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(edit) @9758   12 years tomhughes Change all the machines this time…
(edit) @9757   12 years tomhughes Change names of reinstalled machines.
(edit) @9756   12 years jonb Add postgis definition for the 900913 spherical mercator projection we …
(edit) @9755   12 years Dirk Stoecker finished TagChecker? implementation. Parser working. Matching still …
(edit) @9754   12 years jonb Sync osm-template & fontset with osm.xml r9753
(edit) @9753   12 years jonb osm.xml: move place_of_worship text downwards and restore size (allows …
(edit) @9752   12 years deelkar allow noop preprocessor
(edit) @9751   12 years deelkar die if minzoom is larger than maxzoom
(edit) @9750   12 years deelkar check minzoom is less or equal maxzoom
(edit) @9749   12 years deelkar introduce minzoom config option
(edit) @9748   12 years jonb update osm.xml to drop duplicate in 'or or'. Remove filter condition …
(edit) @9747   12 years ojw copy search categories (nonfunctional) from pyroute
(edit) @9746   12 years jttt Fix huge bus symbol on z17
(edit) @9745   12 years Dirk Stoecker updated
(edit) @9744   12 years jonb Increas node limit to 300M in
(edit) @9743   12 years jonb Make coast2shp limit lattitudes to +-85.0511 degrees to avoid problems …
(edit) @9742   12 years spaetz this variable is unused in this function other than deleting …
(edit) @9741   12 years spaetz purge uneeded RequestMethod? setting
(edit) @9740   12 years deelkar include noop preprocessor
(edit) @9739   12 years spaetz need at least 1 value here
(edit) @9738   12 years spaetz don't need close-areas preprocessor for lowzoom captions
(edit) @9737   12 years deelkar output warning if Z < 12
(edit) @9736   12 years deelkar use "caption" for actual lowzoom caption layer
(edit) @9735   12 years deelkar more helpful messages if something is wrong with layers config
(edit) @9734   12 years nic WinCE: Translations now comes from wiki, like RichardF did with …
(edit) @9733   12 years spaetz cosmetics from Rodolphe Quiedeville
(edit) @9732   12 years Dirk Stoecker updated
(edit) @9731   12 years deelkar remove completely superfluous ampersand
(edit) @9730   12 years deelkar don't redirect to /dev/null on Win32
(edit) @9729   12 years spaetz clean up unused imports
(edit) @9728   12 years spaetz clean up unused imports
(edit) @9727   12 years jochen Local group in Essen
(edit) @9726   12 years spaetz updated TODO list
(edit) @9725   12 years deelkar change print statements to statusMessage
(edit) @9724   12 years tabacha Polygon aus der Grenze in OSM errechnet
(edit) @9723   12 years spaetz empty queue returns IndexError? now, so check for that instead
(edit) @9722   12 years spaetz got ordering just the wrong way
(edit) @9721   12 years deelkar only talkInSleep when verbosity>=3
(edit) @9720   12 years deelkar several minor changes
(edit) @9719   12 years spaetz order Uploads oldest to newest by default. Don't pick latest() when …
(edit) @9718   12 years bretth Exposed the OsmUser? class directly from entity classes. Began adding …
(edit) @9717   12 years spaetz better logging for corrup zip files, so we know the user who uploaded …
(edit) @9716   12 years deelkar revise Verbosity levels and reduce statusMessage parameter count
(edit) @9715   12 years spaetz make caption overlaying work with palletized PNG's
(edit) @9714   12 years spaetz add description to the map link
(edit) @9713   12 years stotz new method: zoomChanged()
(edit) @9712   12 years deelkar make the client use the queue better
(edit) @9711   12 years rcr Oceantiles fixes: coastline fixes, various locations
(edit) @9710   12 years spaetz increase uploaded tileset queue to 1500
(edit) @9709   12 years spaetz show recently finished requests on the user page.
(edit) @9708   12 years spaetz make 'putBackToServer' a method of the request object. TODO: abort if …
(edit) @9707   12 years frederik implemented minSize filter for orp
(edit) @9706   12 years spaetz convert PutRequestBackToServer?() to take a request object. This was …
(edit) @9705   12 years spaetz convert main function GenerateTileset?() to take an request Object
(edit) @9704   12 years arindam more CtG fixes
(edit) @9703   12 years arindam CtG fixes
(edit) @9702   12 years spaetz 1)accidently commented out Update check. 2) convert splitImageX to …
(edit) @9701   12 years spaetz convert svg2png() to take a Request object and reorder call parameters …
(edit) @9700   12 years spaetz better desription of UTF-8 issues in authentication.conf.example. …
(edit) @9699   12 years spaetz convert RenderTile?() to use a object rather than variables.
(edit) @9698   12 years spaetz #pallettized PNGs can be transparent, so don't do anything
(edit) @9697   12 years rcr Oceantiles fixes: NZ coastline
(edit) @9696   12 years deelkar make sure all needed variables are initialised before re-exec. fixes #1100
(edit) @9695   12 years matthiasj when running in upload_loop mode extract client ID from zip filename …
(edit) @9694   12 years nic Fix floating point exception for some routes.
(edit) @9693   12 years ojw export as binary file without google or sqlite dependancies
(edit) @9692   12 years ojw z12 tiles + way status + match db names with variable names
(edit) @9691   12 years ojw very experimental layer support (performance-killer?)
(edit) @9690   12 years ojw experimental highway casings
(edit) @9689   12 years ojw Display satellite status as one of the infobar screens
(edit) @9688   12 years ojw get GPSd actually working more reliably, and store the satellite info …
(edit) @9687   12 years ojw Option to prevent lookup of roads (temporary fix for phones without a …
(edit) @9686   12 years Dirk Stoecker updated
(edit) @9685   12 years matthiasj changed to include client ID in zip file name
(edit) @9684   12 years Dirk Stoecker cleanup a lot, ignore errors is now numeric
(edit) @9683   12 years ojw allow zooming-in
(edit) @9682   12 years ojw protect against invalid lat/long when zoom is changed + request screen …
(edit) @9681   12 years ojw temporary: hardcoded to infor mod_projection about changes in zoom level
(edit) @9680   12 years jttt Set symbolScale for z17 back to 1
(edit) @9679   12 years spaetz ->ZXY getter/setter method for requests
(edit) @9678   12 years nic Allow k=oneway, v=true
(edit) @9677   12 years nic WinCE bug fixes.
(edit) @9676   12 years deelkar actually perform a check
(edit) @9675   12 years spaetz Encapsulate a Request in an object-oriented, err, object. Not used …
(edit) @9674   12 years spaetz more fault protection
(edit) @9673   12 years deelkar fix typo
(edit) @9672   12 years deelkar make function to UTF8-Check a file
(edit) @9671   12 years deelkar use different for different OSs
(edit) @9670   12 years stevechilton add mosque, synagogue and temple, change dy on p_o_w, make hamlet …
(edit) @9669   12 years stevechilton add symbols for mosque, synagogue and temple
(edit) @9668   12 years spaetz stitch z0-5 from the tile layer for now. It looks a bit ugly in z0-4 …
(edit) @9667   12 years jttt Share symbols for zooms 12 and 17
(edit) @9666   12 years jttt Include areaSymbol as well when searching for external symbols references
(edit) @9665   12 years merio Osmarender Frontend: moving tag 0.1
(edit) @9664   12 years merio Osmarender Frontend: moving tag 0.1
(edit) @9663   12 years merio Osmarender Frontend: moving tag 0.1
(edit) @9662   12 years spaetz update TODO last itme for today
(edit) @9661   12 years merio Osmarender Frontend: moving head to trunk
(edit) @9660   12 years merio Osmarender Frontend: moving head to trunk
(edit) @9659   12 years merio Osmarender Frontend: moving head to trunk
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