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(edit) @3637   13 years tomhughes Don't fill in from_display_name for messages - it can be got by …
(edit) @3636   13 years tomhughes Don't bother setting user_id for each tracepoint - it is redundant as …
(edit) @3635   13 years deelkar make client tell server when it aborts processing a tileset, and why. …
(edit) @3634   13 years jonb tile_details.rb: sanitise CGI input
(edit) @3633   13 years jonb cat_tile.rb: Make blocked tiles return a 403 error with a message …
(edit) @3632   13 years jonb cat_tile.rb: Add delay for blocked request
(edit) @3631   13 years jonb cat_tile.rb: Sanitise CGI input. Use print to avoid trailing \n. Don't …
(edit) @3630   13 years jonb tile_details.rb: handle mysql errors
(edit) @3629   13 years jonb insert_tile.rb: handle mysql connect errors.
(edit) @3628   13 years jonb cat_tile.rb: handle mysql connect errors. Reintroduce tile limit …
(edit) @3627   13 years richard smarter whichways behaviour, couple of small bugfixes
(edit) @3626   13 years tomhughes Escape names passed to as part of the URL.
(edit) @3625   13 years tomhughes Fixed error handling in the name search and tidied things up a bit.
(edit) @3624   13 years christofd added future code to check livegps plugin availability
(edit) @3623   13 years tomhughes Don't include passwords in the request log.
(edit) @3622   13 years frsantos Fix OOBE while fixing am error when the it was manually fixed Removed …
(edit) @3621   13 years ulf comment out a println, left over from debugging
(edit) @3620   13 years ulf slightly improve the map scale calculation
(edit) @3619   13 years ulf - add an experimental way to show unknown key/value combinations …
(edit) @3618   13 years ulf add a light grey area for hospitals in addition to the already …
(edit) @3617   13 years tomhughes Use a full path to find the file command.
(edit) @3616   13 years frederik hack to allow selective disabling of bezier curve hinting
(edit) @3615   13 years frederik copy SVG attributes from OSM tags for ways and areas.
(edit) @3614   13 years ulf use long for the scale value (instead of int), as the scale values are …
(edit) @3613   13 years frsantos Updated version
(edit) @3612   13 years frsantos Don't use Plugin.copy() method, as it does it wrong
(edit) @3611   13 years tomhughes Improve MIME type determination for trace files.
(edit) @3610   13 years tomhughes Provide a more sensible suggested filename when downloading traces.
(edit) @3609   13 years nickb more views for feedback
(edit) @3608   13 years nickb feedback for stateofthemap
(edit) @3607   13 years tomhughes Remove SOTM advert from site.
(edit) @3606   13 years frsantos Added build to SVN ignore
(edit) @3605   13 years frsantos plugin jar
(edit) @3604   13 years tomhughes Allow the map centre and marker position to be set independently.
(edit) @3603   13 years tomhughes Fix exception handling in GPX importer.
(edit) @3602   13 years ulf add missing rules: - cycleway - railway - sport - icons for landuse …
(edit) @3601   13 years ulf implement a way to set both maxScale and minScale, exchanging former …
(edit) @3600   13 years pere New clean target. Improve install target. Document the ROUTE_TEST …
(edit) @3599   13 years pere Extend the README.
(edit) @3598   13 years pere Typo.
(edit) @3597   13 years pere Add install target.
(edit) @3596   13 years pere Add simple README with the URL to the home page.
(edit) @3595   13 years pere Fix endian issue when print time_t values.
(edit) @3594   13 years pere Build with more warnings enabled.
(edit) @3593   13 years ulf two "line" improvements: - fix the annotate attribute handling (simply …
(edit) @3592   13 years ulf fix a typo in toString()
(edit) @3591   13 years ulf fix the whole XML handler, so the sequence of the XML tags doesn't …
(edit) @3590   13 years ulf make it possible to have both an icon and an area for the same …
(edit) @3589   13 years ulf fix a typo of recent commit
(edit) @3588   13 years ulf add a more verbose comment why and how to change settings for local …
(edit) @3587   13 years ulf bugfix: getPluginDir() is deprecated and in fact doesn't work with …
(edit) @3586   13 years joerg add another option to specify the destination directory add symlink to …
(edit) @3585   13 years joerg resize some icons and resort
(edit) @3584   13 years richard strip out any control characters before writing to the db
(edit) @3583   13 years ulf again, add some missing icons - partly self drawn, partly derived from …
(edit) @3582   13 years ulf again, add two self drawn new icons and improve some existing ones
(edit) @3581   13 years ulf remove white pixels
(edit) @3580   13 years frsantos Set output dir to "build"
(edit) @3579   13 years frsantos Fix JOSM jar location Add plugin version
(edit) @3578   13 years frsantos Removed deprecated warning
(edit) @3577   13 years frsantos Removed unused code
(edit) @3576   13 years frsantos Fix JOSM jar location Add plugin version
(edit) @3575   13 years frsantos Javadoc Imported class Util from validator plugin
(edit) @3574   13 years frsantos Javadoc Imported class Util from validator plugin
(edit) @3573   13 years frsantos Javadoc
(edit) @3572   13 years ulf again, add a set of new icons (e.g. waterway topic), some self drawn, …
(edit) @3571   13 years ulf remove white pixels
(edit) @3570   13 years ulf remove white pixels
(edit) @3569   13 years ulf one white pixel was left over from last commit
(edit) @3568   13 years ulf remove white pixels from transparency
(edit) @3567   13 years ulf update to latest shop topic changes
(edit) @3566   13 years ulf update to shop topic changes
(edit) @3565   13 years ulf an overview page, of all the icons mappaint could/should display, …
(edit) @3564   13 years deelkar point to the correct error tile
(edit) @3563   13 years ulf add some missing highway icon rules, icons of it still missing
(edit) @3562   13 years ulf add fire_station icon
(edit) @3561   13 years ulf add some of the missing and improve some existing icons
(edit) @3560   13 years joerg add firebrigade
(edit) @3559   13 years joerg add 2 missing thumbnails
(edit) @3558   13 years joerg remove old file
(edit) @3557   13 years deelkar point to the error tile
(edit) @3556   13 years deelkar indentation and check for UseOceantilesDat? config option
(edit) @3555   13 years deelkar move cursor before printing, not after, so errormessages don't …
(edit) @3554   13 years joerg update html and icons.xml
(edit) @3553   13 years joerg add police icon 1st try
(edit) @3552   13 years joerg remove moved icons
(edit) @3551   13 years joerg more moving and shiting and renameing of icons
(edit) @3550   13 years joerg graveyard --> cemetary
(edit) @3549   13 years joerg rename graveyard
(edit) @3548   13 years joerg remove typo
(edit) @3547   13 years ulf various fixes and enhancements: - add missing leisure tags - fix shop …
(edit) @3546   13 years joerg add dependency libgeos-dev for compilation
(edit) @3545   13 years ulf it's no longer required to copy the elemstyles.xml, as it's already …
(edit) @3544   13 years ulf add remaining stuff from proposed icons (power and man_made), add some …
(edit) @3543   13 years imi updated josm translation file (keys.pot)
(edit) @3542   13 years ulf add some more scaled icons from map features / proposed icons pages, …
(edit) @3541   13 years ulf adding lot's of missing tags and the icons I've recently copied/created
(edit) @3540   13 years ulf copied from and …
(edit) @3539   13 years ulf copied from and …
(edit) @3538   13 years ulf copied from applications\share\map-icons, scaled down to 16x16 pixels
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