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(edit) @3017   13 years ojw Delete images when blank image uploaded
(edit) @3016   13 years frederik make transparency configurable
(edit) @3015   13 years joerg More slides from Christoph Eckert
(edit) @3014   13 years damians default layer not transparent any more, maplint still
(edit) @3013   13 years steve apply patch from TomH for #477 and dont require http auth on GET to …
(edit) @3012   13 years damians sea rendered as sea now
(edit) @3011   13 years damians removed my upload dir from
(edit) @3010   13 years damians lowzom now uploads real 69/67 byte pngs for sea/land, 404`s on higher …
(edit) @3009   13 years joerg new slides by Richard Spindler" <richard.spindler@…> AM …
(edit) @3008   13 years artem added rendering direction arrows for oneway={yes,true,-1}
(edit) @3007   13 years jonb color255: A faster way to convert tiles to an 8 bit indexed palette
(edit) @3006   13 years ojw remove debugging message from upload
(edit) @3005   13 years rjmunro Actively turns off transparent when layer isn't maplint. Should fix …
(edit) @3004   13 years hakan Mirror the .7z planet file
(edit) @3003   13 years deelkar make sure slash is added between workdir and tiledir
(edit) @3002   13 years rjmunro Maplint layer now has transparent background and no normal roads etc., …
(edit) @3001   13 years ojw Inverness - transparent maplint tiles. rjmunro
(edit) @3000   13 years ojw Blank tiles are permitted to fulfil requests
(edit) @2999   13 years ojw This might be cause of the large "active" requests list?
(edit) @2998   13 years deelkar add informational text about blue background rows in table
(edit) @2997   13 years imi mispelled the icon ressource name.
(edit) @2996   13 years imi - added josm.plugins - Java property to load plugins regardless of …
(edit) @2995   13 years deelkar Make sure split up zips get uploaded in the same go as the original …
(edit) @2994   13 years imi fixed path to downloadTask for new JOSM download dialog
(edit) @2993   13 years deelkar make error message more accurate (not failing the data but repackaging …
(edit) @2992   13 years ojw People who never uploaded shouldn't be "current" even though age is …
(edit) @2991   13 years ojw Highlight the people who are currently uploading (within 5 minutes)
(edit) @2990   13 years ojw Size of the done queue represents upload rate
(edit) @2989   13 years damians Coastlines are rendered again, fixed bug
(edit) @2988   13 years steve return a blank 0.4 osm xml doc when on data found
(edit) @2987   13 years hakan Full tileset support: Zip needs -r to archive directories
(edit) @2986   13 years deelkar move check to upload sub (catch all zips)
(edit) @2985   13 years deelkar and another one
(edit) @2984   13 years deelkar fix typo
(edit) @2983   13 years deelkar avoid uploading too large zips, fallback to non-single-tileset mode if …
(edit) @2982   13 years deelkar be more accurate about error when zip too large
(edit) @2981   13 years damians blue sea tiles are rendered as blue sea tiles now. removed the frollo …
(edit) @2980   13 years ojw Tell the server that this metadata applies to the entire tileset
(edit) @2979   13 years damians Applied LA2s patch for tileset uploading
(edit) @2978   13 years ojw Logging of tileset uploads, so we can see what's happening
(edit) @2977   13 years ojw Tileset metadata
(edit) @2976   13 years richard update timestamp/uid in current_ways
(edit) @2975   13 years ojw Fix bug - wrong function name used for checking uploads + disable …
(edit) @2974   13 years christofd removed unused imports, added serial ids for all classes that needed …
(edit) @2973   13 years ojw Reenable uploads
(edit) @2972   13 years joerg correct some minor Makefile things to get further in the direction of …
(edit) @2971   13 years richard direction of new ways fixed
(edit) @2970   13 years richard big nodes especially for SteveC
(edit) @2969   13 years joerg remove unnededed File
(edit) @2968   13 years richard whichways now only returns visible ways
(edit) @2967   13 years steve various ruby bits
(edit) @2966   13 years jonb osm2pgsql: Add fix for motorway shields. Move landuse to -1. Make …
(edit) @2965   13 years joerg ad missing Makefile
(edit) @2964   13 years jonb Add symbol for motorways with 3 digit numbers
(edit) @2963   13 years ojw remove tests
(edit) @2962   13 years ojw remove include dependancies - need to think about how to handle these …
(edit) @2961   13 years ojw Function for testing if upload is "exactly one tileset"
(edit) @2960   13 years ojw Testing single-tileset uploads - disabled others to make it easier
(edit) @2959   13 years ojw Database connection should be opened only once - recursive check for …
(edit) @2958   13 years ojw limit max z when doing z-12 equivalent
(edit) @2957   13 years ojw function to find z12 tileset that a tile is in
(edit) @2956   13 years ojw part of Grant's patch for headers
(edit) @2955   13 years ojw rm asumed sea
(edit) @2954   13 years ojw Thinks this is maybe why mapnik not updating…
(edit) @2953   13 years ojw rv: allows untraceable image publishing
(edit) @2952   13 years ulf update to 0.0.7: - API 0.4 ready (latest JOSM and plugins) - add …
(edit) @2951   13 years jonb cat_tile.rb, limited real-time rendering for new tiles
(edit) @2950   13 years nick
(edit) @2949   13 years christofd do not set a node, annotation preset uses the selected object
(edit) @2948   13 years christofd moved test code
(edit) @2947   13 years christofd moved test code
(edit) @2946   13 years christofd set frame to stay on top
(edit) @2945   13 years christofd add frame set/getter
(edit) @2944   13 years christofd removed test code move surveyor frame to front after action execution
(edit) @2943   13 years christofd changed AnnotationPreset? behavior (need a SetNodeAction? first)
(edit) @2942   13 years steve patch from Martijn van Oosterhout
(edit) @2941   13 years ojw display errors
(edit) @2940   13 years rjmunro I am an idiot. I forgot to add the date field to the requested fields.
(edit) @2939   13 years rjmunro Fixed it so that priority 1 is the highest, not the lowest, and fixed …
(edit) @2938   13 years christofd using the real preset dialog
(edit) @2937   13 years rjmunro Makes a single query instead of multiple queries for each priority …
(edit) @2936   13 years christofd Initial import.
(edit) @2935   13 years christofd Initial import.
(edit) @2934   13 years nick Updated potlatch preset tags for bridleway and byway
(edit) @2933   13 years ulf add the corresponding mail thread about required dependencies …
(edit) @2932   13 years richard workaround for paths in Potlatch getpresets, plus diary link
(edit) @2931   13 years richard zoom
(edit) @2930   13 years richard Potlatch-on-Rails, ready to go (fingers crossed)
(edit) @2929   13 years frederik bugfix for $ua->get
(edit) @2928   13 years frsantos Fixed downloading of URL to a file
(edit) @2927   13 years frederik Some emergency fixes for current SQL overload situation. Only store …
(edit) @2926   13 years frederik nicer build script by Christoph Dallermassl <christof@…>
(edit) @2925   13 years frederik very simple first shot at name finder plugin
(edit) @2924   13 years frederik no use for makefiles in this dir
(edit) @2923   13 years frederik support for proxies (via usual environment variables, http_proxy etc.) …
(edit) @2922   13 years frsantos Fixed note
(edit) @2921   13 years steve add a copyright notice for my slides
(edit) @2920   13 years deelkar sort AJR's lectures to 2006 directory
(edit) @2919   13 years deelkar begin sorting by year to make easier to see how current the …
(edit) @2918   13 years deelkar remove duplicate lecture
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