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(edit) @7732   11 years tomhughes Add the marker to the map correctly.
(edit) @7731   11 years spaetz use OpenLayers? 2.6 build with profile 'library' which makes it 60kb smaller
(edit) @7730   11 years spaetz better README file, now that this is kind of public
(edit) @7729   11 years spaetz first cut of pymap, a simple online/offline slippy mapviewer
(edit) @7728   11 years tomhughes Remove calls to non-existent enable_keys() routine. It isn't really …
(edit) @7727   11 years spaetz add viewer directory
(edit) @7726   11 years tomhughes Truncate current_relation tables when emptying the database.
(edit) @7725   11 years joerg Correct date format in changelog
(edit) @7724   11 years joerg Add build depends: libdbd-sqlite3-perl
(edit) @7723   11 years joerg map-icons/debian/changelog: Full changelog
(edit) @7722   11 years joerg Add forest to icons.xml
(edit) @7721   11 years joerg New Forrest symbol from mapnik/symbols
(edit) @7720   11 years patou Adding some shortcuts for roads and nodes modifications
(edit) @7719   11 years richard Potlatch 0.9
(edit) @7718   11 years richard Potlatch 0.9
(edit) @7717   11 years spaetz increase re-request timeout for t@h
(edit) @7716   11 years deelkar add patch from Henry for stopfile creation by t@h command line
(edit) @7715   11 years joerg map-icons/debian/: do not always replace Version number
(edit) @7714   11 years joerg map-icons/debian/: reorganise icons to have one package for each theme
(edit) @7713   11 years joerg map-icons/debian/rules: remove build/* before starting; manipulate …
(edit) @7712   11 years joerg icons.xml: remove duplicate transport.track
(edit) @7711   11 years joerg icons.xml: remove duplicate sports.track
(edit) @7710   11 years joerg map-icons/ set to executable
(edit) @7709   11 years joerg Create build directory if necessary
(edit) @7708   11 years tomhughes Remove bogus apostrophe.
(edit) @7707   11 years Dirk Stoecker added more translations, still missing some
(edit) @7706   11 years tomhughes Tidy up handling of unknown traces.
(edit) @7705   11 years Dirk Stoecker unified with josm to ease translations
(edit) @7704   11 years tomhughes Backout message deletion functionality as it has unfortunate side …
(edit) @7703   11 years deelkar add svg2png from tah, modify workflow
(edit) @7702   11 years tomhughes Fix replying to diary comments, and tidy a few things up.
(edit) @7701   11 years tomhughes Quote reply messages properly.
(edit) @7700   11 years tomhughes Reinstate stripping of Re: prefixes that Steve dropped…
(edit) @7699   11 years gabriel api06: Fix normal way and relation uploading (i.e. not as part of a …
(edit) @7698   11 years tomhughes Rework the new Go button on the search form so that it actually stands …
(edit) @7697   11 years mackerski Changes to land/mixed tile status for parts of Ireland and Scotland.
(edit) @7696   11 years deelkar workaround: orp cannot work with relative working directory paths
(edit) @7695   11 years deelkar fix some typos
(edit) @7694   11 years jonb Update planetdiff code to ignore uid and version tags for the …
(edit) @7693   11 years jonb update generated file to declare version 0.6 output format
(edit) @7692   11 years deelkar change linejoin from butt to miter, as butt is not a valid linejoin
(edit) @7691   11 years deelkar make batik=2 work correctly, patch by Henry Loenwind
(edit) @7690   11 years jochen German IRC channel Got rid of old web site
(edit) @7689   11 years deelkar add lines2curces beziercurvehinting
(edit) @7688   11 years gabriel api06: Diff upload works now (but no integration with changesets …
(edit) @7687   11 years gabriel api06: Fix diff uploading (still doesn't give a useful response): …
(edit) @7686   11 years tomhughes The current_way_nodes table is already an InnoDB table.
(edit) @7685   11 years jonb Add version= to node/way/relations
(edit) @7684   11 years gabriel api06: Fix diff uploading (creation works fine now)
(edit) @7683   11 years gabriel api06: Preliminary support for diff uploading. This will not return …
(edit) @7682   11 years gabriel api06: Fix tag parsing in the node-tags-normalization helper, as …
(edit) @7681   11 years gabriel api06: Use 2-byte ints and check malloc return value.
(edit) @7680   11 years jonb simplify the code to remove pre-calculated length
(edit) @7679   11 years gabriel api06: Fix bounds check.
(edit) @7678   11 years gabriel api06: 013_populate_node_tags_and_remove_helper: Initialize memory.
(edit) @7677   11 years frederik buffer overrun fix
(edit) @7676   11 years tomhughes Add timestamp indexes to current_ways and current_relations.
(edit) @7675   11 years tomhughes Stick with rails 2.0.1…
(edit) @7674   11 years tomhughes Merge 7649:7673 from trunk.
(edit) @7673   11 years tomhughes Go back to using user_id+k as the primary key for user preferences but …
(edit) @7672   11 years gabriel Remove merged changesets branch.
(edit) @7671   11 years gabriel api06: Move add-changeset migr. to no. 16.
(edit) @7670   11 years gabriel api06: Merge changesets code from Frederik.
(edit) @7669   11 years frederik initial changeset support
(edit) @7668   11 years tomhughes When adding new primary keys, drop the old indexes which are no longer …
(edit) @7667   11 years jonb update weekly planet dump script to include relations and exit if …
(edit) @7666   11 years jonb weekly planet dump script updated not to rely on using planetdump from …
(edit) @7665   11 years gabriel api06: Fix the version-numbers-on-current-tables migration: We want …
(edit) @7664   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed some valgrind hits
(edit) @7663   11 years gabriel api06: Return version ids in XML responses.
(edit) @7662   11 years gabriel Rename split_node_tags branch to api06.
(edit) @7661   11 years gabriel split_node_tags: Remove old unused files.
(edit) @7660   11 years gabriel split_node_tags: Merge changes in main branch up to r7649.
(edit) @7659   11 years gabriel split_node_tags: Implement key constraints.
(edit) @7658   11 years richard in progress
(edit) @7657   11 years patou Fix : Auto select item in download windows was not seeing when you …
(edit) @7656   11 years patou - Fix the way to andle the "moving" mode. See …
(edit) @7655   11 years gabriel split_node_tags: Forgot to migrate current_way_tags to InnoDB.
(edit) @7654   11 years patou sync predefinedtags.cpp with tag on wiki
(edit) @7653   11 years gabriel split_node_tags: Remove the left-over pre-merge files.
(edit) @7652   11 years gabriel split_node_tags: - Use InnoDB. - Put version column on the …
(edit) @7651   11 years nickb merged node and old node models for normalised node tags
(edit) @7650   11 years nickb node models for normalised node tags - pre merge
(edit) @7649   11 years gabriel rails_port: fix migration to create a primary key with auto increment …
(edit) @7648   11 years steve fix migration to remove original stupid index hopefully
(edit) @7647   11 years patou revert on an area doesn't open it anymore. (eg on a roundabout)
(edit) @7646   11 years nickb adds a temporary old_node object for use during migration
(edit) @7645   11 years gabriel split_node_tags: New migration (in C).
(edit) @7644   11 years steve fix bug 871 - show a good error message if gps trace not found
(edit) @7643   11 years steve add a go button to the search form as in bug 589
(edit) @7642   11 years jonb Add uid=<number> field to allow users to be identified consistently …
(edit) @7641   11 years martinvoosterhout Fix bug that was reversing all the ways due to subtle interaction of …
(edit) @7640   11 years gabriel split_node_tags: Merge changes from main branch.
(edit) @7639   11 years steve make public button a bit nicer
(edit) @7638   11 years nickb adding node tag models
(edit) @7637   11 years steve nicer reply messages, bug 529
(edit) @7636   11 years steve ability to delete messages
(edit) @7635   11 years patou Cosmetic change in Select dialog
(edit) @7634   11 years steve add individual user preference read/write, and default all new users …
(edit) @7633   11 years Dirk Stoecker some cleanups in street types
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