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(edit) @12113   11 years deelkar merge several changes from unstable and stable versions
(edit) @12112   11 years andre68 Tiles in Indonesien und Philippinen gefixt
(edit) @12111   11 years Shaun McDonald Adding pagination to the changesets, thus allowing you to browe large …
(edit) @12110   11 years petschge add two new tests: 1.) tiger this test adds a notice for every object …
(edit) @12109   11 years deelkar cosmetics change
(edit) @12108   11 years daviddean AddWayOrNode? can now just add a note for things that aren't in the …
(edit) @12107   11 years daviddean Added 'note' icons. Fixed transparency on some icons.
(edit) @12106   11 years bretth Added multi-member GZIP file support. By default java GZIP libraries …
(edit) @12105   11 years deelkar add a little debug-helper to quickly get bbox and center coordinates …
(edit) @12104   11 years Dirk Stoecker fix JOSM bug 1483
(edit) @12103   11 years david Improve full postcode searches: qualify the address located for the …
(edit) @12102   11 years nienhueser Add #include guards
(edit) @12101   11 years david add UK postcode prefixes to the database and allow searches qualified …
(edit) @12100   11 years schuetzm Die (and returned exit code != 0) if input file cannot be opened.
(edit) @12099   11 years mdeen updated South America for Christian Ehrlicher <Ch.Ehrlicher@…>
(edit) @12098   11 years tabacha Duesseldorf Polygon
(edit) @12097   11 years tabacha Added Bayreuth Polygon
(edit) @12096   11 years jochen Fixed paths that didn't work any more after svn reorg
(edit) @12095   11 years merio Osmarender Frontend: /* CMYK Refactoring */ Rules handling classes …
(edit) @12094   11 years Dirk Stoecker moved lowzoom logic into config, fixed uninitialized variable warning …
(edit) @12093   11 years Dirk Stoecker finally found a way to handle resize events
(edit) @12092   11 years gary68
(edit) @12091   11 years gary68
(edit) @12090   11 years zere Adding test to check that users can't update changesets that they …
(edit) @12089   11 years zere Moved transaction boundary to cover used-by tests on deletion so that …
(edit) @12088   11 years zere Moved changeset consistency checks to library code.
(edit) @12087   11 years medi fix crash in upload_loop modus (500 read timeout error after a disconnect)
(edit) @12086   11 years jochen Neue Tel Christoph Hartnick
(edit) @12085   11 years Shaun McDonald Renaming the include action to expand_bbox in the changeset controller.
(edit) @12084   11 years avar Two tiles on Iceland mixed->land
(edit) @12083   11 years tomhughes Add a delete method for the user model.
(edit) @12082   11 years jonb Sync styles to osm.xml @ 12040
(edit) @12081   11 years david recognise uk postcode centroids
(edit) @12080   11 years richard fixes #1364 (hopefully)
(edit) @12079   11 years merio Osmarender Frontend: /* GUI Fixes */ Now using FloatingPane? /* New …
(edit) @12078   11 years Shaun McDonald Some improvements to the error messages that are returned by the api.
(edit) @12077   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed de a bit more, updated all others to current state
(edit) @12076   11 years merio Osmarender Frontend: /* Compatibility */ Fixed compatibility with …
(edit) @12075   11 years Dirk Stoecker down to 15 missing translation for de
(edit) @12074   11 years Shaun McDonald More model validations. Fixing one test.
(edit) @12073   11 years mdeen updated Greenland
(edit) @12072   11 years merio Osmarender Frontend: /* Compatibility */ Upgrade compatibility to …
(edit) @12071   11 years petschge Remove sans-serif from highway=motorway_junction as per suggestion of …
(edit) @12070   11 years medi fix a small logik bug (never stop all renderchilds;)
(edit) @12069   11 years petschge Change 2101 1498 to land as per the report of Andre
(edit) @12068   11 years petschge move autotuning magic numbers from general.conf to config.default, so …
(edit) @12067   11 years petschge Set 341,1167 to sea as per the report of Andre
(edit) @12066   11 years Dirk Stoecker make client a bit more informative about what it does. Updated lowzoom …
(edit) @12065   11 years richard various fixes/enhancements, including a couple to the 0.5 version
(edit) @12064   11 years petschge Change the following to sea as per the email of StefanG 2141,1274 …
(edit) @12063   11 years Shaun McDonald Make the role in relations optional, with a test to make sure it is. …
(edit) @12062   11 years petschge set the default ROMA url to the haproxy load balancer
(edit) @12061   11 years petschge set 1950 1534 to land as per the report by Andre also add note that …
(edit) @12060   11 years petschge Introduce the following tags to disable the correspoding tests and …
(edit) @12059   11 years petschge add support for noname=yes to maplint and update not-in-map_features …
(edit) @12058   11 years petschge Update not-in-map_features test to the current state of the wiki
(edit) @12057   11 years harrywood cosmetic tweaks to diary interface. icon for new entries link
(edit) @12056   11 years medi add a better error handling on a Render failure and lets the …
(edit) @12055   11 years Dirk Stoecker some updates north of America
(edit) @12054   11 years medi cleanup
(edit) @12053   11 years medi * readd DESTROY cleanup
(edit) @12052   11 years cmarqu Reduce thickness of power lines.
(edit) @12051   11 years dsilvers Move the test for an empty accumulator earlier in the time parser
(edit) @12050   11 years harrywood OpenStreetMap.js file no longer needs to be duplicated here
(edit) @12049   11 years ksharp Fixed case of README.txt in Makefile and SPEC file, fixed make clean …
(edit) @12048   11 years Chris Browet FIX : make features QObject-enabled. Allow guarded pointers (QPointer; …
(edit) @12047   11 years bretth Minor javadoc formatting update to plugin loader class.
(edit) @12046   11 years bretth Fixed line endings of textual file types.
(edit) @12045   11 years bretth Updated to support the new 0.6 database schema version 23.
(edit) @12044   11 years joerg Add support for Ubuntu new Postgis
(edit) @12043   11 years joerg Type; missing `
(edit) @12042   11 years joerg Add build dependency: cmake, perl-slurp
(edit) @12041   11 years Dirk Stoecker some updates north of America
(edit) @12040   11 years stevechilton Move buildings to own layer, access above bridges, add landuse=grave_yard
(edit) @12039   11 years giggls lighter rendering of military areas as requested by a couple of users
(edit) @12038   11 years gary68
(edit) @12037   11 years gary68
(edit) @12036   11 years Łukasz Jernaś Updated CHANGELOG
(edit) @12035   11 years mdeen updated South America for Christian Ehrlicher <Ch.Ehrlicher@…>
(edit) @12034   11 years dsilvers Reinstate fractional seconds, as despite xsd:dateTime's documentation …
(edit) @12033   11 years Łukasz Jernaś FIX: If TRANSDIR_SYSTEM isn't set use QLibraryInfo::TranslationsPath?. …
(edit) @12032   11 years Łukasz Jernaś FIX: Pass arguments to recently changed translatable strings. …
(edit) @12031   11 years dennis_de removed merkaartor svn-ebuild (the official gentoo-repository has it now)
(edit) @12030   11 years dennis_de version bump. fixed svn-ebuild
(edit) @12029   11 years merio Deleting void osmarender6 directory
(edit) @12028   11 years merio Deleting svn:externals from Osmarender Frontend trunk
(edit) @12027   11 years merio Deleting svn:externals from Osmarender Frontend 0.2 tag
(edit) @12026   11 years merio Moving osmarender-frontend in osmarender's directory following …
(edit) @12025   11 years mdeen updated Greenland
(edit) @12024   11 years matthiasj added 0001_addThreads_17.11.08.patch by Rene Wunderlich
(edit) @12023   11 years matthiasj create branch for threading development (trunk r12022)
(edit) @12022   11 years ramack cleanup of build.xml
(edit) @12021   11 years matthiasj create tilesAtHome-dev/branches
(edit) @12020   11 years matthiasj create tilesAtHome-dev/tags
(edit) @12019   11 years matthiasj move tilesAtHome_unstable to tilesAtHome-dev/trunk
(edit) @12018   11 years matthiasj create development area for tilesAtHome
(edit) @12017   11 years jochen New local group: OWL
(edit) @12016   11 years zere Fixed bug in changeset idle timeout. Fixed another with a spurious require.
(edit) @12015   11 years dsilvers More advanced time parser to verify time against the xsd:dataTime spec …
(edit) @12014   11 years dsilvers Handle the case of zero good trackpoints found
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