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(edit) @9524   11 years tomhughes Make the location of the GPX traces configurable.
(edit) @9523   11 years spaetz remove 'SingleTileset?' in, the server always only takes one …
(edit) @9522   11 years spaetz disable verbose logging of unknown smalltiles
(edit) @9521   11 years Dirk Stoecker fix josm bug 1377
(edit) @9520   11 years Dirk Stoecker updated translations
(edit) @9519   11 years spaetz 1)do away with ModuleName?, we weren't sending any. 2)Do away with …
(edit) @9518   11 years spaetz only allow clients 'Quickborn' and 'Rapperswil'
(edit) @9517   11 years matthiasj fix version check for pngnq, slightly modified patch from Elandrion
(edit) @9516   11 years deelkar add warnings to config example files
(edit) @9515   11 years jttt Fix bug slowing down orp
(edit) @9514   11 years frederik no usernames
(edit) @9513   11 years deelkar don't fall into update-loop when update fails
(edit) @9512   11 years deelkar set default to delete zips after upload
(edit) @9511   11 years tomhughes Add DNS for puff's external interface.
(edit) @9510   11 years matthiasj make client send a client ID when requesting a job, putting it back or …
(edit) @9509   11 years spaetz also ask for client version (not used yet)
(edit) @9508   11 years tabacha Neue Polygon Version
(edit) @9507   11 years deelkar HOTFIX: comment out very annoying debug message for collision
(edit) @9506   11 years deelkar HOTFIX: comment out very annoying debug message for proximity filter
(edit) @9505   11 years spaetz new client version name... TADA... Rapperswil.
(edit) @9504   11 years deelkar make this a fatal error as auto-updating will not work reliably
(edit) @9503   11 years deelkar make update check svn status and only then update local version
(edit) @9502   11 years stotz Some credits to Tim…
(edit) @9501   11 years deelkar modify svn:ignore
(edit) @9500   11 years deelkar modify svn:ignore
(edit) @9499   11 years spaetz cleanup tmpdir even when pressing CTRL-C
(edit) @9498   11 years spaetz return sea tile in case oceantiles.dat shows mixed
(edit) @9497   11 years spaetz use new class instance on each go, to possibly regain old memory.
(edit) @9496   11 years spaetz use local copy of oceantiles.dat
(edit) @9495   11 years Chris Browet Branch created 2008-08-06 for 0.11 release
(edit) @9494   11 years stotz Separate package for all interfaces; First draft of a file caching …
(edit) @9493   11 years hakan Auto-update the client even when in pure upload mode
(edit) @9492   11 years schuetzm disabled annoying debug message "object added in class ..."
(edit) @9491   11 years spaetz also log when the user hands a job back to the server including the reason.
(edit) @9490   11 years spaetz implement server logging, first things are logged now
(edit) @9489   11 years jttt Fix SplitImageX:BlackTile encountered error for batik in agent mode
(edit) @9488   11 years jttt Fix SplitImageX:BlackTile encountered error for batik in agent mode
(edit) @9487   11 years jttt Fix SplitImageX:BlackTile encountered error for batik in agent mode
(edit) @9486   11 years spaetz fix MapOf? vertical offset. All done now.
(edit) @9485   11 years spaetz make rerequest feedback use authentication. with an up-to-date client …
(edit) @9484   11 years spaetz make HTTP POST work for real
(edit) @9483   11 years sjors Added memcache support on App Engine (Issue 8)
(edit) @9482   11 years sjors Redirect main page to wiki. Fixed bug in protocol buffers.
(edit) @9481   11 years frederik added proximity filter support
(edit) @9480   11 years frederik nicer error message when no parameters given with xy
(edit) @9479   11 years spaetz remove initial URL prefix filter
(edit) @9478   11 years spaetz svn:ignore
(edit) @9477   11 years gslater robots.txt for tah. Block: /Browse/ and some of /Request/
(edit) @9476   11 years spaetz lower priority debumping limit
(edit) @9475   11 years spaetz enable per IP check, still need to whitelist
(edit) @9474   11 years spaetz use SetRemoteAddrFromForwardedFor? middleware, to get REMOTE_ADDR even …
(edit) @9473   11 years ojw module for sketching on screen
(edit) @9472   11 years ojw fix label for gpsd position source
(edit) @9471   11 years spaetz implement auto-bump down of priorities based on requesters IP address. …
(edit) @9470   11 years spaetz use correct user id.
(edit) @9469   11 years tomhughes Add new HP servers to DNS.
(edit) @9468   11 years spaetz latest TODO
(edit) @9467   11 years spaetz enable single user view in all kinds of pages
(edit) @9466   11 years spaetz make single user view work
(edit) @9465   11 years frederik - remote control plugin for JOSM is now usable.
(edit) @9464   11 years ojw consecutive numbered waypoints across sessions
(edit) @9463   11 years oreimann - http source address changed - new switch added
(edit) @9462   11 years ojw some more waypoints stuff
(edit) @9461   11 years spaetz add single user view
(edit) @9460   11 years spaetz don't overwrite log file when restarting
(edit) @9459   11 years spaetz replace handwritten rm_dir (which contained a typo) with shutil.rmtree
(edit) @9458   11 years ojw [nonfunctional] GUI idea for creating waypoints with a simple screen-press
(edit) @9457   11 years tomhughes Remove redundant comment.
(edit) @9456   11 years tomhughes Add an SPF record for to try and make google happy.
(edit) @9455   11 years Chris Browet FIX : rounding errors with Yahoo! image adapter
(edit) @9454   11 years Dirk Stoecker unified with josm design, do not yet use SideButton? to reduce dependencies
(edit) @9453   11 years spaetz add Request and Upload web interface handler
(edit) @9452   11 years tomhughes Remove spurious colon.
(edit) @9451   11 years tomhughes Add DNS entry for pointing at Shaun's aggregator.
(edit) @9450   11 years tomhughes Add idris and move services from the vm to idris.
(edit) @9449   11 years tomhughes Move to idris.
(edit) @9448   11 years jonb Move text for amenity=place_of_worship to dy=10 to make it render
(edit) @9447   11 years tomhughes Link to user pages.
(edit) @9446   11 years jonb sync osm-template.xml with osm.xml r9443
(edit) @9445   11 years jonb Set mime-type to image/png on all Mapnik PNG symbols
(edit) @9444   11 years andreas allow manually setting PERL_SITELIB
(edit) @9443   11 years stevechilton Change place_of_worship to rectangle (new PNG). Specific types will follow
(edit) @9442   11 years stevechilton New place_of_worship PNG
(edit) @9441   11 years andreas add missing include to compile with gcc-4.3
(edit) @9440   11 years ojw Store one tracklog per session, with a timestamp
(edit) @9439   11 years frederik new build of surveyor plugin, old one crashes with current josm (this …
(edit) @9438   11 years ojw add scalebar
(edit) @9437   11 years ojw draw dots for tracklog
(edit) @9436   11 years ojw utility for converting a minimal lat/long format to GPX files (with …
(edit) @9435   11 years ojw outline of tracklogs module
(edit) @9434   11 years ojw Outline of a module which will display lat/long grids on map …
(edit) @9433   11 years bretth Moved the replicate osm file script into the contrib script directory. …
(edit) @9432   11 years tabacha added Simmelsdorf Polygon
(edit) @9431   11 years deelkar previous commit was a patch from juebuchner, not my own work, this one …
(edit) @9430   11 years deelkar add inkscape locale fix for windows, may be useful for linux, too?
(edit) @9429   11 years matthiasj correct error message when server is not responding at version check
(edit) @9428   11 years jochen Chile is not Canada
(edit) @9427   11 years sjors Protocol buffers are now supported on the Apache version.
(edit) @9426   11 years jth Send sea-tile for oceanDB type mixed
(edit) @9425   11 years jochen added link to chile web site
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