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(edit) @4139   13 years jonb osm.xml: Move aeroway=terminal to render from the polygon table
(edit) @4138   13 years joerg new Makefile for UTF8Sanitize
(edit) @4137   13 years david utility library for database access
(edit) @4136   13 years david namefinder user interface
(edit) @4135   13 years david namefinder utilities, including crating namefinder's index
(edit) @4134   13 years david Main application files
(edit) @4133   13 years david dblog is am empty directory - log files from the web server go here …
(edit) @4132   13 years david Name finder source code, first public release
(edit) @4131   13 years david Create it all at once instead
(edit) @4130   13 years david New folder for namefinder source
(edit) @4129   13 years tomhughes Improve handling of user to user messages.
(edit) @4128   13 years joerg remove old thumbnail
(edit) @4127   13 years joerg make path for restrictions parking shorter. Tshi way packaging has …
(edit) @4126   13 years spaetz also fetch secondary roads for lowzoom
(edit) @4125   13 years spaetz Some lowzoom style changes.
(edit) @4124   13 years joerg remove outdated adapt openstreetmap-utils to have some …
(edit) @4123   13 years tomhughes Don't create sessions for API calls.
(edit) @4122   13 years frsantos Preferences prefix moved from "tests" to "validator".
(edit) @4121   13 years bvh FIX : compilation on unix
(edit) @4120   13 years bvh FIX : download issue when Qt needs to process data ready notifications …
(edit) @4119   13 years spaetz cosmetics (from OJW)
(edit) @4118   13 years spaetz make the t@h server refuse handing out requests if the layer to be …
(edit) @4117   13 years tomhughes Only the view and edit tabs really need updating when the map moves.
(edit) @4116   13 years spaetz make lookup land/sea information for zooms<12. This …
(edit) @4115   13 years tomhughes Fix alignment of greeting in top right corner of site.
(edit) @4114   13 years spaetz hand the zoom level to
(edit) @4113   13 years spaetz simply command line handling in
(edit) @4112   13 years tomhughes Return a pointer to the 404 tile for out of bounds latitudes.
(edit) @4111   13 years tomhughes Add the author name to RSS feeds.
(edit) @4110   13 years spaetz 1)Advertise which layers we want to render to the server when fetching …
(edit) @4109   13 years spaetz Set the download timeout from 2->30 minutes. Talking to TomH this …
(edit) @4108   13 years frederik allow other-than-level-12 tile coordinates on cmdline
(edit) @4107   13 years spaetz clean tempfiles up when download failed. Add my copyright. Improve …
(edit) @4106   13 years spaetz add first cut of low zoom stylesheets. Modify to be able to render …
(edit) @4105   13 years tomhughes Remove bogus setting of title attribute.
(edit) @4104   13 years jonb osm.xml: make building a little lighter to prevent confusion with …
(edit) @4103   13 years jonb osm.xml: Render building=* in brown, highway=bus_stop, fix # in css.
(edit) @4102   13 years tomhughes Add (commented out) rule for blocked tilesAtHome.
(edit) @4101   13 years stevechilton aeroway=terminal added (as area fill)
(edit) @4100   13 years spaetz enable the use of a different data url for low zoom. Enable the use of …
(edit) @4099   13 years spaetz remove 12 as fixed lowlevel of tilesets and enable <x> <y> …
(edit) @4098   13 years spaetz simplify Have all layer data in one array.
(edit) @4097   13 years spaetz more fjord fixes from Magne. not verified.
(edit) @4096   13 years brent v0.3 with latest python module
(edit) @4095   13 years brent v0.3
(edit) @4094   13 years spaetz set 2164 1105 sea
(edit) @4093   13 years frsantos Fix retrieval of tests
(edit) @4092   13 years jonb osm2pgsql: Add boundary & tunnel. Enable polygon flag on a few …
(edit) @4091   13 years jonb osm.xml: Correct rail_preserved.png
(edit) @4090   13 years jonb osm2pgsql: Remove hard coded maximum IDs. Support negative IDs. Add …
(edit) @4089   13 years brent Update to Sydney, NSW South Coast
(edit) @4088   13 years david
(edit) @4087   13 years frsantos Allow "by user" and "before upload" validations be enabled separately …
(edit) @4086   13 years frsantos Fixing deprecated Layer listeners code
(edit) @4085   13 years spaetz try different expiry scheme to cope with non-responding clients.
(edit) @4084   13 years bvh ADD : file->new menu option to start a new map FIX : change current …
(edit) @4083   13 years jonb osm.xml: Use min_distance on motorway shields to reduce map clutter
(edit) @4082   13 years stevechilton peaks named and +1, canal names -1, tweaks of water detail, lake names …
(edit) @4081   13 years frederik added PD license
(edit) @4080   13 years imi fixed bug in slippymap that referenced the wrong LayerChangeListener?
(edit) @4079   13 years spaetz add tah favicon to silence log warnings. ripped from www.osm
(edit) @4078   13 years spaetz make moveRequest be able to move all unfinished requests in one go (so …
(edit) @4077   13 years spaetz Commit ojw's changes. Added a field ID and notes to the credits output.
(edit) @4076   13 years spaetz remove funcion delete Request. It is not used as we don't delete …
(edit) @4075   13 years spaetz Simplify requestExist function. It can check for all unfinished states …
(edit) @4074   13 years spaetz turn off per file logging. This is about 1GB of log file per day…
(edit) @4073   13 years spaetz del unused .htaccess file
(edit) @4072   13 years spaetz fix bracketing
(edit) @4071   13 years brent Version 0.2 Lakewalker - support for multi data layers
(edit) @4070   13 years spaetz remove all unused functions from tile2.php. comment out seemingly …
(edit) @4069   13 years spaetz delete some of the crufty unused functions in tile2.php. More left to …
(edit) @4068   13 years spaetz don't show ALL zoom levels on which we did NOT find a blank tile info …
(edit) @4067   13 years spaetz add the tile picture to the info page
(edit) @4066   13 years joerg add dependency to world boundaries
(edit) @4065   13 years joerg new debian package
(edit) @4064   13 years tomhughes Add a model for sessions.
(edit) @4063   13 years matthewnc osmps - PostScript? Renderer update to 0.02.1 - add highway=pedestrian …
(edit) @4062   13 years tomhughes Fix title and tidy up a few things.
(edit) @4061   13 years brent Version 0.1 - Very rough basic working version
(edit) @4060   13 years tomhughes Make tag links work again.
(edit) @4059   13 years jonb osm2pgsql: Remove warning flags which cause problems with older GCC
(edit) @4058   13 years bvh FIX : line continuations
(edit) @4057   13 years bvh ADD: nice painting for water
(edit) @4056   13 years spaetz shorten request restart period to 6h again.
(edit) @4055   13 years bvh ADD : gzipped downloading
(edit) @4054   13 years spaetz forgot to add the correct include file
(edit) @4053   13 years spaetz make new requests only be taken when they don't already exist. Could …
(edit) @4052   13 years spaetz implement rate limiting, never hand out more than 500 active requests
(edit) @4051   13 years tomhughes Compress appropriate static content.
(edit) @4050   13 years spaetz adapt graph URLs
(edit) @4049   13 years tomhughes Add the lighttpd configuration to subversion.
(edit) @4048   13 years tomhughes Enable compression for object history API calls.
(edit) @4047   13 years spaetz remove stray debug print
(edit) @4046   13 years spaetz Use 1 transaction for single tile updates rather than individual ones.
(edit) @4045   13 years spaetz Fixes from hawke around area 1052 1471 (sea) 1053 1471 (sea) 1054 1471 …
(edit) @4044   13 years bvh FIX : remove support for 0.3 API
(edit) @4043   13 years guenther - fixed wrong IDs for friendsd types
(edit) @4042   13 years spaetz fix sprintf to have a matching number of '%d'
(edit) @4041   13 years tomhughes Return "404 Not Found" for users and traces which don't exist.
(edit) @4040   13 years bvh FIX : correctlye update tag table size when editing
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