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(edit) @15464   11 years avar * Don't import List::Util, I'm not using it anymore * A bit of POD * …
(edit) @15463   11 years tomhughes Improved german translations. Closes #1888.
(edit) @15462   11 years harrywood fix manifest for waydownloader plugin
(edit) @15461   11 years rcernoch New Reasoner has first usable version. The rest of the plugin is …
(edit) @15460   11 years twain correct escape sequence
(edit) @15459   11 years rodo Source:
(edit) @15458   11 years tomhughes Give location cookie a 10 year expiry.
(edit) @15457   11 years rodo Remove testfile
(edit) @15456   11 years rodo Commit test
(edit) @15455   11 years richard POI stuff
(edit) @15454   11 years tomhughes Handle nodes which are in the same way multiple times.
(edit) @15453   11 years tomhughes Fix misspelt resource name.
(edit) @15452   11 years tomhughes Fix a few typos in translation resource names.
(edit) @15451   11 years stefanb Initial, partial translation into Slovenian
(edit) @15450   11 years avar Add trailing newline to readme file
(edit) @15449   11 years avar use $arg instead of $_: Calling the script with a non-filename works again
(edit) @15448   11 years Chris Browet FIX : Relations were not outlined anymore (fixes #1866)
(edit) @15447   11 years mueck some fine tuning for railways at z13, new style now for z12, too
(edit) @15446   11 years avar A stub is.yml for Icelandic
(edit) @15445   11 years Shaun McDonald Fix wrong translation key in nearby user list. Hopefully fixes #1885
(edit) @15444   11 years tomhughes Merge a final translation from i18n branch.
(edit) @15443   11 years avar Close $fh, even though it expires lexically
(edit) @15442   11 years Shaun McDonald Fix typo, which meant that there was a missing translation when …
(edit) @15441   11 years avar A script to generate a 4096x4096 heatmap image of the globe based on …
(edit) @15440   11 years john07 translated some missing strings and corrected some bugs
(edit) @15439   11 years Shaun McDonald fix to the diary entry test
(edit) @15438   11 years Shaun McDonald fix to the diary entry test
(edit) @15437   11 years john07 fixed quoting error
(edit) @15436   11 years Shaun McDonald Bugfix to the diary entry comment notifier with the missing closing %>
(edit) @15435   11 years bretth Updated the expected database migrations list to include up to …
(edit) @15434   11 years bretth Moved the --read-apidb-current task over to the new database access code.
(edit) @15433   11 years stevechilton Add shelter, alpine_hut, police, fire_station, bicycle_rental. Needs …
(edit) @15432   11 years stevechilton 5 new PNG icons
(edit) @15431   11 years john07 fixing missing strings
(edit) @15430   11 years john07 sign_up_confirm translation finished
(edit) @15429   11 years john07 translating signup confirm
(edit) @15428   11 years john07
(edit) @15427   11 years randomjunk refactor the potlatch 2 code to look more MVC wrt the API parts
(edit) @15426   11 years john07 adding more translations
(edit) @15425   11 years Chris Browet FIX : nothing shown in release mode
(edit) @15424   11 years john07 Added some translations for inbox and more
(edit) @15423   11 years avar * Document that this program should be called as C<perl -CIO …
(edit) @15422   11 years avar Change the regex parsing usernames from '\w+' to '.*?', usernames can …
(edit) @15421   11 years john07 fixed misspelled key
(edit) @15420   11 years john07 now feature-complete to en.yml
(edit) @15419   11 years jennyh Fixed translation file, which had misspelled key.
(edit) @15418   11 years Shaun McDonald Fix the integration test
(edit) @15417   11 years tomhughes Remove bogus datetime translation.
(edit) @15416   11 years tomhughes Fix bogus date translation.
(edit) @15415   11 years jennyh Added translations for friend_notification
(edit) @15414   11 years tomhughes More missing files from I18N merge.
(edit) @15413   11 years john07 adding strings from en.yml
(edit) @15412   11 years harrywood new WayDownloader? JOSM plugin
(edit) @15411   11 years john07 Added some strings from en.yml
(edit) @15410   11 years tomhughes Missing migrations from I18N merrge.
(edit) @15409   11 years tomhughes Merged I18N branch to head.
(edit) @15408   11 years tomhughes Log missing translations.
(edit) @15407   11 years john07 minor fixes
(edit) @15406   11 years gravitystorm fix html email stuff
(edit) @15405   11 years jennyh Merged sections in en.yml
(edit) @15404   11 years Shaun McDonald Some more i18n html titles
(edit) @15403   11 years gravitystorm i18n signup html
(edit) @15402   11 years jennyh Added translations to notifier/diary_comment_notification
(edit) @15401   11 years john07 updating translation
(edit) @15400   11 years tomhughes Send notification messages in the target user's language.
(edit) @15399   11 years gravitystorm confirmation email plain text version - comments on wrapping?
(edit) @15398   11 years tomhughes Improve layout of user options page.
(edit) @15397   11 years gravitystorm i18n for messages
(edit) @15396   11 years tomhughes Add a simple edit control for the user's preferred languages.
(edit) @15395   11 years tomhughes Make setting of user_preferred_languages work.
(edit) @15394   11 years jennyh Added translations to trace_paging_nav
(edit) @15393   11 years jennyh Added tranlations to trace/_trace
(edit) @15392   11 years tomhughes Sort out storage and use of user preferred languages.
(edit) @15391   11 years Shaun McDonald Have a nice translated alt and title for the sotm and donation.
(edit) @15390   11 years jennyh Removed tabs from source
(edit) @15389   11 years gravitystorm more trace i18n
(edit) @15388   11 years jennyh Added translates to trace/view
(edit) @15387   11 years gslater define Content-Type and charset
(edit) @15386   11 years Shaun McDonald Use a more rails like way for the new coordinates link, which also …
(edit) @15385   11 years gravitystorm fix bugs in translation
(edit) @15384   11 years gslater Add basic framework using mibbit widget …
(edit) @15383   11 years tomhughes Add a remove_foreign_key method and make migration 34 reversible.
(edit) @15382   11 years jonb Update coastcheck limits to cope with up to 600M nodes, we just …
(edit) @15381   11 years gravitystorm Committing first of trace view i18n untested
(edit) @15380   11 years gravitystorm i18n geocoder results
(edit) @15379   11 years tomhughes Correct translation name.
(edit) @15378   11 years tomhughes Fix warnings.
(edit) @15377   11 years Shaun McDonald Updated fr translation
(edit) @15376   11 years gravitystorm i18n the export tab
(edit) @15375   11 years tomhughes Merge 15165:15373 from trunk.
(edit) @15374   11 years Shaun McDonald Add the ago translation in the user account view that was missed.
(edit) @15373   11 years tomhughes Limit Osmarender zoom to 17 levels.
(edit) @15372   11 years tomhughes Optimise data loading for browsing ways.
(edit) @15371   11 years tomhughes Show connected ways in the data browser. Closes #1882.
(edit) @15370   11 years gravitystorm i18n of the changeset views
(edit) @15369   11 years gravitystorm Last of the databrowser i18n
(edit) @15368   11 years Chris Browet FIX : Drawing optimizations
(edit) @15367   11 years Shaun McDonald Updated de translation.
(edit) @15366   11 years Shaun McDonald Adding updated de and fr translations.
(edit) @15365   11 years gravitystorm Databrowser i18n. The stuff in start.rjs is a bit bizarre and might …
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