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(edit) @15758   10 years Shaun McDonald More tests to check that user creation works, and the url in the …
(edit) @15757   10 years avar Add a tooltip to help & wiki/news blog/shop/map key
(edit) @15756   10 years avar Should have been part of [15755]: Cursed vc-dir interface
(edit) @15755   10 years avar Made a lot of things translatable and added title="" tooltips * …
(edit) @15754   10 years stefanb synced with english r15753, added more translations
(edit) @15753   10 years Shaun McDonald include the correct language and direction in the html element. fixes …
(edit) @15752   10 years avar The display:none attribution table looks horrid in text browsers (e.g. …
(edit) @15751   10 years tomhughes Marge all the changeset list methods together into one.
(edit) @15750   10 years tomhughes Backout pagintion change as the included models are sometimes needed…
(edit) @15749   10 years tomhughes Make creating a bbox object from a string work.
(edit) @15748   10 years tomhughes Don't bother with the includes when doing the count - they aren't …
(edit) @15747   10 years avar Translated js_[123]: You don't have JS enabled
(edit) @15746   10 years avar Made UCL VR Centre and bytemark in 'layouts.intro_3' translatable
(edit) @15745   10 years avar Made GPX notification E-Mails translatable The multiline …
(edit) @15744   10 years avar Advice the reader to use make syntax instead of hacking the makefile. …
(edit) @15743   10 years avar Add documentation on how to get this running on a psql setup
(edit) @15742   10 years tomhughes Apply javascript translations changes to be translation.
(edit) @15741   10 years tomhughes Make sure the bounding box makes sense.
(edit) @15740   10 years tomhughes Add Belarusian translation. Closes #1928.
(edit) @15739   10 years jonb Add memory limit to export tab CGI process. Otherwsie a bad request …
(edit) @15738   10 years bretth Formatted the sequence number in all replication file names to ensure …
(edit) @15737   10 years bretth A sequence specific copy of the replication state file is now created …
(edit) @15736   10 years bretth Fixed a bug in the transaction snapshot parser, and added a test to verify.
(edit) @15735   10 years bretth Debugged the api database replication and added a unit test.
(edit) @15734   10 years stefanb typos
(edit) @15733   10 years tomhughes Make links to user edits work again.
(edit) @15732   10 years stefanb partially synced
(edit) @15731   10 years tomhughes Use some rails magic to avoid having to duplicate all the changeset …
(edit) @15730   10 years bretth Finished coding the file-based API replication task --replicate-apidb. …
(edit) @15729   10 years tomhughes Tweak migration to ensure that migrating from a database with existing …
(edit) @15728   10 years tomhughes Dutch translations updates. Close #1925.
(edit) @15727   10 years frederik index page
(edit) @15726   10 years Dirk Stoecker update
(edit) @15725   10 years Dirk Stoecker new sources
(edit) @15724   10 years tomhughes Rework the javascript I18n interpolation a bit - the interpolation …
(edit) @15723   10 years tomhughes Back out the changeset RSS stuff from the head for now.
(edit) @15722   10 years tomhughes Make a branch of the head for working on changeset browsing.
(edit) @15721   10 years hardaker add support for subgrids
(edit) @15720   10 years avar The list_bbox_rss won't work at all without a bbox. Thow an error when …
(edit) @15719   10 years avar Forgot that /history can also be called without a bbox (if one can't …
(edit) @15718   10 years avar Add RSS feed for global recent changes & changes within a bbox. Solves …
(edit) @15717   10 years avar Don't add a <comments> entry for anonymous users
(edit) @15716   10 years avar Implement /user/$user/edits/rss, partially solves #1737
(edit) @15715   10 years avar Icelandic translations for rails-i18n. This still has to be merged …
(edit) @15714   10 years avar Make URL that link to the OSM Wiki configurable by translations. A lot …
(edit) @15713   10 years john07 new translations
(edit) @15712   10 years john07 uptodate with en.yml 15703
(edit) @15711   10 years Dirk Stoecker update
(edit) @15710   10 years Dirk Stoecker fix key code
(edit) @15709   10 years herm Added relation generation. Added doxygen files.
(edit) @15708   10 years Dirk Stoecker updated
(edit) @15707   10 years Dirk Stoecker lots of updates due to josm changes
(edit) @15706   10 years avar Translations for settings/setting errors
(edit) @15705   10 years avar Breytt þann => Breytt, more succinct
(edit) @15704   10 years avar {{view_history_link}} -> {{view_details_link}}. This broke the site in …
(edit) @15703   10 years avar Spelling error in browse.start_rjs.object_list.api: are => area
(edit) @15702   10 years avar More progress on ticket:1919 These messages now don't use JavaScript?
(edit) @15701   10 years avar object_list.type.relation isn't used by anything
(edit) @15700   10 years avar Nuked 'browse.start_rjs.unable_to_load' and replaced it with …
(edit) @15699   10 years avar Don't hardcode bbox size 0.25, use APP_CONFIGmax_request_area? instead
(edit) @15698   10 years avar Implement a hack so that we can interpolate JavaScript? variables in …
(edit) @15697   10 years frederik absolutely final (....)
(edit) @15696   10 years frederik final commit (hopefully)
(edit) @15695   10 years frederik fix webseite
(edit) @15694   10 years frederik fossgis page
(edit) @15693   10 years frederik fixed fossgis page
(edit) @15692   10 years frederik new image
(edit) @15691   10 years frederik new web page
(edit) @15690   10 years frederik update fossgis page
(edit) @15689   10 years frederik preliminary fossgis2010 page
(edit) @15688   10 years tomhughes Improve the data browser translation logic.
(edit) @15687   10 years avar Made a bunch of start.rjs stuff translatable, including * Object …
(edit) @15686   10 years avar Translation for new strings in en.yml that weren't here already: * …
(edit) @15685   10 years john07 translation of tooltips
(edit) @15684   10 years avar Added & cleaned up messages relating to a given user not existing The …
(edit) @15683   10 years tomhughes Make tab tooltips translatable.
(edit) @15682   10 years herm Some code restructuring. More comments.
(edit) @15681   10 years john07 Corrections
(edit) @15680   10 years john07 new translations (mainly email)
(edit) @15679   10 years john07 uptodate with en.yml 15675
(edit) @15678   10 years mgarbe updated plugin description
(edit) @15677   10 years Łukasz Jernaś Set reviewboard:url property on the locales dir.
(edit) @15676   10 years Łukasz Jernaś Changes to Polish translation from balrog-kun.
(edit) @15675   10 years tomhughes Make the rest of the email translatable.
(edit) @15674   10 years tomhughes Add an extra message to detect Postgres deadlocks.
(edit) @15673   10 years tomhughes Update deadlock_retry plugin with latest upstream code.
(edit) @15672   10 years frederik bugfix
(edit) @15671   10 years tomhughes Escape quotes to keep javascript happy.
(edit) @15670   10 years edgemaster Catch creation of en.po
(edit) @15669   10 years edgemaster Add bulk yaml production to yaml2po
(edit) @15668   10 years john07 more translations
(edit) @15667   10 years john07 updated translations
(edit) @15666   10 years john07 uptodate with en.yml 15663
(edit) @15665   10 years texamus futher minor improvements
(edit) @15664   10 years edgemaster Add the counterpart script, po2yaml, and use strctxt rather than #: …
(edit) @15663   10 years avar Make node/way/relation which is fed into the the …
(edit) @15662   10 years tomhughes Make "Login to leave a comment" translatable.
(edit) @15661   10 years tomhughes Update key when the zoom changes, even if the language is not english.
(edit) @15660   10 years john07 added missing translations
(edit) @15659   10 years avar * Translated new things from en.yml since the last import * Changen …
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