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(edit) @13954   11 years Chris Browet FIX : Background images with a too long hash filename were not cached.
(edit) @13953   11 years bretth Created a branch for creating writeable datasets.
(edit) @13952   11 years bretth Introduced mutable entity support. Entities can now be modified …
(edit) @13951   11 years bretth Removed the mutable branch which has been merged back into trunk.
(edit) @13950   11 years Chris Browet FIX : double World OSB when loading document
(edit) @13949   11 years jonb Sync mapnik styles with osm.xml @ r13946
(edit) @13948   11 years Dirk Stoecker updated translations
(edit) @13947   11 years harrywood setting lon2 correctly. Was displaying one of the bbox numbers wrong
(edit) @13946   11 years stevechilton add variants of highway=construction, construction=foo +default; add …
(edit) @13945   11 years stevechilton add construction to
(edit) @13944   11 years blarson Add rmrel
(edit) @13943   11 years schluessler FIX : Readonly layers are asked to be made writeable when loading …
(edit) @13942   11 years pa94 fixed a bunch of tiles within 1,6 (left top) to 1935,1409 (right bottom)
(edit) @13941   11 years bretth Fixed remaining tasks and tests to no longer use the builder classes.
(edit) @13940   11 years bretth Fixed pgsql tasks to no longer use the builder classes. Fixed ways and …
(edit) @13939   11 years bretth Fixed mysql tasks to no longer use the builder classes.
(edit) @13938   11 years bretth Explicitly depend on version 3.2.8 of the Woodstox stax xml parser in …
(edit) @13937   11 years bretth Deprecated the builder classes. Introduced the TagCollection? class to …
(edit) @13936   11 years Chris Browet ADD : WIX files for debug version
(edit) @13935   11 years edgemaster Initial code for StopArea? imports, currently handles StopAreas?
(edit) @13934   11 years schluessler
(edit) @13933   11 years blarson Fix tagproc to use THRESH
(edit) @13932   11 years schluessler FIX : mouse-wheel usage for zooming in GeoImageDock?
(edit) @13931   11 years blarson Fix broken alltags/tagproc.
(edit) @13930   11 years Dirk Stoecker updated
(edit) @13929   11 years Dirk Stoecker forgot file
(edit) @13928   11 years Dirk Stoecker updated
(edit) @13927   11 years Dirk Stoecker patch by xeen
(edit) @13926   11 years schluessler FIX : If there is only one opened layer, GeoImage? uses it …
(edit) @13925   11 years Dirk Stoecker updated
(edit) @13924   11 years Chris Browet FIX : make "Translate standard tags" setting working FIX : check …
(edit) @13923   11 years lvarga New build of slippy map with autozoom, settings and for example fade …
(edit) @13922   11 years lvarga Just an update of README…
(edit) @13921   11 years lvarga Added "fade background" feature.
(edit) @13920   11 years frederik refined denmark polygon
(edit) @13919   11 years harrywood fix 'z'/'zoom' param logic. and tested it this time
(edit) @13918   11 years Dirk Stoecker fix preset handling in validator
(edit) @13917   11 years Dirk Stoecker updated translations
(edit) @13916   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed upload script
(edit) @13915   11 years harrywood allow 'zoom' instead of 'z' in old syntax
(edit) @13914   11 years harrywood try again. get files in right place
(edit) @13913   11 years harrywood add SimpleMap? extension files
(edit) @13912   11 years harrywood new SimpleMap? extension code based on SlippyMap? format
(edit) @13911   11 years harrywood change SimpleMap? extension to follow the recommended format
(edit) @13910   11 years harrywood translation updates from wikimedia repo
(edit) @13909   11 years daviddean Made sure gosmore still compiles under windows with the help of tedm.
(edit) @13908   11 years spaetz make Ulm be an accepted client name. Trondheim will still work, for now
(edit) @13907   11 years spaetz open r+b rather than w+b
(edit) @13906   11 years daviddean Maxspeed now converts maxspeed=N m/hr and variants into km/hr for …
(edit) @13905   11 years bretth Modified the change deriver task to use the new modifiable entities …
(edit) @13904   11 years richard fix backspacing through way to delete it
(edit) @13903   11 years richard history stuff should be working now (haha)
(edit) @13902   11 years jonb Update mapnik style rule to render boundary=administrative with no …
(edit) @13901   11 years stevechilton Reduce text size for countries for one zoom
(edit) @13900   11 years pa94 fixed a bunch of tiles within 592,1353 (left top) to 693,1472 (right …
(edit) @13899   11 years jonb Sync mapnik styles with osm.xml @ r13885
(edit) @13898   11 years jonb osm2pgsql: When processing boundary relations, create linestrings, not …
(edit) @13897   11 years deelkar change svn update cmd so it switches to Ulm
(edit) @13896   11 years Dirk Stoecker updated translations
(edit) @13895   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed build problem
(edit) @13894   11 years daviddean Added maxspeed= support for ways to gosmore. Currently assumes all …
(edit) @13893   11 years Chris Browet FIX : Handle Undoes while creating single/double roads (fixes #1621) …
(edit) @13892   11 years deelkar set version to "Ulm"
(edit) @13891   11 years deelkar create tags/Ulm from current dev trunk
(edit) @13890   11 years bretth Adding cloning implementations to the entity objects.
(edit) @13889   11 years richard further work on 0.6 history (not quite complete yet)
(edit) @13888   11 years Chris Browet FIX : Insufficent precision for WMS bbox requests at high zoom (fixes …
(edit) @13887   11 years nickburch Cope with two slightly new node xml syntaxes
(edit) @13886   11 years schluessler FIX : filenames of geotagged images are now given to Exiv2 lib as …
(edit) @13885   11 years stevechilton Add boundary=national_park, footway as area, don't render …
(edit) @13884   11 years petschge Finish import. Note that the evolution of single files is correct but …
(edit) @13883   11 years petschge Cleanup tagdetails.php and allow sorting by node/way/relation usage.
(edit) @13882   11 years petschge Adding tagcor.php a not publicaly linked page looking into …
(edit) @13881   11 years petschge Add rather trival search function
(edit) @13880   11 years petschge Add tagfriends to index.php
(edit) @13879   11 years petschge Add tagfriends.php
(edit) @13878   11 years petschge Add code for tagfriends to PlanetReader?
(edit) @13877   11 years petschge Add table for tagfriends.
(edit) @13876   11 years petschge Change default for the numbers from NULL to 0.
(edit) @13875   11 years petschge Switch from varchar to text and add table for comments.
(edit) @13874   11 years petschge Add the first version of the database schema.
(edit) @13873   11 years petschge Add the node/way/relation split to PlanetReader?.
(edit) @13872   11 years petschge Allow sorting by node/way/relation or total usage in tagpairs.php. …
(edit) @13871   11 years petschge Clean up the code in tags.php a bit.
(edit) @13870   11 years petschge Add func.php which offers common helper functions to the other pages.
(edit) @13869   11 years petschge Add style.css the global stylesheet for all the webpages.
(edit) @13868   11 years petschge Add savecomment.php writecomment.php votecomment.php the pages related …
(edit) @13867   11 years petschge Fix a query in stat.php to work with the node/way/relation split.
(edit) @13866   11 years petschge introduce node/way/relation split to import.php Add stat.php a not …
(edit) @13865   11 years petschge Add import.php a not publicaly linked page showing the status of a …
(edit) @13864   11 years petschge Add tagpairs.php tags.php and tagdetails.php, the main pages of the …
(edit) @13863   11 years petschge Using prepared statements fixed the broken escaping and increases speed.
(edit) @13862   11 years petschge Add viewcomments.php
(edit) @13861   11 years petschge Add index page for the website
(edit) @13860   11 years petschge Create almost seamless background png
(edit) @13859   11 years petschge Put the login information for the db server in a config file
(edit) @13858   11 years petschge Add minimal.xml with known problematic tags for testing.
(edit) @13857   11 years petschge Introduce a HashMap? for caching to not hit the DB server after every …
(edit) @13856   11 years petschge Use a real XML parser (sax) instead of handrolled regexes.
(edit) @13855   11 years petschge PlanetRead?.java is responsible for parsing the planet dump and loading …
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