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(edit) @7049   12 years nick increased node limit
(edit) @7048   12 years jonb osm2pgsql: Treat man_made & power as possible areas. Longer term we'll …
(edit) @7047   12 years frederik patch for <layer> instruction by dodi
(edit) @7046   12 years tomhughes Resize the map div when the page load is complete (via onload) in case …
(edit) @7045   12 years frederik dont die on mention of "segment" in "e" attribute; use rule path for …
(edit) @7044   12 years frederik revert accidental modification
(edit) @7043   12 years frederik NEW: Osmarender Re-Implementation in Perl.
(edit) @7042   12 years deelkar Adding config option to auto-clear stopfile.txt on program start and …
(edit) @7041   12 years tomhughes Work round ruby's half assed Tempfile class which, because for some …
(edit) @7040   12 years hakan Lowzoom needs close-areas as well
(edit) @7039   12 years nenik Filter the class path so I can redirect the src.styles.dir to the …
(edit) @7038   12 years nenik Free the Ctrl modifier, stealing one modifier for select is enough already.
(edit) @7037   12 years tomhughes Move backups to rails2.
(edit) @7036   12 years ulf remove obsolete comment about josm (core) settings - it's no longer …
(edit) @7035   12 years nenik Real modeless mode implemented for validation of the usability.
(edit) @7034   12 years nenik Better selection behaviour (still provisional though).
(edit) @7033   12 years nenik Get all primitives in rectangle. Necessary for group-select.
(edit) @7032   12 years jonb osm2pgsql: request from cmarqu to add wood= into DB
(edit) @7031   12 years nenik Add basic status/info bar support.
(edit) @7030   12 years joerg perl_lib/Geo/Tracks/ Bug in counting of RMC type NMEA lines
(edit) @7029   12 years tomhughes Fix typo.
(edit) @7028   12 years Chris Browet FIX: Track segment drawing optimisation (problem with invalid track points)
(edit) @7027   12 years tomhughes Use defer="defer" rather than onload to try and speed up page loading.
(edit) @7026   12 years tomhughes Yet more escaping.
(edit) @7025   12 years tomhughes More escaping.
(edit) @7024   12 years tomhughes Escape page title.
(edit) @7023   12 years tomhughes More display name escaping.
(edit) @7022   12 years tomhughes Escape user display names.
(edit) @7021   12 years tomhughes Escape user names in diary views.
(edit) @7020   12 years guenther - separated map rendering icons from poi icons
(edit) @7019   12 years guenther - updated icons.xml
(edit) @7018   12 years guenther - removed obsolete geoinfo section from icons.xml creation script
(edit) @7017   12 years martinvoosterhout Update messages finally for 0.5 transition
(edit) @7016   12 years tomhughes Remove short timeouts used during tile switchover.
(edit) @7015   12 years tomhughes Reorganise servers.
(edit) @7014   12 years matt_gnu josm/lang/de: * forgot <html> in some translations for YWMS * …
(edit) @7013   12 years matt_gnu josm/lang/de * updated translations * build new precompiled lang-de.jar
(edit) @7012   12 years Chris Browet ADD : import NMEA logs (crude) In case of problems, please open a …
(edit) @7011   12 years guenther - adapted scale values for friendsd entries
(edit) @7010   12 years jonb mapnik: sync osm-template.xml with osm.xml
(edit) @7009   12 years stevechilton added overprinted forest symbol
(edit) @7008   12 years stevechilton Change to forest, golf, meadow, layered mway bridges, widen …
(edit) @7007   12 years Chris Browet FIX : behind-the-scene rework of layers code FIX : proper handling of …
(edit) @7006   12 years tomhughes Point tile at the new tile server, and oldtile at the old one.
(edit) @7005   12 years gslater Change quote style inline with other mediawiki extensions.
(edit) @7004   12 years nenik Take a command line argument (file name to open) for easier testing.
(edit) @7003   12 years nenik First attempt on selection implementation.
(edit) @7002   12 years matt_gnu josm/lang/de: * change classpath in build.xml to facilitate build …
(edit) @7001   12 years matt_gnu josm/lang-de: * correct spelling * rephrase some texts * readd …
(edit) @7000   12 years tomhughes Reduce TTLs for tile.
(edit) @6999   12 years ulf my tshirt competition files in svg format (see …
(edit) @6998   12 years tomhughes Fix IP address typo.
(edit) @6997   12 years tomhughes Add tileserv to dns and remove external addresses for db and db2.
(edit) @6996   12 years jonb mod_tile: Add shortcut to drop request if queue is full. Prevent …
(edit) @6995   12 years hakan Fixed RenderFullSet? settings for default and lowzoom
(edit) @6994   12 years hakan lowzoom layer as described by 80n on 23.2.2008
(edit) @6993   12 years frederik fixed file forma for gb-irl.poly
(edit) @6992   12 years bvh FIX : make checkboxes work in style editor
(edit) @6991   12 years nenik No semantic change: update IDE metadata.
(edit) @6990   12 years nenik Unused import.
(edit) @6989   12 years nenik Make sure the first edit mode is actually selected w/o mentioning it …
(edit) @6988   12 years nenik Add icon to SelectMode?. The actual icon (select.png) is borrowed from …
(edit) @6987   12 years nenik UI changes - move position to status bar, prepare modes toolbar.
(edit) @6986   12 years nenik Node can be present on a way multiple times (self-crossing, closed …
(edit) @6985   12 years tomhughes Disable the NameFinder? and fix cut'n'paste error.
(edit) @6984   12 years gabriel wmsplugin: Don't fail while drawing.
(edit) @6983   12 years tomhughes Commit OSM mediawiki extensions.
(edit) @6982   12 years Chris Browet FIX: forgot to remove from .pri
(edit) @6981   12 years deelkar clarify
(edit) @6980   12 years deelkar add config option to config templates
(edit) @6979   12 years deelkar add newline
(edit) @6978   12 years deelkar upload all zips unless configured to only upload zips from layers …
(edit) @6977   12 years hakan Resorted appoved keys
(edit) @6976   12 years dennis_de bump viking to 0.9.4
(edit) @6975   12 years tomhughes Get the user image right this time…
(edit) @6974   12 years Chris Browet ADD : search on name/tags
(edit) @6973   12 years deelkar simplify equation
(edit) @6972   12 years ulf add the (generated) "build" dir to the svn-ignore list
(edit) @6971   12 years tomhughes Close tag properly.
(edit) @6970   12 years tomhughes Display the image of the user who made the diary entry, not that of …
(edit) @6969   12 years tomhughes Fix stupid breakage. Closes #708.
(edit) @6968   12 years steve encourage people to set location
(edit) @6967   12 years steve remove deleteway logic from amf_controller (yay!) TomH: check with …
(edit) @6966   12 years tomhughes Restore add_user_image migration.
(edit) @6965   12 years tomhughes Only check out the trunk of the image column plugin.
(edit) @6964   12 years tomhughes Remove image migration as it isn't needed.
(edit) @6963   12 years tomhughes Use named constants for HTTP response codes.
(edit) @6962   12 years tomhughes Use named constants for HTTP response codes.
(edit) @6961   12 years steve user images
(edit) @6960   12 years steve User prference system basically done
(edit) @6959   12 years tomhughes Make maps deeper to allow the pan/zoom bar visible.
(edit) @6958   12 years tomhughes Make the slippy map on the user page deper so that the whole of the …
(edit) @6957   12 years steve preference stuff
(edit) @6956   12 years steve move migrations around
(edit) @6955   12 years richard development version with reworked property editing - do not commit SWF!
(edit) @6954   12 years jrreid Updated Lakewalker 0.2 jar
(edit) @6953   12 years jrreid Update lakewalker's dialog messages, and fix a localization error that …
(edit) @6952   12 years rcr Oceantiles changes for Vietnam
(edit) @6951   12 years bvh FIX : don't crash in create round about (by Tommi Vainikainen)
(edit) @6950   12 years bvh ADD : curved road support
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