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(edit) @11981   12 years jonb Add new path substitution
(edit) @11980   12 years Shaun McDonald Remember whether the user set the public checkbox on GPX upload as a …
(edit) @11979   12 years frederik new JOSM plugin builds to match JOSM class name change
(edit) @11978   12 years frederik - fix destination path for OSB plugin build
(edit) @11977   12 years frederik fix basedir in OSB Plugin's build properties
(edit) @11976   12 years frederik manually bump version number since tcx plugin doesn't do it
(edit) @11975   12 years frederik manually bump version number for plugins that don't do so automatically
(edit) @11974   12 years frederik changes in some JOSM plugins due to a renamed class in JOSM.
(edit) @11973   12 years Shaun McDonald Relation Tag testing. Also sort the belong_to/has_many for …
(edit) @11972   12 years tomhughes Require the user to be logged in for those methods which make no sense …
(edit) @11971   12 years tomhughes Fix syntax of status only renders. Closes #1345.
(edit) @11970   12 years Shaun McDonald Validations on the way tags, with unit tests
(edit) @11969   12 years Łukasz Jernaś Re-enable Polish language choice in Preferences.
(edit) @11968   12 years Łukasz Jernaś First take at the Polish translation. Mostly error messages left.
(edit) @11967   12 years bretth Added user id support to the 0.5 tasks. Currently untested.
(edit) @11966   12 years petschge Fix missing :: in revision 11964
(edit) @11965   12 years petschge Slightly fix output of suggested MaxComplexity?
(edit) @11964   12 years petschge retry harder to download slices if we already got some slices
(edit) @11963   12 years Shaun McDonald Make the dates and times that the server deals with UTC. This is …
(edit) @11962   12 years zere Migration to add close-time to changesets. This replaces the boolean …
(edit) @11961   12 years Shaun McDonald Adding validations for the length of node tags, and the presence of …
(edit) @11960   12 years spaetz make the tile serving plugin cope (clumsily) with v2 tilesets
(edit) @11959   12 years zere Made user input parsing more robust in changeset query method. Added tests.
(edit) @11958   12 years Shaun McDonald Verify that the key and value isn't getting mixed up by having them …
(edit) @11957   12 years zere Fixed some bugs in changeset query code. Added more test cases.
(edit) @11956   12 years spaetz send mixed tiles as transparent
(edit) @11955   12 years zere Added tests for changeset close method.
(edit) @11954   12 years zere Implemented changeset tags updating via the update method.
(edit) @11953   12 years zere Altered tests on AMF controller so that they give failures instead of …
(edit) @11952   12 years lindi explain that source of ewmsplugin.jar is actually in plugins/wmsplugin
(edit) @11951   12 years tabacha strassenverzeichnis statistik
(edit) @11950   12 years matthiasj merge r11949 from _unstable
(edit) @11949   12 years subhodip
(edit) @11948   12 years stevechilton Seperate layer+styles for each place=, change admin back to _roads
(edit) @11947   12 years Dirk Stoecker fixed north of America
(edit) @11946   12 years mdeen updated Greenland
(edit) @11945   12 years mdeen updated Greenland
(edit) @11944   12 years petschge set 3193 1999 to land
(edit) @11943   12 years richard changeset comments and a couple of other small fixes
(edit) @11942   12 years jonb Update We now want to render aerialway on points too
(edit) @11941   12 years matthiasj remove second return value from Tileset::downloadData(), nothing used …
(edit) @11940   12 years mdeen changed some mixed tiles to land in the Netherlands
(edit) @11939   12 years Dirk Stoecker fixed north of America
(edit) @11938   12 years Dirk Stoecker some locale fixes
(edit) @11937   12 years Dirk Stoecker update to JOSM ShortCut? handling
(edit) @11936   12 years Dirk Stoecker changed build a bit
(edit) @11935   12 years Shaun McDonald Freezing composite primary key so that we can apply TomH's patch to …
(edit) @11934   12 years Dirk Stoecker updated to current JOSM stuff
(edit) @11933   12 years richard finished Rails-friendly amf_controller. Note that this requires Tom's …
(edit) @11932   12 years Shaun McDonald More unit test stubs
(edit) @11931   12 years Shaun McDonald Unit tests work again. Fixed the set fixture class that I should. …
(edit) @11930   12 years mdeen updated Australia for Christian Ehrlicher <Ch.Ehrlicher@…>
(edit) @11929   12 years dsilvers Add routepoint <rtept> support to shut up users of RouteConverter?
(edit) @11928   12 years Dirk Stoecker some corrects north of America
(edit) @11927   12 years matthiasj don't fail if uploadable directory doesn't exist on upload
(edit) @11926   12 years matthiasj bug fix: not creating uploadable directory
(edit) @11925   12 years Dirk Stoecker removed other obsolete stuff
(edit) @11924   12 years Dirk Stoecker updated lakewalker integration to current JOSM
(edit) @11923   12 years petschge set 2183 1236, 2183 1237, 2184 1236 and 2184 1237 from mixed to land
(edit) @11922   12 years Shaun McDonald Adding some more unit test stubs that need filling out. Adding …
(edit) @11921   12 years frederik new build, fix NPE
(edit) @11920   12 years frederik bugfix lakewalker NPE by Stephan <osm@…>
(edit) @11919   12 years cmarqu Ship Lighting.mas as a resource.
(edit) @11918   12 years cmarqu Also display maxheight, maxwidth, maxweight and maxlength.
(edit) @11917   12 years cmarqu A style that displays the lit tag on ways (both explicitly set to true …
(edit) @11916   12 years cmarqu Add halo to labels.
(edit) @11915   12 years cmarqu Add style Maxspeed to resources. Now really.
(edit) @11914   12 years cmarqu Add style Maxspeed to resources. Also display service roads with a width.
(edit) @11913   12 years cmarqu New style displaying the maxspeed tag in different colors.
(edit) @11912   12 years mdeen fixed tile in Denmark
(edit) @11911   12 years mdeen fixes in Alaska
(edit) @11910   12 years Shaun McDonald Adding some more diary entry tests. Making the RSS feed links more …
(edit) @11909   12 years Dirk Stoecker fixes north of America
(edit) @11908   12 years harrywood figured out OpenLayers? css button positioning problem + use graphics …
(edit) @11907   12 years mdeen updated Greenland
(edit) @11906   12 years deelkar set 2157 1305 land set 2158 1305 land set 2158 1304 land set 2159 1304 land
(edit) @11905   12 years mdeen updated Canada
(edit) @11904   12 years mdeen updated Greenland
(edit) @11903   12 years matthiasj don't backup empty Inkscape preferences file, based on patch by Rene …
(edit) @11902   12 years Shaun McDonald Covering the case of an entry not being found. More diary entry tests.
(edit) @11901   12 years ojw fix argv - [1] is 1st arg?
(edit) @11900   12 years ojw compressed uploads
(edit) @11899   12 years ojw blank file detect (first pass, compares to default image)
(edit) @11898   12 years frederik replaced "wtf does this do" comment by something explaining what it does.
(edit) @11897   12 years Shaun McDonald more diary entry test
(edit) @11896   12 years mdeen updated Greenland
(edit) @11895   12 years Shaun McDonald more diary entry tests, and a minor fix to the relation member that …
(edit) @11894   12 years Chris Browet FIX : Plural/paucal forms in DownloadOSM.cpp (closes #1306) FIX : …
(edit) @11893   12 years dsilvers Support missing elevation -> bad tag
(edit) @11892   12 years bretth Bumped osmosis version to 0.29.4.
(edit) @11891   12 years bretth Fixed some incorrect comments copied from an old class.
(edit) @11890   12 years bretth Upgraded the pgsql schema to support ordered relations.
(edit) @11889   12 years bretth Updated all mysql classes to support ordered relation members.
(edit) @11888   12 years bretth Removed the MemberSorter? task which is no longer required due to …
(edit) @11887   12 years bretth Removed unnecessary "suppress deprecation" declarations.
(edit) @11886   12 years bretth Renamed DBWayNode to be DBOrderedFeature and made it generic to …
(edit) @11885   12 years studerap right lable possition for area texts
(edit) @11884   12 years Shaun McDonald slight more work on the diary test
(edit) @11883   12 years bobkare New version of, using Geo::OSM::MapFeatures?
(edit) @11882   12 years gravitystorm Postgres adapter, and make migration 022 db-agnostic
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