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(edit) @8611   12 years nenik josm-ng: Easier paint of areas. Highlight area selection too.
(edit) @8610   12 years nenik josm-ng: Generate the polygon lazily. It helps to reduce the amount of …
(edit) @8558   12 years nenik josm-ng: Plug the API vulnerability holes.
(edit) @8557   12 years nenik josm-ng: Pass flags to the created primitive.
(edit) @8533   12 years nenik josm-ng: Allow more effective DataSet? construction (no events, no …
(edit) @8532   12 years nenik josm-ng: Allow passing expected capacity to DataSet?.
(edit) @8526   12 years nenik josm-ng: Allow presetting the capacity to prevent resizes when number …
(edit) @8450   12 years nenik josm-ng: Spare some memory for ways.
(edit) @8448   12 years nenik josm-ng: Support reading gzipped files.
(edit) @8446   12 years nenik josm-ng: Remove dead (and now not compilable) code.
(edit) @8439   12 years nenik josm-ng: Speed up moving large ways in large datasets.
(edit) @8437   12 years nenik josm-ng: Update the test for the changed OsmPrimitive? API.
(edit) @8323   12 years nenik josm-ng: Keep the timestamp as integer seconds from epoch only, …
(edit) @8294   12 years nenik josm-ng: More sensible limiting scales for rendering trunk and …
(edit) @8101   12 years nenik Cleanup now-unused stylesheet sourceroot.
(edit) @8100   12 years nenik Link the icons directly into the single source root. Provide local …
(edit) @8099   12 years nenik Trying to clean up the mess.
(edit) @8097   12 years nenik Add folder for icons.
(edit) @8095   12 years nenik Import shared icons by the means of svn:externals
(edit) @8079   12 years nenik Implement way reversal through visitor.
(edit) @8078   12 years nenik Add and use visitor (not full pattern yet).
(edit) @8036   12 years nenik First step towards giant data sets support: split backing store from …
(edit) @8035   12 years nenik Formatter for logger-based timings.
(edit) @8009   12 years nenik HiFi? rendering.
(edit) @8006   12 years nenik React to the projection switch in the GPX layer as well.
(edit) @8004   12 years nenik Runtime projection switching.
(edit) @8003   12 years nenik Add the sinusoidal projection (mostly for testing anyway).
(edit) @7958   12 years nenik Fix the javadoc link.
(edit) @7952   12 years nenik Fix the reference size to be really 100px for scale factor computation.
(edit) @7929   12 years nenik Replace empty dataset when opening a new one.
(edit) @7928   12 years nenik Provide a real-world-size transformation during painting.
(edit) @7289   12 years nenik josm-ng: Test (and properly support) osm parsing, including JOSM …
(edit) @7214   12 years nenik josm-ng: Create empty editable dataset if no file is loaded. Makes …
(edit) @7213   12 years nenik josm-ng: Allow ctrl-dragging for panning with left (or only) mouse button.
(edit) @7212   12 years nenik josm-ng: Add some keyboard controls.
(edit) @7180   12 years nenik josm-ng: First notify the way created, then set its nodes. If done …
(edit) @7157   12 years nenik josm-ng: Ignore invisible and deleted primitives for visualization.
(edit) @7156   12 years nenik josm-ng: visible attribute is missing from osm dumps, but defaults to …
(edit) @7149   12 years nenik josm-ng: Only the DataSet? can create the primitives. This involves …
(edit) @7148   12 years nenik josm-ng: Let the primitives delete themselves the right way (just mark …
(edit) @7147   12 years nenik josm-ng: Unused imports.
(edit) @7145   12 years nenik josm-ng: Some javadoc.
(edit) @7039   12 years nenik Filter the class path so I can redirect the src.styles.dir to the …
(edit) @7038   12 years nenik Free the Ctrl modifier, stealing one modifier for select is enough already.
(edit) @7035   12 years nenik Real modeless mode implemented for validation of the usability.
(edit) @7034   12 years nenik Better selection behaviour (still provisional though).
(edit) @7033   12 years nenik Get all primitives in rectangle. Necessary for group-select.
(edit) @7031   12 years nenik Add basic status/info bar support.
(edit) @7004   12 years nenik Take a command line argument (file name to open) for easier testing.
(edit) @7003   12 years nenik First attempt on selection implementation.
(edit) @6991   12 years nenik No semantic change: update IDE metadata.
(edit) @6990   12 years nenik Unused import.
(edit) @6989   12 years nenik Make sure the first edit mode is actually selected w/o mentioning it …
(edit) @6988   12 years nenik Add icon to SelectMode?. The actual icon (select.png) is borrowed from …
(edit) @6987   12 years nenik UI changes - move position to status bar, prepare modes toolbar.
(edit) @6986   12 years nenik Node can be present on a way multiple times (self-crossing, closed …
(edit) @6932   12 years nenik Use the new utilities of EditMode?, implement whole way dragging (which …
(edit) @6931   12 years nenik Provide some utility methods that might be useful to all edit modes. …
(edit) @6930   12 years nenik Lookup near ways too.
(edit) @6929   12 years nenik Properly process the way nodes change and repaint.
(edit) @6922   12 years nenik Properly (schedule) redraw on every DataSet? change.
(edit) @6921   12 years nenik A skeleton of DataSet? event delivery test and a fix of notification …
(edit) @6877   13 years nenik Undo system overhaul and a bunch of tests covering its functionality. …
(edit) @6866   13 years nenik Only one copy of the bbox algorithm. Prevent creating empty bboxes …
(edit) @6864   13 years nenik Reduce the view space to <-1,1>x<-1,1>, update the scale factor …
(edit) @6862   13 years nenik Don't use the spare bit in ViewCoords?, it will be removed soon.
(edit) @6861   13 years nenik Added sinusoidal projection as an example of projection wildly …
(edit) @6860   13 years nenik Scale/ruler implementation. Even computes real scale at given latitude …
(edit) @6859   13 years nenik Simple signalling of compound edit.
(edit) @6856   13 years nenik Slight generification.
(edit) @6820   13 years nenik Remove now-empty folders.
(edit) @6819   13 years nenik Few more previously written tests.
(edit) @6818   13 years nenik Separate styles into its own source root.
(edit) @6817   13 years nenik Set-up testing infrastructure, put Storage under heavy testing as …
(edit) @6811   13 years nenik Don't actually need the swing-layout library (at least not yet).
(edit) @6803   13 years nenik Include swing-layout for easy JDK1.5 compatibility.
(edit) @6802   13 years nenik Ignore nbproject/private
(edit) @6801   13 years nenik Initial import of JOSMng sources. No style data yet.
(add) @6793   13 years nenik Create a top-level directory for josm-the-next-generation
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