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(edit) @1849   14 years nick osm2shp: dbf files now contain one column for each tag in the input …
(edit) @1848   14 years joerg add more quoting add default too name
(edit) @1847   14 years joerg add more checks and more different flavours of NMEA Parsing
(edit) @1846   14 years joerg set executable property
(edit) @1845   14 years joerg initial Version of tag counter
(edit) @1844   14 years joerg exempt africa from default generation
(edit) @1843   14 years joerg small type in help
(edit) @1842   14 years joerg add track counter
(edit) @1841   14 years nick various bugfixes
(edit) @1840   14 years nick Initial version of osm2shp - the OSM to shapefile converter
(edit) @1839   14 years ojw LowZoom?: print the usage if you use it without any command line + add …
(edit) @1838   14 years joerg add missing icon tower for mapnik to svn
(edit) @1837   14 years joerg Search UTF8sanitizer in system path too. This is important if the …
(edit) @1836   14 years ojw status info for lowzoom
(edit) @1835   14 years joerg remove the compiled Version. If you need a compiled Version install …
(edit) @1834   14 years ojw object oriented statusbar
(edit) @1833   14 years ojw % done
(edit) @1832   14 years ojw bugfix lowzoom
(edit) @1831   14 years ojw keep any existing temporary tiles
(edit) @1830   14 years ojw ..
(edit) @1829   14 years joerg Add area switzerland
(edit) @1828   14 years joerg add more predefined areas to the filters
(edit) @1827   14 years ojw low zoom-level tiles
(edit) @1826   14 years jochen - added GPL copyright notice - small bugfix: osmfile param default …
(edit) @1825   14 years nick initial version of libosm: the C++ OSM library
(edit) @1824   14 years jochen New version 3.2 with several bug fixes: Added svg namespace to marker …
(edit) @1823   14 years ojw
(edit) @1822   14 years ojw Program to watch for changes in openstreetmap data, and inform the …
(edit) @1821   14 years joerg update number of nodes/lines/... for progress estimatioupdate number …
(edit) @1820   14 years joerg add time limit for nont sanitized files, add debug output
(edit) @1819   14 years jochen Zooming works now for roads, but not for points.
(edit) @1818   14 years jochen Added Gnu Public License messages
(edit) @1817   14 years jochen Added new xsltrans tool, which calles the xsl transformer of your choice
(edit) @1816   14 years mstrecke operator for string comparison corrected
(edit) @1815   14 years ojw Tiles statistics page
(edit) @1814   14 years nick Updated osm2garmin so that each map has unique ID; command line …
(edit) @1813   14 years joerg make time format ISO 8601 Conform
(edit) @1812   14 years ojw Request server for tiles@home
(edit) @1811   14 years ojw Utility for copying files from bandnet server
(edit) @1810   14 years ojw Map browser
(edit) @1809   14 years ojw Tileserver
(edit) @1808   14 years ojw Upload area for tiles@home website
(edit) @1807   14 years ojw Start putting the tiles@home website on svn
(edit) @1806   14 years ojw
(edit) @1805   14 years ojw fix newlines + remove old-style upload options
(edit) @1804   14 years ojw Remove old-style upload configuration options - these are handled by …
(edit) @1803   14 years jochen New program to convert OSM data for Google Earth
(edit) @1802   14 years jochen Added support for setting map id and name on command line.
(edit) @1801   14 years nick osm2garmin slight tweak to tilesize code
(edit) @1800   14 years nick Started osm2garmin -- automated utility to transfer live OSM data to …
(edit) @1799   14 years nickburch Fix the indent, and explain what VFetch is actually up to
(edit) @1798   14 years nickburch More useful display of uploading text, and also show downloading text
(edit) @1797   14 years jochen First release
(edit) @1796   14 years jochen New Tool OSMGarminMap. See …
(edit) @1795   14 years nickburch Add more comments to the edit code, and update node and segment xml …
(edit) @1794   14 years nickburch Move to supporting more useful things on the basic tab
(edit) @1793   14 years nickburch Take copies of nodes and ways, as we already did for segments, before …
(edit) @1792   14 years nickburch Finish adding back the zoom stuff
(edit) @1791   14 years nickburch At Steve's request, put back the zoom in/out support from Nick Black …
(edit) @1790   14 years nickburch Have image http downloads have a proper timeout, and have them retry …
(edit) @1789   14 years etienne Support for religion instead of denomination Change colour of woods
(edit) @1788   14 years etienne Support for religion instead of denomination Change colour of woods
(edit) @1787   14 years joerg initial Version
(edit) @1786   14 years steve precondition stuff
(edit) @1785   14 years imi added hint to ubuntu package g++ (which isn't installed by default)
(edit) @1784   14 years joerg add area hamburg
(edit) @1783   14 years steve update schema
(edit) @1782   14 years steve colon char is broken in windows, changing filename
(edit) @1781   14 years steve update planet script
(edit) @1780   14 years steve add created_by tags to track applet usage
(edit) @1779   14 years steve yahoo applet bits. yes, yahoo!
(edit) @1778   14 years ojw Perl script to parse the upload stats for tiles server
(edit) @1777   14 years imi fixed reference to josm repository (the old one is deprecated)
(edit) @1776   14 years ojw try again
(edit) @1775   14 years ojw revert
(edit) @1774   14 years ojw Render to temporary file, so it doesn't get uploaded while inkscape is …
(edit) @1773   14 years steve innitial by tag / by user code
(edit) @1772   14 years steve gpx rss and gpx cleanups
(edit) @1771   14 years steve trace bits and a georss class
(edit) @1770   14 years nick corrected width/height of peak and tower symbols
(edit) @1769   14 years bvh FIX : improve speed with massive number of trackpoints
(edit) @1768   14 years steve various gpx rails things
(edit) @1767   14 years steve add tags to gpx files
(edit) @1766   14 years bvh Preparing for 0.06
(edit) @1765   14 years ojw Add batch-upload options to config file
(edit) @1764   14 years ojw Replace some of 80n's ini->conf changes
(edit) @1763   14 years ojw Save tiles with unique filename + don't upload immediately, leave the …
(edit) @1762   14 years ojw Batch upload module ported to the main tiles@home program
(edit) @1761   14 years nick GeoRSSClient for slippy map markers - initial version
(edit) @1760   14 years etienne .ini changed to .conf in error message
(edit) @1759   14 years bvh FIX : another file to compile
(edit) @1758   14 years bvh FIX : need this file to compile
(edit) @1757   14 years bvh FIX : preparing for release
(edit) @1756   14 years bvh ADD : snap to segments and points when creating a new road
(edit) @1755   14 years bvh FIX : renaming miss-named file
(edit) @1754   14 years etienne Prevent missing xy argument from requesting a random tile from the server
(edit) @1753   14 years ojw Filesize limit
(edit) @1752   14 years etienne Darken map-background a bit
(edit) @1751   14 years ojw Sample blank file
(edit) @1750   14 years ojw Mark blank tiles
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