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(edit) @9825   11 years bretth Begun adding a simple xml reader and writer test.
(edit) @9824   11 years bretth Added support for auto-generated test files in unit tests.
(edit) @9823   11 years bretth Added support for auto-generated test files in unit tests.
(edit) @9822   11 years spaetz tiny html change
(edit) @9821   11 years spaetz filter didn't work as intended. Just show all requests independent of …
(edit) @9820   11 years spaetz 1)implement a request button on the tile detail page. 2)various form …
(edit) @9819   11 years stotz Switching between Mapnik and Osmarenderer works
(edit) @9818   11 years spaetz Do away with the whole, do we need to create a blank tile here …
(edit) @9817   11 years spaetz nicer 404 template. 2)error message when tile coords are invalid …
(edit) @9816   11 years ulf add horse designated icon, derived from german street sign
(edit) @9815   11 years ulf add more icons from openclipart
(edit) @9814   11 years ulf add various icons, derived from german street sign
(edit) @9813   11 years Chris Browet ADD : names rendering in styles
(edit) @9812   11 years matthiasj fixed another bug of mine in
(edit) @9811   11 years ulf add furniture icon from openclipart
(edit) @9810   11 years rcr Oceantiles fixes: Fiji
(edit) @9809   11 years ojw html/javascript viewer for styles
(edit) @9808   11 years ulf add table_tennis icon from openclipart
(edit) @9807   11 years ulf put the icon on a white background for use with JOSM
(edit) @9806   11 years ulf add kindergaten icon, derived from german street sign
(edit) @9805   11 years ojw some ideas for enumerating
(edit) @9804   11 years jonb Experimental version which checks for overlap in returned results and …
(edit) @9803   11 years jonb Copy closeshp.c @ r9793
(edit) @9802   11 years merio Osmarender Frontend: /* New feature */ In the rules panel now an …
(edit) @9801   11 years jonb Fix bug causing many ways to get accidently lost. Drop …
(edit) @9800   11 years martinvoosterhout Bump version due to synchronisation from running system.
(edit) @9799   11 years martinvoosterhout - Make output nicer - Remove debug stuff - Don't bother indexing the …
(edit) @9798   11 years ulf add beverages icon, derived from openclipart bottle
(edit) @9797   11 years martinvoosterhout Fix nasty memory leak. This one killed a few machines.
(edit) @9796   11 years martinvoosterhout Make a significant speed improvement by first looking through all the …
(edit) @9795   11 years nic Fix broken HEADLESS support.
(edit) @9794   11 years ulf add florist icon from openclipart
(edit) @9793   11 years merio Osmarender Frontend: setting svn:externals property
(edit) @9792   11 years merio Osmarender Frontend: tagging PrePrePrePreAlpha?
(edit) @9791   11 years merio Osmarender Frontend: tagging PrePrePrePreAlpha?
(edit) @9790   11 years spaetz save a captionless tile at tileset base zoom as captionless tileset.
(edit) @9789   11 years matthiasj well, fix bug in last commit
(edit) @9788   11 years matthiasj reduce duplication of code in Request->XYZ()
(edit) @9787   11 years spaetz increase scope of , making it available from
(edit) @9786   11 years matthiasj fix bug, values of 0 are valid tile coordinates and zoom levels, don't …
(edit) @9785   11 years stotz
(edit) @9784   11 years stotz Outer map border added
(edit) @9783   11 years newmka Osmosis: Some small javadoc fixes.
(edit) @9782   11 years newmka Osmosis: Fix bug in XML user name & id writing; add tests to verify fix.
(edit) @9781   11 years nic Bug fixes.
(edit) @9780   11 years stotz new: switching between different map types is now possible
(edit) @9779   11 years tomhughes Don't user flash[:notice] when we're not redirecting as it will …
(edit) @9778   11 years tomhughes Allow users to change their email address. Closes #546.
(edit) @9777   11 years deelkar don't negate Verbose setting
(edit) @9776   11 years spaetz make tilesets at x or y coord =0 be valid tilesets. oops
(edit) @9775   11 years spaetz make pressing r only work in z12
(edit) @9774   11 years nic Implement simple turn_restrictions.
(edit) @9773   11 years tomhughes Allow a user's email address to be marked invalid, and suppress most …
(edit) @9772   11 years deelkar one more for layers.conf
(edit) @9771   11 years spaetz rename layer 'default' in layer 'tile' as is used everywhere now.
(edit) @9770   11 years spaetz tweak z6 caption layer styles.adapt OSMXAPI predicates.
(edit) @9769   11 years spaetz minor cleanup
(edit) @9768   11 years spaetz using an iterator yields the same results and uses much less memory
(edit) @9767   11 years spaetz check in courtesy to bobkare. I don't know what this does, but it …
(edit) @9766   11 years tomhughes Add an administrator flag to the user table.
(edit) @9765   11 years jochen Added ITO Mapper and OpenStreetBugs? to Schaufenster
(edit) @9764   11 years spaetz revert wrongly selected layers in layers.conf
(edit) @9763   11 years spaetz allow compressing of all layers in LayersCapability?, not only those …
(edit) @9762   11 years spaetz more verbose error logging
(edit) @9761   11 years spaetz remove last trace of mercator preprocessor which was never used.
(edit) @9760   11 years tomhughes Make xapi an alias for fafnir.
(edit) @9759   11 years tomhughes The external address is on fafnir now.
(edit) @9758   11 years tomhughes Change all the machines this time…
(edit) @9757   11 years tomhughes Change names of reinstalled machines.
(edit) @9756   11 years jonb Add postgis definition for the 900913 spherical mercator projection we …
(edit) @9755   11 years Dirk Stoecker finished TagChecker? implementation. Parser working. Matching still …
(edit) @9754   11 years jonb Sync osm-template & fontset with osm.xml r9753
(edit) @9753   11 years jonb osm.xml: move place_of_worship text downwards and restore size (allows …
(edit) @9752   11 years deelkar allow noop preprocessor
(edit) @9751   11 years deelkar die if minzoom is larger than maxzoom
(edit) @9750   11 years deelkar check minzoom is less or equal maxzoom
(edit) @9749   11 years deelkar introduce minzoom config option
(edit) @9748   11 years jonb update osm.xml to drop duplicate in 'or or'. Remove filter condition …
(edit) @9747   11 years ojw copy search categories (nonfunctional) from pyroute
(edit) @9746   11 years jttt Fix huge bus symbol on z17
(edit) @9745   11 years Dirk Stoecker updated
(edit) @9744   11 years jonb Increas node limit to 300M in
(edit) @9743   11 years jonb Make coast2shp limit lattitudes to +-85.0511 degrees to avoid problems …
(edit) @9742   11 years spaetz this variable is unused in this function other than deleting …
(edit) @9741   11 years spaetz purge uneeded RequestMethod? setting
(edit) @9740   11 years deelkar include noop preprocessor
(edit) @9739   11 years spaetz need at least 1 value here
(edit) @9738   11 years spaetz don't need close-areas preprocessor for lowzoom captions
(edit) @9737   11 years deelkar output warning if Z < 12
(edit) @9736   11 years deelkar use "caption" for actual lowzoom caption layer
(edit) @9735   11 years deelkar more helpful messages if something is wrong with layers config
(edit) @9734   11 years nic WinCE: Translations now comes from wiki, like RichardF did with …
(edit) @9733   11 years spaetz cosmetics from Rodolphe Quiedeville
(edit) @9732   11 years Dirk Stoecker updated
(edit) @9731   11 years deelkar remove completely superfluous ampersand
(edit) @9730   11 years deelkar don't redirect to /dev/null on Win32
(edit) @9729   11 years spaetz clean up unused imports
(edit) @9728   11 years spaetz clean up unused imports
(edit) @9727   11 years jochen Local group in Essen
(edit) @9726   11 years spaetz updated TODO list
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