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(edit) @5396   13 years spaetz several changes from adapting to hypercube. OBS changed tmp paths here.
(edit) @5395   13 years bretth Fixed bug in exception clause of new data encoders preventing error …
(edit) @5394   13 years bretth Removed an unnecessary javadoc tag.
(edit) @5393   13 years bretth Adding experimental support for a custom decoder when writing xml …
(edit) @5392   13 years ojw Weightings are now added to the routing table, which (a) means its …
(edit) @5391   13 years ojw Store weighting information for each routeable segment
(edit) @5390   13 years ojw testing methods of specifying weightings - first try is to put them in …
(edit) @5389   13 years ojw Don't centre on current position until it gets towards the edge of the …
(edit) @5388   13 years ojw Add copy of license
(edit) @5387   13 years bvh ADD : support for Non GPSPlot track files
(edit) @5386   13 years jonb update tile cat_tile.rb script and provide some variants which are …
(edit) @5385   13 years hakan Find corresponding tiles for an osm file
(edit) @5384   13 years ojw thingy to simulate having a GPS available
(edit) @5383   13 years frederik remove old tiger import stuff to avoid misunderstandings - current …
(edit) @5382   13 years spaetz use user rank rather than id in the user stats page
(edit) @5381   13 years spaetz get rid of exporting user passwd to disk, auth happens through dvb now.
(edit) @5380   13 years spaetz print current local server time
(edit) @5379   13 years joerg update svn Version to current Server status new description, new …
(edit) @5378   13 years tomhughes Add a stylesheet targeted at print media to get nice printouts.
(edit) @5377   13 years deelkar temporary workaround for DNS update problems
(edit) @5376   13 years deelkar fix for POST redirect problem
(edit) @5375   13 years ojw Different way of deciding where the cache will be and whether to use …
(edit) @5374   13 years ojw Trying a method of caching route data
(edit) @5373   13 years deelkar update URL to osm v0.5
(edit) @5372   13 years spaetz add my homegrown tools to clean the database from unneeded entries
(edit) @5371   13 years spaetz make user authentication db-based
(edit) @5370   13 years spaetz fix typo
(edit) @5369   13 years deelkar use only one upload URL
(edit) @5368   13 years spaetz use the Queue Directory from the central lib function
(edit) @5367   13 years deelkar make shellscript more flexible concerning paths
(edit) @5366   13 years deelkar update client to use instead of
(edit) @5365   13 years spaetz disable queue waiting bonus as all those old low priority requests …
(edit) @5364   13 years tomhughes Use the domain name for the T@H layer.
(edit) @5363   13 years bretth Updates to the PostgreSQL writer to support the new "current" node table.
(edit) @5362   13 years ojw only update start point to be current position when the end position …
(edit) @5361   13 years ojw when searching nodes, specify our transport, so we can look for nearby …
(edit) @5360   13 years ojw Search just for objects that can be routed from
(edit) @5359   13 years ojw replayer for tracklogs
(edit) @5358   13 years ojw Proper warning if start/end not found
(edit) @5357   13 years ojw some tests with continually updating position (unstable version)
(edit) @5356   13 years ojw Click to select end-point for route
(edit) @5355   13 years ojw fiddle with max limit
(edit) @5354   13 years ojw Finding a node by lat/lon (TODO: find nearest node that has routes for …
(edit) @5353   13 years bretth Updated the version to 0.22.1.
(edit) @5352   13 years bretth Updated the version to 0.22.
(edit) @5351   13 years guenther - fixed typo in icon description
(edit) @5350   13 years guenther - updated overview for new icons
(edit) @5349   13 years bretth Updated changes.txt with details of recent automatic xml file …
(edit) @5348   13 years martinvoosterhout Add landuse=farm, as suggested by Karl Eichwalder on talk.
(edit) @5347   13 years bretth Modified the xml writing tasks to autodetect the compression method …
(edit) @5346   13 years frederik redirect
(edit) @5345   13 years frederik 0.5 versions now up to date
(edit) @5344   13 years frederik 0.4 versions not used anymore
(edit) @5343   13 years ulf copied from square.big
(edit) @5342   13 years ulf remove "satellite pixels"
(edit) @5341   13 years guenther - added some icons for routing to themes square.big and square.small
(edit) @5340   13 years ulf resized from classic.small
(edit) @5339   13 years ulf resized from classic.big
(edit) @5338   13 years ulf resized from classic_big
(edit) @5337   13 years ulf derive from SVG again
(edit) @5336   13 years ulf fix file extension
(edit) @5335   13 years deelkar Remove outdated Troubleshooting stuff
(edit) @5334   13 years deelkar Add section about stopfile.txt
(edit) @5333   13 years jonb planet.c: Increase mysql timeout to 1 hour
(edit) @5332   13 years bvh new debian version
(edit) @5331   13 years grenzdebil
(edit) @5330   13 years ojw centre on start node + update on drag
(edit) @5329   13 years bvh FIX : compile warnings and code structure (contributed by Elrond)
(edit) @5328   13 years bvh FIX : render relations where tags are on the individual roads
(edit) @5327   13 years bvh ADD : create relation menu item ADD : rendering according to priority
(edit) @5326   13 years frederik re-build 0.2.1
(edit) @5325   13 years ulf archeological.png -> archaeological.png
(edit) @5324   13 years ulf archeological.png -> archaeological.png
(edit) @5323   13 years deelkar remove unnecessary sql queries
(edit) @5322   13 years frederik newest
(edit) @5321   13 years frederik build fix for wms plugin
(edit) @5320   13 years frederik newest
(edit) @5319   13 years frederik added very simple capability of loading and saving wms layers to …
(edit) @5318   13 years ulf archeological -> archaeological
(edit) @5317   13 years ojw Update bounding box (and hence, displayed images) when the map is moved
(edit) @5316   13 years ojw Some work on loading images from the network (still not usable as a …
(edit) @5315   13 years ojw Python library for slippy-map tilenames
(edit) @5314   13 years ojw Description of what all the files are
(edit) @5313   13 years ojw 'Equivalent tags' to make it easier to deal with trunk, primary, …
(edit) @5312   13 years ojw Update for different methods of transport
(edit) @5311   13 years ojw Specify the form of transport (cycle, car, foot, horse, etc) when …
(edit) @5310   13 years ojw Allow richer data to be stored in connections. First step: generalise …
(edit) @5309   13 years ojw Module to do routing, and return the results as a GPX file
(edit) @5308   13 years ojw Module for doing routing, and formatting the output as an OSM XML file
(edit) @5307   13 years ojw Neater way of initialising the hash (when adding potential routes to …
(edit) @5306   13 years ojw Example of routing in the GUI (fixed nodes for now)
(edit) @5305   13 years ojw Fix changelog to indicate this was copy-pasted from pyroute, not created
(edit) @5304   13 years ojw Put all the routing code into its own module you can pass an osm data …
(edit) @5303   13 years ojw Pan
(edit) @5302   13 years ojw vous avez une carte
(edit) @5301   13 years ojw First draft of outline GUI
(edit) @5300   13 years ojw Clean-up the interface
(edit) @5299   13 years ojw Move the "load" command into separate file
(edit) @5298   13 years bvh FIX : compile error
(edit) @5297   13 years bvh FIX : compile warnings (by Elrond)
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