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(edit) @2626   13 years nick Current Freemap site added
(edit) @2625   13 years hakan Airport import script
(edit) @2624   13 years nickburch When calling .tags or .segs on a way, if it's an existing one, use the …
(edit) @2623   13 years frsantos Fix detection of orphaned segments when there is selected data
(edit) @2622   13 years frsantos Latest from wiki Removed -note
(edit) @2621   13 years ojw Different style list for all the status pages
(edit) @2620   13 years ojw Reduce time old requests are kept, to 2 days
(edit) @2619   13 years ojw Display munin graphs instead of request details
(edit) @2618   13 years nick removed old freemap site
(edit) @2617   13 years ojw new home for the "latest 20 in each queue" view of the requests
(edit) @2616   13 years ojw changes as part of bugfixing requests
(edit) @2615   13 years ojw changes as part of bugfixing the requests queue
(edit) @2614   13 years ojw Fix bug where uploading more than one copy of a tileset (e.g. multiple …
(edit) @2613   13 years nickburch Support getting a way, and all the segments and nodes it depends on, …
(edit) @2612   13 years steve close #411 segments should not be allowed where node_a == node_b
(edit) @2611   13 years frsantos Fix activation of values check
(edit) @2610   13 years frederik Added a new configuration option called LocalSlippymap?. If set to 1, …
(edit) @2609   13 years frederik Added support for multiple preprocessors run one after the other. This …
(edit) @2608   13 years joerg add initial debian Package README to encourage People to change things …
(edit) @2607   13 years nick can draw ways/polygons; trackpoints and NPE as background
(edit) @2606   13 years enxrah Add a README pointing users to the canonical source for maplint
(edit) @2605   13 years joerg move utils to applications. This way it should be easier to build Packages
(edit) @2604   13 years frederik Patch by D Tucny: "In an effort to help clean up the lint, my first …
(edit) @2603   13 years jonb Add script
(edit) @2602   13 years andystreet Improvement on segment numbering to include areas
(edit) @2601   13 years ulf very first (alpha) version of an osm Win32 installer
(edit) @2600   13 years ojw Block uploads from old clients
(edit) @2599   13 years ojw Remove debug option from moverequest
(edit) @2598   13 years ojw remove debug info from requests library, was probably preventing …
(edit) @2597   13 years andystreet Paint segment order numbers on ways
(edit) @2596   13 years andystreet Improve performance by only drawing the visible area rather than the …
(edit) @2595   13 years deelkar make coastlines more visible in z12
(edit) @2594   13 years hakan perl modules were renamed to perl_lib
(edit) @2593   13 years hakan perl modules were renamed to perl_lib
(edit) @2592   13 years enxrah add motorcar to allowed tags
(edit) @2591   13 years frsantos Automatic fixes
(edit) @2590   13 years frsantos Use hash instead of compare, since primitives may have id=0
(edit) @2589   13 years guenther - added some icons
(edit) @2588   13 years deelkar make setIdle more like getIdle
(edit) @2587   13 years deelkar setIdleFor -> setIdle
(edit) @2586   13 years deelkar make upload more transparent
(edit) @2585   13 years deelkar postpone writing XML digest of rendering until better solution found
(edit) @2584   13 years steve change mime type and reformat search controller
(edit) @2583   13 years deelkar Fix indentation / modify debug output.
(edit) @2582   13 years steve freethepostcode small updates
(edit) @2581   13 years deelkar put messages back to, like planned on friday.
(edit) @2580   13 years joerg move Application relevant stuff into it's subdir
(edit) @2579   13 years joerg imove application depen
(edit) @2578   13 years deelkar Do some additional checks (i.e. for pngcrush) and feedback to …
(edit) @2577   13 years ojw Test for munin
(edit) @2576   13 years ojw re-enable the "crontab only" restriction, for the timeout page
(edit) @2575   13 years ojw Delete any requests which are done, and which were done more than a …
(edit) @2574   13 years ojw split the functions to move and delete requests (delete function is …
(edit) @2573   13 years ojw Move the request timeout code into a function, so it can be generalised
(edit) @2572   13 years ojw OK kill the logging again, it's not for routine stuff
(edit) @2571   13 years ojw Check what version the client claims to be before allowing requests to …
(edit) @2570   13 years ojw fix library pathname
(edit) @2569   13 years ojw special-case for x_ version names
(edit) @2568   13 years ojw None shall pass…
(edit) @2567   13 years ojw Return -1 to version lookup if uploads from that version are disabled
(edit) @2566   13 years ojw Version identifier for website uploads
(edit) @2565   13 years ojw Version identifiers for (a) uploads via the web interface, and (b) …
(edit) @2564   13 years deelkar Moved GPS/GPX utils to gps, added gpx-batch-upload from wiki here
(edit) @2563   13 years deelkar modified README to reflect move from osmfilter to osmtrackfilter
(edit) @2562   13 years steve update tile schema
(edit) @2561   13 years steve updated tile scripts
(edit) @2560   13 years joerg rename perl to perl_lib to reflect that these are modules
(edit) @2559   13 years joerg make the rename for osmfilter ->osmtrackfilter complete
(edit) @2558   13 years joerg print clearer update needed message in debug mode
(edit) @2557   13 years joerg move config files to etc directory
(edit) @2556   13 years joerg remove the old tool
(edit) @2555   13 years joerg rename the tool to reflect more what it is doing
(edit) @2554   13 years joerg Start debian packages by adding a sceleton debian directory
(edit) @2553   13 years ojw fix directory name
(edit) @2552   13 years frederik fix mapnik move
(edit) @2551   13 years frederik mapnik move
(edit) @2550   13 years frederik mapnik move
(edit) @2549   13 years frederik resort
(edit) @2548   13 years frederik move
(edit) @2547   13 years frederik move
(edit) @2546   13 years frederik move
(edit) @2545   13 years ojw testing file permissions in svn
(edit) @2544   13 years frederik reorder
(edit) @2543   13 years jochen moved around
(edit) @2542   13 years jochen schema stuff is too old and not relevant any more tilesPipeAtHome …
(edit) @2541   13 years jochen that was a test, not needed here any more
(edit) @2540   13 years jochen duplicate stuff
(edit) @2539   13 years jochen this was a typo, deleted
(edit) @2538   13 years jochen moved things around
(edit) @2537   13 years jochen moved around
(edit) @2536   13 years jonb planetdiff - introduce an input buffer. Hide UTF8 error messages and …
(edit) @2535   13 years jochen - has been moved away
(edit) @2534   13 years jochen moved things around
(edit) @2533   13 years jochen new filter subdir
(edit) @2532   13 years jochen moved things around
(edit) @2531   13 years frederik moved polygon stuff, added readme
(edit) @2530   13 years jochen - moving things around
(edit) @2529   13 years joerg add readme and rename file
(edit) @2528   13 years joerg move file
(edit) @2527   13 years frederik move
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