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(edit) @14988   10 years frederik fix id/uid ambiguity in close-areas node parsing regex
(edit) @14987   10 years hardaker attempt to more intelligently calculate y grid size. still needs …
(edit) @14986   10 years zere Fixed problem where tag lengths were generating a 422 error with no …
(edit) @14985   10 years mdeen Updated tiles on request of Tom Pfeifer <t.pfeifer@…>
(edit) @14984   10 years gjones Added separate gpsmid and gpsmid_lc modes because some phones use all …
(edit) @14983   10 years tomhughes Add a warning about whitelisting webmaster@… in …
(edit) @14982   10 years mueck corr. my errors... :-)
(edit) @14981   10 years tomhughes Set a custom return path so that we can ignore bounces.
(edit) @14980   10 years pa94 fixed a bunch of tiles within 3812,1390 (left top) to 4094,3056 (right …
(edit) @14979   10 years richard a few small fixes
(edit) @14978   10 years mueck motorroads z16, z17
(edit) @14977   10 years zere Ported cgimap to API 0.6 and postgres backend. Bumped version to 0.0.2.
(edit) @14976   10 years tomhughes Move geocoder constants to application configuration to avoid test …
(edit) @14975   10 years tomhughes Add gem specification file to stop rake test complaining.
(edit) @14974   10 years Shaun McDonald Updating for rails 2.2.2
(edit) @14973   10 years tomhughes Patch composite_primary_keys to work around issue when one component …
(edit) @14972   10 years tomhughes Add version 2.2.2 of composite_primary_keys.
(edit) @14971   10 years Shaun McDonald fix the user unit test so that it doesn't use a depricated method in …
(edit) @14970   10 years achmyr Updated to the osmosis trunk version Fixed problem with Bound entity …
(edit) @14969   10 years tomhughes Remove the api06 branch.
(edit) @14968   10 years tomhughes Include CC-BY-SA in attribution.
(edit) @14967   10 years Shaun McDonald No need to define a constand for the appconfig var. Removes a warning …
(edit) @14966   10 years zere Fixed bug calling reformDate twice. Since it returns a pointer to …
(edit) @14965   10 years frederik Make sure that osm2pgsql does not attempt to append data to a table …
(edit) @14964   10 years Shaun McDonald more changeset tests. No need for @ vars in the tests
(edit) @14963   10 years zere Added support for dumping changesets in the planet file. Not enabled …
(edit) @14962   10 years tomhughes Add missing requires for the migration helper core.
(edit) @14961   10 years tomhughes Fix bogus casts - lat/lon are signed.
(edit) @14960   10 years tomhughes Add postgres implementation of tile_for_point function.
(edit) @14959   10 years bretth Updated the expected schema version to match production. Now at …
(edit) @14958   10 years tomhughes Add yet more foreign keys.
(edit) @14957   10 years bretth Updated the expected schema version to match production. More may be …
(edit) @14956   10 years edgemaster One last commit tonight :P
(edit) @14955   10 years edgemaster Fix the test I just broke…
(edit) @14954   10 years edgemaster Commit bits of missing css that were required in previous upload.
(edit) @14953   10 years edgemaster De-duplicate some of the changeset stuff out to a new partial view. …
(edit) @14952   10 years guardian
(edit) @14951   10 years Dirk Stoecker updated translations
(edit) @14950   10 years Shaun McDonald Some more tests
(edit) @14949   10 years nienhueser API version is now 0.6
(edit) @14948   10 years tomhughes Add foreign key constraints for users.
(edit) @14947   10 years Dirk Stoecker updated translations
(edit) @14946   10 years Shaun McDonald fix typo which meant that it was testing the node twice, rather than …
(edit) @14945   10 years frederik first version of perl tools for undo/revert
(edit) @14944   10 years jochen smaller logo
(edit) @14943   10 years jochen fix
(edit) @14942   10 years jochen new sotm logo
(edit) @14941   10 years herm Changed indention to spaces. Added docstrings. Renamed …
(edit) @14940   10 years jbglaw Update calendar.
(edit) @14939   10 years jbglaw Add current list of events, as well as a 'ncal -w'alike looking calendar.
(edit) @14938   10 years herm Automatically download correct SRTM file.
(edit) @14937   10 years bretth Made the ivy up to date check smarter. It will now run every time the …
(edit) @14936   10 years edgemaster Tests for PreconditionFailed? error messages. Change to relation.rb to …
(edit) @14935   10 years edgemaster One final (I've checked the rest now!) mis-referenced id, plus make …
(edit) @14934   10 years Shaun McDonald fixing the tests I broke earlier due to the fixture changes
(edit) @14933   10 years Shaun McDonald More trace tests
(edit) @14932   10 years bretth Removed Osmosis GPLv3 licence and placed it into the public domain ... …
(edit) @14931   10 years zere Potential fix for slow relation precondition checking based on …
(edit) @14930   10 years bretth Tagged the build at version 0.31
(edit) @14929   10 years bretth Updated the version to 0.31
(edit) @14928   10 years tomhughes Add donation site to other domains.
(edit) @14927   10 years tomhughes Add the donation site to DNS.
(edit) @14926   10 years tomhughes Add npe as an alias for gazetteer.
(edit) @14925   10 years tomhughes Rename old-db to katie.
(edit) @14924   10 years petschge reduce size of shelter icon in z14 and z15
(edit) @14923   10 years Shaun McDonald some tests for the site and export controllers
(edit) @14922   10 years bobkare Only recognizeas table row separator when it's at the beginning of …
(edit) @14921   10 years bobkare Commit fix to have the module realize 24/7 is meant to be one thing, …
(edit) @14920   10 years bobkare Update not-in-map_features, fixed a bug in Geo::OSM::MapFeatures? that …
(edit) @14919   10 years Shaun McDonald be a bit more specific when a way is a member of a relation. Actually …
(edit) @14918   10 years pa94 fixed a bunch of tiles within 1,3031 (left top) to 4094,4088 (right bottom)
(edit) @14917   10 years Dirk Stoecker updated
(edit) @14916   10 years Dirk Stoecker close #2306 - patch by TAA - better match images
(edit) @14915   10 years echove
(edit) @14914   10 years echove third try
(edit) @14913   10 years echove another try
(edit) @14912   10 years echove try to include svn version
(edit) @14911   10 years echove starting creating revert functions
(edit) @14910   10 years Chris Browet ADD : Display plain trackpoint description/comment in infodock if …
(edit) @14909   10 years Chris Browet FIX : more WMS tweaks (fixes #1786)
(edit) @14908   10 years schluessler FIX : crash when no images are loaded and "select next image" / …
(edit) @14907   10 years hardaker create the overview.svg by directly modifying the combined.svg
(edit) @14906   10 years hardaker specify min/max lats for
(edit) @14905   10 years hardaker updated example
(edit) @14904   10 years richard Potlatch 0.11b
(edit) @14903   10 years edgemaster Sort the tags for the databrowser output.
(edit) @14902   10 years pa94 fixed a bunch of tiles within 3323,1804 (left top) to 4094,2012 (right …
(edit) @14901   10 years mueck surfaces
(edit) @14900   10 years bretth Removed fully qualified system paths from the checkstyle configuration.
(edit) @14899   10 years bretth Removed unused test data files.
(edit) @14898   10 years bretth Modified the change extractor app to sort tags to provide a …
(edit) @14897   10 years richardbrinkman FIX: two minor compiler warnings
(edit) @14896   10 years randomjunk Import osmosis tagtransform plugin
(edit) @14895   10 years randomjunk Import osmosis tagtransform plugin
(edit) @14894   10 years frederik new remote control plugin build
(edit) @14893   10 years frederik bugfix in remote control plugin to stop reading garbage after 1024 bytes
(edit) @14892   10 years echove
(edit) @14891   10 years bretth Added changeset_id support to the Osmosis pgsql PostGIS schema.
(edit) @14890   10 years echove Exception mispelling
(edit) @14889   10 years echove initial import
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