9 years jburgess777 planetdump: move mysql connection open/close to new function
(edit) @7da917e   10 years jburgess777 update generated file to declare version 0.6 output format
(edit) @f2f4383   10 years jburgess777 Add version= to node/way/relations
(edit) @c68ad11   10 years jburgess777 simplify the code to remove pre-calculated length
(edit) @8066f85   10 years jburgess777 Add uid=<number> field to allow users to be identified consistently …
(edit) @e94ba9a   10 years jburgess777 planet dump: Simplify and speed up the date parsing code
(edit) @9cdbcd5   10 years jburgess777 planet dump: Add options to allow nodes/ways/relations to be dumped …
(edit) @1efd81e   10 years jburgess777 planet dump: Replace all chars <32 with ?.
(edit) @a3560dc   10 years jburgess777 planetdump: prevent the ESC char 27 (0x1b) from getting into the output
(edit) @72a94e1   10 years jburgess777 planetdump: Add user=... attribute to planet dump data
(edit) @cbe1893   10 years jburgess777 planet.c: Apply patch from Dave Stubbs to fix reading past end of string …
(edit) @fef0f59   10 years jburgess777 planet.c: Increase timeout to 6 hours. Increase tag cache to 10k
(edit) @ae8fbe7   10 years jburgess777 planet.c: Increase mysql timeout to 1 hour
(edit) @1bb40ca   11 years jburgess777 planet.c: Convert date format to match XML spec and simplify parsing in …
(edit) @e5b3785   11 years jburgess777 undo accidental changes to planet2mysql.rb and planet.c
(edit) @ff10438   11 years jburgess777 mod_tile: Apache module and rendering daemon for serving OSM tiles
(edit) @1e68b24   11 years jburgess777 planet.c: Update to 0.5 API
(edit) @9b3edf2   11 years jburgess777 planet.c: Remove setting of UTF8 on DB connection. Add support for using …
(edit) @aa6a938   11 years jburgess777 planet.c: Fix tag cache. Previously it asserted if a tag was part of a …
(edit) @72e09be   11 years jburgess777 planet.c: prevent warning about _GNU_SOURCE being redefined
(edit) @1902945   11 years jburgess777 planet.c: Implement a tag cache so that the current_way_tags queries can …
(edit) @3efc107   11 years jburgess777 planet.c: define _GNU_SOURCE to get strndup
(edit) @e37f5fa   11 years jburgess777 planet.c: Clone of planet.rb, runs at about 10 times the speed of the ruby …
(edit) @c0d7976   11 years joerg new Makefile for UTF8Sanitize
(edit) @eb03a1b   11 years joerg remove outdated adapt openstreetmap-utils to have some …
(edit) @1f547e5   11 years joerg next step in creating packages for openstreetmap
(edit) @868dafc   11 years joerg update all files
(edit) @42fd05e   11 years joerg remove Makefiles created from, because they conflict with the …
(edit) @a2574c9   11 years joerg add all created Makfiles too
(edit) @476984d   11 years joerg remove plain makefile
(edit) @c1e2433   11 years joerg comment out UTF8sanitizer, because it tries to create po files. But this …
(edit) @9ed5143   11 years joerg add new Makefile
(edit) @55e3b1f   11 years joerg update Makefiles. Intention was to have UTF8Sanitize in the installed …
(edit) @b393178   11 years jonass Added license-comment
(add) @f94ee25   11 years joerg move utils to applications. This way it should be easier to build Packages
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