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(edit) @6599   12 years ulf add PD license
(edit) @6598   12 years ulf new PD licensed icons
(edit) @6597   12 years ulf new PD licensed icons
(edit) @6596   12 years ulf new PD licensed icons
(edit) @6595   12 years ulf derived from SVG
(edit) @6594   12 years ulf add PD license
(edit) @6593   12 years ulf derived from SVG
(edit) @6592   12 years ulf new PD licensed icons
(edit) @6591   12 years stevechilton Bridge for pedestrian added. Tunnels for bridle/foot/cycleway and …
(edit) @6590   12 years xin added experimental xml template which is not yet used due to …
(edit) @6589   12 years steve Lots of documentation updates, plus split out potlatch libraries in to lib
(edit) @6588   12 years steve Some node documentation
(edit) @6587   12 years steve begin rdoc documentation
(edit) @6586   12 years nickb commented out migration which deletes the ways column nodes
(edit) @6585   12 years nickb fixes syntax error
(edit) @6584   12 years xin added module
(edit) @6583   12 years steve move potlatch presets to only be generated once, and allow pulling in …
(edit) @6582   12 years bretth Fixed the index store reader to be able to initialise the object count …
(edit) @6581   12 years bretth Removed the "complete" lock from the index store because the complete …
(edit) @6580   12 years ulf add PD license
(edit) @6579   12 years ulf a better water tap icon
(edit) @6578   12 years ulf a camping/dump-station icon
(edit) @6577   12 years ulf a camping/hookup icon
(edit) @6576   12 years ulf use PD licensed icons for accommodation "top level" icons
(edit) @6575   12 years ulf derived from SVG
(edit) @6574   12 years ulf derived from SVG
(edit) @6573   12 years christofd added tram-stops
(edit) @6572   12 years jonb mod_tile: remove unused ImageMagick? header
(edit) @6571   12 years jonb mod_tile: Implement meta-tiles. Add speed test and tool to allow bulk …
(edit) @6570   12 years tomhughes - Add missing null constraints. - Drop pointless index on …
(edit) @6569   12 years nickb added task to add version numbers to nodes table
(edit) @6568   12 years nickb created a temporary old nodes table to add version
(edit) @6567   12 years nickb removed unneeded migrations 015 and 014
(edit) @6566   12 years nickb migration 013 removes tags from nodes and old nodes tables/ 014 does …
(edit) @6565   12 years nickb added migration to add a primary key on nodes id and version - should …
(edit) @6564   12 years xin added application.yml, refactored map method
(edit) @6563   12 years tomhughes Rename initialiser to fix typo.
(edit) @6562   12 years tomhughes Allow a GPX to be fetched in XML format by fetching data.xml instead …
(edit) @6561   12 years nickb updated rake task to grab 1000 records at a time
(edit) @6560   12 years nickb rake task to populate node_tags and current_node_tags tables with …
(edit) @6559   12 years nickb adds two migrations to create old_node_tags and node_tags table and …
(edit) @6558   12 years bretth Fixed a bug in the buffered random file reader where byte values were …
(edit) @6557   12 years gabriel Validator plugin: Check for nodes with same name.
(edit) @6556   12 years bretth Updated dataset store and underlying stores to require a complete call …
(edit) @6555   12 years bretth Added file buffering to the random access object store reader …
(edit) @6554   12 years tomhughes You need at least version 0.9.1 of the composite keys gem.
(edit) @6553   12 years tomhughes Make things work with multipart keys.
(edit) @6552   12 years richard few bits of tidying
(edit) @6551   12 years tomhughes Send UK postcode searches to the namefinder as well as npemaps.
(edit) @6550   12 years guenther - added source templates for square.big and square.small icons
(edit) @6549   12 years gabriel Validator plugin: Remove debugging output.
(edit) @6548   12 years xin added some tests
(edit) @6547   12 years tomhughes Revert to rails 2.0.1 again
(edit) @6546   12 years tomhughes Put the daemons generator plugin back.
(edit) @6545   12 years xin un-commented sqlsessionstore
(edit) @6544   12 years xin added rspec on rails as external
(edit) @6543   12 years tomhughes Rename requires.rb to composite_primary_keys.rb so we have one file …
(edit) @6542   12 years xin removed require ruby-debug line
(edit) @6541   12 years xin added rspec folder/files
(edit) @6540   12 years xin changing back to rails 2.0.1
(edit) @6539   12 years xin extracted require statement from environment.rb to intializers/requires.rb
(edit) @6538   12 years steve replace whichways with rails-friendly code
(edit) @6537   12 years xin added RSpec and RSpec on Rails
(edit) @6536   12 years steve make amf_controller use rails objects, and stuff, in the getway …
(edit) @6535   12 years steve only show map to actual user
(edit) @6534   12 years steve retab amf controller, it was getting annoying
(edit) @6533   12 years bobkare Commit patch from #645: render tracks differently depending on …
(edit) @6532   12 years richard document amf_controller types for SteveC
(edit) @6531   12 years bretth Fixed the --read-api short name to be --ra instead of --wa.
(edit) @6530   12 years rcr Oceantiles changes for Belize coastline
(edit) @6529   12 years ojw add usage info
(edit) @6528   12 years ojw initial copy of subway (gets rail networks from london)
(edit) @6527   12 years ojw create directory for transport network grapher
(edit) @6526   12 years breki
(edit) @6525   12 years xin added mac os x instructions for db function creation
(edit) @6524   12 years steve add last-modified header to relation read
(edit) @6523   12 years steve emit last-modified headers on nodes and ways
(edit) @6522   12 years nickb replaced segment table with a way table
(edit) @6521   12 years steve Show nearby users map in account view page
(edit) @6520   12 years richard comments
(edit) @6519   12 years richard slight bugfixes and improved IE behaviour (?)
(edit) @6518   12 years richard slight bugfixes and improved WinIE behaviour (?)
(edit) @6517   12 years bobkare Forgot final adjustment of viewBox in last commit
(edit) @6516   12 years bobkare Fixed version of bus icon, the old wasn't centered.
(edit) @6515   12 years bobkare Render shop=supermarket as well as amenity=supermarket. Closes ticket #643
(edit) @6514   12 years ulf a different zoo icon
(edit) @6513   12 years ulf a guest house icon
(edit) @6512   12 years ulf a pier icon
(edit) @6511   12 years ulf a better icon display in JOSM
(edit) @6510   12 years ulf a new wastewater_plant icon
(edit) @6509   12 years ulf add a new gas-refill icon
(edit) @6508   12 years ulf svg_tn, japan_tn -> svg_png, japan_png
(edit) @6507   12 years joerg map-icons/ better wording, use one column on right …
(edit) @6506   12 years ulf a shooting range icon
(edit) @6505   12 years joerg map-icons: rename thumbnail directories to _png
(edit) @6504   12 years joerg map-icons/ add some more color to output, add some …
(edit) @6503   12 years ulf add a new bunker icon
(edit) @6502   12 years joerg map-icons/classic.big/vehicle/shield/*: new shield icons
(edit) @6501   12 years joerg New cmake files, as a start for new build structure
(edit) @6500   12 years jonb mod_tile: Implement directory hashing. Improve reconnection between …
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